Sunday, February 11, 2007


Everyone calls me a crybaby. I always cry when I watch any sad scenes. Some examples are like when Leslie Cheung died, I cried my eyes out eventhough I barely knew anything about him. Then the movies....... Even when watching I Not Stupid! It is just a part of me.

But funny thing is, when it comes to things in my own reality, I dun cry that easily. Stress, sadness, betrayal, confusion, just anything. I always allow myself to drop a tear or two, before drowning myself in some happy or encouraging music, and then make a pact with myself to be okay again as soon as possible.

Probably this is what allowed the development of this happy-go-lucky, positive person in me. I am glad for this turnout!

But then, today I felt something different. I realized tears dun come from sadness only. Where exactly it came from, words cannot express.

I believe in what I do. And I will continue to. As long as I try hard, there is nothing impossible. So as I cried myself silly today, I also gained some sort of comfort and strength I hope! No matter how hard it is for me to let go. How painful it is to not know when the next meeting will be. How empty it is to suddenly be parted from one of the most important person in your life.

Tough, but I am sure it will be worthwhile.

To be able to find someone who can make u happy, proud and warm. That's is just amazing. And to be able to cry not tears of sadness for him, is just the greatest thing ever.