Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ambitious list

I have also been on an intensive 'shopping' course. Eh, classes starting on Monday! Of course it needs to be intensified eh?

See the big bag I was carrying? Don't be deceived by it. Like what people say, the smaller the packaging is, the more valuable it will be. It was actually a pair of boots I got at a bargain price!

But the enjoyment part was cut short. As soon as I came back from my Dandenong trip, I got a lovely email asking me and my project partner to set up a meeting as soon as possible. And like an annoying snowball, it all went downhill from there as it grew heavier and bigger and definitely not cute anymore.

List of things to do:

-gonna apply for IELTS.
-gonna apply for graduation.
-gonna apply for a work permit.
-gonna try looking for a job.
-gonna type out a serious resume.
-gonna work hard on my project.

So without wasting any time, I applied for my first ever IELTS test. Never knew the place for application was just 5 minutes away.

Then I promptly returned to apply for my graduation. The process took only 5 minutes, making me wonder why I had been procrastinating to do it.

Next of course I worked on my project. Hm. . .not something you can tell from this picture. Okay, this is a random picture but you must understand the pain of sitting on your butt the whole day and absorbing endless amount of information! Distraction, is a must, for health's sake.

The weather in Melby took a turn and became really windy after that. Like you can see in this picture. I became the big-haired girls of the 80's. And coincidentally I was wearing a T-shirt which says . . .

. . . 'Livin' in the 80's'. Woah.

Okay la. Point is, I proceeded until working on my project only, out of that ambitious list. It was windy ma. . .


I attended my very first graduation ceremony last Wednesday. Well, a friend's graduation ceremony. Erm, a mock graduation ceremony actually.

Okay, now I seem like a loner who doesn't have much friends. Why has no one ever asked me to their graduation ya? So now on my list of 'Things to urge friends to do' will be (1) Making me their bridesmaid and (2) Let me attend their graduation ceremony. (hinting, get it?)

There is something special about the graduation costume. Just spells 'achievement'.

More than that, I think it gives a 'nostalgic' feel to everything.

Like, you are approaching and opening a door which will lead you to a whole new path.

Amidst all the excitement and congratulatory words, there is a tint of sadness I think as you realize that there are things you will be leaving behind soon. Maybe not 'leave behind'. More like, 'move on' from it.

Like the familiar smiles which never seemed all that special during the everyday lectures.

The people which became your 'companions' during the years.

This is really a 'graduation'. Everyone, despite wearing the same robes, are all prepared to go separate ways as they carve out their own life. Moving on to the next chapter. Packing all these - the student years, the cramming for exams, the constant complains about cafeteria food, the ups and downs in studies, the walking on foot to bus loop and the graduation robes, everything -into memories.
Seeing the others graduate imparts a special kind of feeling in me.

I can't wait to graduate as well.

Although, I can't say I am all ready or totally unafraid of what my future holds, seeing my own friends standing right in front of me in their graduation robes, gives me strength to believe in myself. That it is alright to be afraid. It is alright to be unsure. We are all the same. And we shall all work hard. So all of us will be alright.

So there you go, a 'preview'!

And here lemme seriously wish all of you a very hearty congratulations! To WenJi, Ophe, Sam, Sandra, Dennis, Renee.

P/S: I think WenJi will have a very bright future ahead of her because, in one of the pics. . .

. . . . check out how BRIGHT WenJi's face is! Yes, that BRIGHT ball of something in there, is in fact, WenJi.


Went on a trip with some coursemates to the Thousand Steps in Dandenong last Monday.

Despite the weather being

Despite the Kokoda track being

Despite the alternative route being

We reached the 'kinda'-summit.

So in the end the original aim of conquering the Kokoda trail and enjoying the view from the summit was scrapped while the secondary aims of the day . . . . say, taking pictures and a nice BBQ took centrestage.

What started as a healthy hiking trip ended with a BBQ spelling gluttony.

This shows the distance between me (and a few others, ok?) and the leading group. Well, there are a few more pictures which show a greater distance, but the people were so tiny that all you can see will probably be trees. Yes, that was how slow I was. Or, in another way, how steep that trail was. I know you all would probably agree to the former reason more. >:-P

This is the 'summit' we reached.

This is the only official group picture I got in my camera but look at the satisfaction on everyone's face. Shows how steep and hard the climb was.

*Ahem* Now let me remind you again. It was a STEEP hike.

WenJiJi birthday

Due to this holidays being shortlived, I have filled my so-thought free days with activities. First off, all of us gave WenJi a surprise on her birthday by showing up at her (or my own) doorstep at 12 am on the 21st of June. As expected, WenJi was damn paiseh about the whole thing but I sure hope she enjoyed it.

From this experience, I realized that being at surprise parties as a guest is really great, cause you yourself get to be all dressed up while the birthday girl was maybe. . . in sweatpants, still had undried hair, or was out of all things, washing shoes in the middle of the night.

This is the birthday girl. . .with a Taro cake ordered especially for her.

As usualy wee took loadsa pictures, of which only 50% were clear and presentable. WenJi received her usual favourites including a bag, heart-shaped everythings and a mysterious, racy, red gift. . . which I am sure she is using right now, unbeknownst to the whole world.

A before/after picture like this is totally alright and normal. But if the lapse between both pictures was less than 10 minutes and there is ONLY one single picture in the memory card showing ONLY one person eating. Then it is really very wrong. . .

. . . and he drank Solo eh, Amy!

The entertainment part of birthday parties usually concern games, singing songs, gaming, etc. But WenJi's is of course, different. It involved a computer, the internet and loadsa gasps and amusement.

Well, let us just say that, Daniel was so interested that he stretched his neck so badly just to catch a glimpse at it. Uncle Tan volunteered to access that page for us and he is seldom the initiative one (I wonder why!). Amy became a parrot - the cackling Ratchaburi laugh and chattering Amy style. Shirley and LiLet gave out evil laughs, of which the reason is unknown still. Oli played. . . part-supporter? Me?

You know I am not into gossip-y stuff rite?

Treated WenJi to a hearty, limited edition McD burger on the following day for breakfast.

If you wonder why balloons live in this Marshall unit, go figure.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Glyniss. . .

Another thing is. . .

I failed you Glyniss.
But I am resuming to gain your trust! . . .Again!

Sunshine in my winter

You know the small 'things' boyfriends do to show their possession over their girlfriend? Something like marking their territory? Usually done subtly like putting their hand over her all the time, . . well, I am marked. Not so subtly.

A short trip to the toilet in the Law Library led to multiple 'duck marks' on my pens, bottle and pen drive. So now, I officially belong to . . .

. . . this Manhattan Natural Beauty. Gomen to all interested parties. *Ahem*

By the way, this is the front of my house. After seeing the world motto motto clearly thanks to the power of contact lenses (POWER!!), the nature around my house is really quite nice. . .

And of course, a nice house with nice nature, must have some really nice residents ne. . .

Ergh, actually this is not the nicest resident in the house. Let me officially introduce the nicest ever ever EVER new resident in this house of mine.This memory card here has travelled thousands of miles over seas and mountains from its neglected presence in Lagoonview to its current meaningful and precious position in Marshall. I asked my sister to send over our memory card and borrowed Daniel's PS2 and asked Uncle Tan to 'find' me Final Fantasy XII. So now I am a happy Final Fantasy XII playing resident :-)

What happened to me?
Well, did you know that. . .
GLAY is going to perform in the US! ! ! ! !
They are going international. . .yatta! ! ! ! !
Hence . .
the T-shirt screaming 'Happiness' and the desperately wanna-be Teru influenced style instantly.
My new owner, Manhattan Natural Beauty asked me upon seeing me in this get-up that day, "Read too much Nana?"
A bit of that also la. . . .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Why do I feel such incapability whenever I think about driving?

The sudden surge of rage and disatisfaction and rejection and rebellion.
All unexplainable despite them being vividly there.

Stress and conflict arises whenever one's attitude is inconsistent with behaviour, I just read from Management. One will then try change underlying behavior or attitude in order to ease the tension.

I never tried to justify both my attitude and behavior for this matter.
Merely avoiding this unresolved conflict, letting it recur at every possible trigger no matter how small. Management said that, avoidance does not address the underlying problem. I am aware.

My attitude contrasts my behavior.
I wanna be able to drive or at least know that I am capable of doing so, screams my attitude.
I don't wanna drive or go through anymore of those hell-ish crap for whoever, screams back my behaviour.

Along with this yet unresolved shouting match between my attitude and my behavior, is a conflict and stress bubble building up. Filled with said rage, disatisfaction, rebellion. Fuelled by fear, insecurity, rejection. But when it bursts, I am sure all that is left will be inconfidence, and a total system shutdown.

I wonder how something so simple, could lead up to this.
How do I help myself?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

State of emergency

hIkArI* Why US, not AUS? (H2O Count: 650 ml) says:
i need emergency dieting into a bikini body. How? How? How?

Glyniss says:
u have 5 months to achieve ur bikinibody
summer's still quite far away
walk at 6.5 km/hr

hIkArI* Why US, not AUS? (H2O Count: 650 ml) says:
jus plain walking?
then i walk 20 mins only haha
not enuff?

Glyniss says:
walk 1 hour!!!!

hIkArI* Why US, not AUS? (H2O Count: 650 ml) says:
but then rite, if jog, the forelegs muscle will grow bigger rite??

Glyniss says:
no! you wont. those r muscles. u need a lot of protein for that. that's not easily achieved

hIkArI* Why US, not AUS? (H2O Count: 650 ml) says:
but i see some gals who are really geng joggers there, their muscles are so scary!!

Glyniss says:
because those are geng joggers and u r not!
midnight please!!! i dont eat at midnight...

hIkArI* Why US, not AUS? (H2O Count: 650 ml) says:
I meant NEAR 11?


Glyniss says:
conrol control control!

And if all else fails

Glyniss says:
dont bring $ then.

. . . . to such an extreme. Am I gonna realize this Dream or not!

I say yes! A hundred million times yes. For the hundred million-th time.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clearly bald

As usual.
Woke up.
Opened blinds.
Blinding sunlight.

Not usual.
Double checked.
The tree!
Went bald.

Although I have been holed up in the house for the longest of time, buried under textbooks and lecture notes, did the world out there really changed that much? Funny thing is, this 'balding' of the tree coincided with the 'balding' of my arms and legs - and it has been months since my bare legs saw sunshine.

A few uncertainties over the past few months are slowly clearing off.
Not one. Not two. Not three. But FOUR friends have asked me to go Taiwan with them.
I have friends, you see! Not that I am going Taiwan yet, but the point is, I have friends, you know!

Exams are clearing off as well.
Well, I still have 2 papers but, oh well, that is a 'clear off''.

And Luffy has blasted in and punched a Tenryuubito on his fat face.
So all my concerns are cleared off.
And I think I look a tad bit like L in this picture. Ho.

Kimochi ii na :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fringe it!

I hate Law.

Despite the excitement and love I professed to it in the last post, me and LAW, we are definitely over. So, disregard all those naive and unknowing assumptions I made about the beauty of Law.

What was 'all smiles and nervous little jitters' prior to the exam became full on 'cold sweat and nerve-wrecking horror' during the exam. And after that whirlwind of 90 minutes of Sections, Cases and Judge decisions this and that. . . . I emerged (!!) an expressionless zombie with negative soul and life.

Realizing this, I decided to instill some 'life' into my. . . .rotting zombie 'life'?

I went for a haircut! (**TO SIEWCHIN, yes, new curtains :-P)
Followed my coursemate to a place around Bourke Street and got a good trim and a new set of fringes aka curtains to those who insist to call them so. It was a pretty nice place and after that 30 minutes visit I added a few new missions to be accomplished, hence 'life' was found again!

I wanna:
a) straighten my hair!
b) cut my hair short!
c) revive the dryness!

Muahahahaha. . . donations, anyone?

(Not so CURTAIN rite, this time?)

Spent the whole weekend slacking off, just to take my mind off the aftermath of Law. Food is truly a very good comfort :-).

Love love food. Love love food.
Had Assam Laksa last nite, which was heavy on cucumbers, pineapples and onions. Purely vegetarian, purely light on weight (wink).

Then had the Crepe I have been craving for so long at Melbourne Central. Again, it was a thin piece of egg-based crepe and loaded with strawberries-based ingedients (syrup, whipped cream, the fruit itself and the pudding), so very very very light on weight as well (wink x 100).

One lingering comment on my new fringe and straight hair on Friday night (I had the hairdresser blow straight for me):
"Can return to your normal self like yesterday?"

3 times in 23 months and counting. . . .

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stuff kiasu

Tomorrow at 1 pm, I shall be battling LAW in the Chambers of Law in the city.

My first ever city to be taken is the city and in a building with such a cool name: Chambers of Law yo. This is also my first ever open book exam and first ever exam with an option for take-home.

Being a true Malaysian, my kiasu spirit was of course riding high for this exam.

Open book? Carry as much books and notes as I can. At least I intimidate others!

Take home exam? Whole weekend with my internet. Woohoo!

This is was initial scenario at least. But! Luckily, there were Malaysians (or just one of them *ahem*), who had an open book exam before, although not for Law. And before I ended up appearing like a kampung nerd carrying tons of books around the cool exam place that is the city, this friend of mine stopped me in time by relating her experience of an open book exam where she brought 10 science books (imagine the thickness and weight OMG) into the exam hall to find herself using just 1.

It is good to keep a kiasu-er companion around you. Always allows you to maintain a standard distance apart from them. Go go kiasu-ness :-)

As for the take home exam? All my co-horts had one similar opinion to it:
Stuff it.

So, I have 18 hours till LAW eh?
Stuff it!

. . .Actually no la. Scared la. How how how?
[I am kiasu after all >:-P ]

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Taking a break from studies last night, after finally completing (browsed through) the whole syllabus, I started researching for my project again. Well, a bit like aimless browsing as I faced an overload of information yet again.

But the research last night really opened up my eyes to the extensize networking that can be done in the business world. Having originated from science, I have always viewed research projects as really individual entities as scientists all over this globe fight against time to prove their OWN theories and hypotheses right and for the sake of that sense of achievement and truth.

But in business, it can go totally haywire. A company is not that BIG SHINY BUILDING (quoting WenJi) but a gigantic tree with branches so extensive and ever growing out to cover new territories and cast their shadow over smaller weaker competitors. This can sound a bit exaggerated or maybe, I am still FRESH and naive from science.

It is impressive how one single piece of information can lead you to another piece of seemingly unrelated information. The difference is endless - the extent of it, or even the context as in time difference, nature of business, location, etc. And you are left with a 3000000000000 piece puzzle and an empty brain.

However, as you work through the various puzzle pieces, and as the picture comes clearer, you cannot help but grin to yourself.

Unlike science where there are always facts to refer to for confirmation, what I am doing now is so. . . different.

Risk and questions dominate my research.
Answers are always in the strangest places or the most wordy texts.

It is a weird ride for me but I am kinda enjoying it.
Someone asked me what my dream job was weeks ago.
Maybe this is it.

In a sense, all this digging around for information and moulding them into something meaningful seems to exciting. So detective-like.

In another sense, isn't it a bit like gossiping/ paparazzi-ing?
Shit, maybe this is why I enjoyed it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chapter 1, Exams

Exam must be the most mystical period of a student's life. It is a test of the many elements making a student:
  • Endurance and determination
  • Stress
  • Book-hammering and wit
  • Strategy formulation
  • Courage and perseverance

Endurance and determination

"Endurance" is defined to mean "the ability to go through piles and piles and piles and piles and piles of lecture notes (And other reading materials examinable, says Mr Reid)". It requires a strong mind and obedient body.

"Determination", although similar is not identical to the meaning of 'endurance', as it is taken to mean 'the strength to decline all forms of evil distractions albeit the pain in the heart, the tingling sensation in the skin, the wailing in the mind'. Although dependent upon each individual it normally encompasses factors such as:

  • Entertainment - I want a PSP (No, u don't need one. . . )
  • Energy replenisher - I want an FF12/FF7 Potion (No, it is not yet needed. . . )
  • Dining - Japanese buffet, hoshii! (No, sashimi are not fresh lately)
  • Literary boost - One Piece . . need Naruto (No, you have exhausted all sources)

A very clear picture of endurance and determination. Endurance was shown just by the mere fact LAW was studied while determination was shown by the lack of any distractions, as listed above, seen in this picture. Supporting evidence includes the colourful highligther pens used, signifying the determination to really study law as student endured a complicated colour-coding process in notes.


"Stress" is usually viewed negatively as "a form of invisible burden resting its entire weight on the shoulders of victims". In this context, the 'victim' is usually identified as 'looking ghastly, performing crazy antics, have extreme personalities and physical changes'. This factor is quantified by the degree or extent of it. For example, a statement like, "I need a Potion to replenish myself after exam' will definitely signify less stress than "I need a Phoenic Down, might die halfway in the exam hall".

This element is always recognized during the exams. So much so that, it has become the most generic of terms in the exam-world. Evidence is that, it is used as a reply for all questions during exam. Examples:

  • "Why are you not eating?" "Stress. Exam."
  • "Why are you eating so much!" "Stress. Exam."
  • "What is that bird over there huh?" "Stress. Exam."

Verdict: Stress has become too generic a term to be used during exam, that it is used without much discrete, rendering the word at times 'dodgy'. Like in this picture, the initial application of 'stress' as a reason for the consumption of ONE cereal bar, was not applied in the right way. To fulfill the meaning of 'stress', the only remedy was subsequent consumption of cookies, sandwiches, chocolate balls, wafer rolls and apples.

Book hammering and wit

"Book hammering" is an unofficial term coined for "prolonged hours in front of a book, be it reading, noting, browsing, stoning". Unlike the more well known term 'studying', there is no need for an intention or even the act of feeding knowledge into the brain. A usual practice for relief of guilt among students, especially in the library.

"Wit" is a loose word meant to mean "the smarty-pants way for selective reading to maximize absorption and at the same time, maximize the utilization of time for other more important matters". The effectiveness of "wit" is usually seen only during the exam itself.

While both terms are extremely related to studying for exams, note the strange contradict that in essence, the exact act of studying is not necessarily present for both elements.

Verdict: Book hammering vs wit. Both elements are not mutually exclusive. As exemplified here, where the vigorous colour-coding to endless streams of words and confusing law bla-bla-blas suddenly brought into this world, a freshly baked apple teacake, all in one blissful morning.

Strategy Formulation

"Strategy formulation" must be the most crucial process during exams. Another process so commonly applied that students no longer implement it consciously or even subconsciously. A lot new models have been seen in the course of the evolution of exam requirements and patterns such as:

  • The 25-Minutes Last Minute Study Plan.
  • The 'Open-Book-Mah-No-Problem-La'.
  • The 'Bet-On-3-Topics-Out-Of-7' Theory.
  • The 'Food+food=Stress-buster' Plan.
  • The 'Which-subject-more-important/fail-prone' Hierarchy.
  • The 'Never-Mind' plan.

Verdict: A picture paints a thousand words. Like mentioned before, the main aim of the strategy formulated by the iron ladies of this Marshall Unit is to battle stress and beat it flat on its face. And so, preparations, props and the proper mindset to carry out the strategy, is shown here.

Courage and perseverance

"Courage" is broadly defined, but in this context means "the ability to conquer fears, face deadly threats and overcome seemingly impossible hurdles, with belief and faith in oneself". It is something held by every single students but not normally utilized to its max, and thus remains hidden in them.

"Perseverance" on the other hand, is related courage as it "enables a student to continue on believing in what they are doing even in the face of utmost danger, disappointment and failure". This is a kind of courage that allows them to carry on and not be defeated by small failures in life.
Both elements, working together, shape what it is of a student in this modern era. But usually it is not expressed in a loud way, as students tend to keep it safe in a small personal part of them. Examples of booster for both elements:
  • Positive Songs - Figthing Spirit (GLAY), Koukai (GLAY), Ketsui no asa ni (Aquatimez), Keep Tryin' (Utada).

  • Positive Manga - ONE PIECE. ONE PIECE.

  • Positive Entertainment - Final Fantasy Games, Kingdom Hearts (Courage . . get it?)

  • Positive Activities - Joking with friends and daydreaming.

Verdict: Graphical evidence incorporated. Courage to face a rounder face, arms, tummy, . . .well, in a sum a rounder person that being me. Perseverance to continue fighting for the exams, despite such dangerous threat in life.


Being a student is certainly not easy, but it is not the hardest thing in the world to accomplish as well. Seeing that, we are actually practising all that is mentioned above and more, students are in fact quite able individuals. Despite the presence of stress, we find a way to mould it into something positive or if all else fails, just beat it to the ground with the clever strategies we formulate. Without the courage and perseverance along with determination and endurance, no strategy could ever be implemented and no exam can ever be conquered. What is left is just a hint of effort for studying, be it book hammering or the usage of mere wit.

In a nutshell, we are all brave pirates of the exam-sea, all looking forward and determined to beat this sea of exams and send the marine-officials (educationers) flying!


To those who have no need of exams anymore, stuff you.