Friday, October 22, 2010

Short & sweet escape

Now that I am recovering from my homesickness, I am ready to reminisce on the root of my homesickness.

It is a comfort to know that there are some things in life which don't change - family.

Like how YiMa still can sleep just anywhere, anytime.

Like how Grandma's appetite is still impressive.

Like how Grandma still is the lady boss.

Like how Grandma is as fashion savvy as ever.
Like how Grandma also can sleep anywhere, anytime.

And especially how Grandma LOVES chocolates.

The presence of family puts a hint of specialty in everything

The slice of blueberry heaven from Lindt Cafe.

The anticipation to meet someone you've been thinking of.

Even the city of Melbourne seems sunnier :)

Being reunited with your family especially on a holiday together really makes life seem like a beach.

We spent a good week in Brisbane, moving around Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.
Picture here taken at Noosa National Park.
Some highlights from my relaxing stay in Brisbane :-
Like finally being able to catch up with one of my besties again and to see him slimmed down~
To sleep facing this wall every night for a week :)

To share a sashimi platter with Yima who doesn't eat ikura and Grandma who doesn't eat sashimi muahaha.
The rich and creamy cheese fondue with bread.

The birthday surprise for two very special people.

And of course there is finally being able to spend time with Mr Tan.

Cheesy grins in cars we never get tired of.

Lazy mornings breakfasts.

A stroll along the beach.

Finally of course lots and lots of camera action with my loved ones.

Ok darn, I am getting homesick again.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I am extremely homesick. Today is so grey both as in the weather and the grey areas in life.

Why can't we have everything in life?

Forging your own life in a foreign land vs. being with your family back at home
Building your career vs. building your own family

Two of the many things in life we have to choose one or the other.

I love my life here in Melbourne:
the city, the people, the hot chocolates, the university memories, the culture, the fashion, the Shiro, the tram rides, the crazy weather.

I feel like I am building something here:
my relationship, my circle of friends, my career, my personality, my outlook in life.

However, at the same time - especially this moment when homesickness strikes - I wonder if it is all worth it (oh, my grandma just called :< ):

Time spent away from family, missing the little moments, physical absence.

You might say that keeping in touch through phone, Skype or MSN helps a lot. But, to me, the sense of touch - makes a big difference.

I talk to Ray at least for half an hour every day when he is away for work - we have laughed, fought, gossiped, cried over the phone - but nothing beats the very first moment I see him in person again every time he returns.

As much as technology helps us stay connected, the strongest connection is when there are no wires, internet or satellites involved.

Here I am feeling homesick - pondering whether it is all worth it - knowing being here is what I want - wondering if there is ever a way to get everything I desire.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have had no inspiration to blog lately. This used to be my rant place where I note down everything that made me happy, sad, angry, confused, scared - a place for emotions to be captured much like how photographs capture memories.

But lately, I think I have lost this part of me - the energy to rant.

Well, I still do. Mostly to Mr Tan. The difference is, after that I don't note it down here.

What is wrong with me?
I used to to so love writing. I looked forward to writing.

Maybe I have found another emotional/memory vault.

Or maybe, the answer is just as simple as I have been too busy to write. Which makes me think, who can ever be too busy to do something they enjoy? (After all, this is one of the things I don't believe in - being too busy is always just an excuse in my eyes)

I should start to re-evaluate my life and see what has kept me so occupied.