Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe because it was the last day of winter

Hence I was wandering the streets under the rain. Without a destination, without a purpose.

Just endless streams of thoughts and questions flowing through my mind. And a tiny sense of insecurity and sadness lingering on until the night in my heart.

The Pakenham train line in another 21 minutes. The Frankston train line in another 16 minutes. Next to me, a lady was reading up about the Brad-Jen-Ange triangle which has been a never ending topic which never seems to get old. There are a lot of issues around me which are seemingly never ending but never seems to get old too. Like ghosts, they re-visit and haunt you for a good couple of days before leaving you without a trace. Then you are left asking, "So what am I to do alone now?"

I like listening to music while looking out of the train. It transports me into a world like no other. Where every single word of the songs ring clear in my head.

I was drenched in rain by the time I reached Clayton station. I am not afraid of the rain. People close to me will know that I do not like unbrellas, not even one bit. There is no real reason why. Just that it is chunky, takes up space when not in use. And equally chunky, takes up space when in use. This aside, rain is just water from the sky. I would want a drop of the sky on me.

I walked the streets. Stopped by at the Newsagency for some gossips and warmth. Walked all over Clayton. Stayed in McDonald's for lunch. Looked at the rain outside. Called to listen to an old friend's familiar voice. Walked around somemore. Got my prescription from the pharmacy. Walked again. Gazed at the colourful capsicums.

All the while, the raindrops - the sound and the feel of it - accompanying my thoughts.

I wondered if I should be so attached/stubborn when it comes to my career.
I wondered if I made decisions right/wrong.
I wondered what was on someone else's mind at that moment.
I wondered what Mum was doing at home with Chuck.
I wondered when I return Malaysia, what kind of person I will be.
I wondered when would I be satisfied with life.
I wondered why I was unable to justify my disatisfaction with certain aspects of my life.
I wondered why I upheld my dignity to the expense of so many things.

The rain cleared.

Two hours of walking in the rain and thinking - cleared up my mind a bit. I felt a bit lighter.

Mr Tan came to get me at the instant noodle aisle in HK Grocer. I started my story with a sigh and a smile, "You know what I did just now? I. . . "

He and I being on the same boat and having shared so much together, even if he could not help make things better - he could certainly help make me feel better. More secure, more taken care of, more love.

I walked in to Mr Tan's house to be greeted by a sad whine. Shiro was crying alone at home. One look at him, I realised that "Things aren't that bad at all."

Looking out of the window right now to the picture of spring, I can't help but think maybe because it was the last day of winter.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nuffnang Coles Group & Myer: How Do You Turn $10 into $100?

When I saw that Nuffnang was having a shopping competition, I was instantly attracted.

When I saw that the competition was associated with The Coles Group & Myer, I immediately joined.

When I saw the $10 Gift Card in my mailbox a few days later, I was suddenly . . . at Chadstone Shopping Center. Strange.

I am talking about the Nuffnang Coles Group and Myer: How do you turn $10 into $100 competition. There are two challenges in this competition:

1: To spend the money most creatively
2: To spend the money most frugally

Not very hard tasks considering both Coles and Myer are always crazy on quality, value and selection. In more specific terms, surprising sale prices, endless varieties of brands and satisfied customers.

After thinking for some time I decided to spend this $10 on someone else - to put a smile someone's face.

With my family being back in Malaysia, I owe a lot of people birthday presents. Seeing how this list just keeps on growing and tired of empty promises like "Your birthday present will be sent to you soon!" to cousins as young as 2 years old, I was convinced this competition was a wake-up call for me to start shopping for people other than myself.

Determined and motivated, I started looking at my shopping list:

1) Shiro's birthday

Shiro, my Japanese Spitz, turned 1 year old (in dog years) last Friday. Instead of 'Happy Birthday Shiro', the day started with "No pee-pee on floor Shirooooo!". Instead of a happy trip to the pet store, Shiro was traumatised by a giant Alaskan Malamute. Poor birthday boy.
Given the "No pee-pee on floor Shiroooo!" incident in the morning, this was hugely tempting.

Or maybe I should buy 5 cans of this tough-looking dog food and turn Shiro into the next giant Alaskan Malamute!

2) Grandma's birthday

Grandma is a chocoholic. Trust me, for someone who always complains about not being able to see well, the last time she visited me in Melbourne, she said, "Is that the Cadbury building oooooooover there?" when the building was as big as a grain of rice and "Wow, that building looks like a huge chunk of chocolate in a gold wrapper" at the sight of Eureka Tower.

Go for variety?

Go for her favourite?

Go for her good ol' friend Cadbury since it is on sale . . .

. . . oh gosh, Cadbury's brothers are all on sale. Decisions decisions.

I decided to stroll to Myer for a brainstorm before making my final decision. Many people assume that Myer offers only expensive items given the presentation of their stores, the poshly dressed mannequins and the sparkling cosmetic parlours. But let me in on a secret, I once bought Mother's Day presents for my Mum and two aunties of mine at the expenditure of less than $27. To me, shopping in Myer is like a treasure hunt. There are surprising deals everywhere.

3) Sister's birthday

My sister is becoming a fashionista. She even started a blogshop with some friends two weeks ago. My sister is also very demanding. She loves attention from me and would sulk whenever I give her presents like say, an eraser. I never liked how her wardrobe is always dominated by black. So I found a perfect top for her . . .

. . . at the perfect price for me!

4) Aunt Fun's birthday

It has been ages since I have met her. She is a woman of huge earrings, chunky necklaces and animal prints. She also cooks the meanest Chinese dishes and brings out the glutton in me, every single time. As I am typing this post, I am thinking of her Deep Fried Prawns mmmm.

An amazing Miss Shop bag with snake print which looks $100.

5) Cousin Ivy

This cousin of mine loves everything shiny, sparkly and glittery. She even called herself 'Bling Bling Ivy' at one point. She just turned 17 two weeks ago (it means that I just used another
"Your birthday present will be sent to you soon!" two weeks ago!). The last time she visited me in Melbourne, she wanted to get a new pencil case. A pencil case or a cosmetic case, since someone's definitely growing into a fine young lady.

Look at the happy price :-)

6) Iris's birthday present

Iris is a childhood friend of mine. The nicest and girly-est girl ever. It was her birthday two weeks ago and I was not able to be there to celebrate with her sigh. I saw the prettiest necklace ever which made me immediately think, "Iris" :-)

7) Mum's present

Mum has gone through trauma after trauma lately. Being not an animal person, she was surprised with my "I just got a puppy over here in Melbourne, Mum!" and later further surprised with Dad and my sister's "We just got a puppy at our home, Mum!". She deserves a present. Being a pyjama person, she will be delighted if she sees this. I'll attach a card saying, "The material is as soft as Shiro".

8) Dad's present

My Dad loves wearing shorts at home as he hates feeling hot and sweats like there is no tomorrow. The weather in Malaysia is torturing him, apparently. What is more perfect than a matching pair of pyjama shorts for him? Yeah yeah, I know I got it from the ladies department but hey, with the right size and in a cool shade of black, who care if it was in polka dots. My Dad can be cute too!

9) Raymond's present

As a thank you to the man who has stuck with me through thick and thin (my thighs), the bad economy, disastrous hairstyles, frustration-laden days and everything in life. As a thank you to the man with visible signs of dryness around his lips.

This is perfect as it doesn't look like a lipstick (nothing threatening his image) and it has a fruity taste (subdues his craving for sweet stuffs).

10) YiMa's (Aunt) birthday

My YiMa is an advocate of beauty. She can sit in front of her vanity dresser for an hour-long of toning, moisturising ang massaging. She loves cosmetics, skincare, aromatherapy . . . anything nicely packaged and smells nice and promises results for her skin. I found the perfect gift for her. Despite having about 3 different kinds of shower gels and exfoliating creams, she has never had anything as fun as Butter Bath Fizzers!


Look at all the amazing under $10 deals I found in Myer and Coles. Ah, isn't life amazing?

Look at the important decision of who to spend it on I have to make. Oh, no.










In the end, I went back home with the Disposable Mats, a pack of Chicken Mini Treats and a can of Real Chicken - all for Shiro! Well well well, the Disposable Mats were a necessity to properly toilet train Shiro. Oh, the treats are necessary to help Shiro learn new tricks so that I can post more videos here. And and and. . . Shiro is just so-o-o-o-o cute.

But believe me, it was a very close call as everyone is equally. Really.

It would be great to win that $100 from this competition so that I can make every single one of you on my list happy and me less guilty for this TOUGH decision I had no choice but to make. And publish here.

Should any of you still feel unhappy with my decision, please:

1) Pray that I win the $100. (Yay!)

2) Stare at this adorable picture of Shiro learning to walk on a leash with the help of the treats I bought!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The CORE of 2009

Ah, spring is coming and summer is next. Time for my annual resolution to go into motion again; if not in action/ outcome, let it be in the mind/ imagination.

I want to develop my abs and strengthen my core!
(If you trace back to my posts around this time for the past few years, chances are you are going to see this statement everywhere.)

The very first time I realised the existence of flabbiness/tummy-ness was during Primary 5/6. I was undressing to shower when I suddenly felt all heavy and weird around my waist. One look to the mirror, the thought dawned upon me for the first time, "Wah, I have a tou-lam."

This thought used to be very-much foreign to me before that historical moment, ya know. I used to be extremely skinny. I did not like sharks fin soup, egg yolks, duck, lamb, chocolates, onions, spring onions, water chestnuts, pizza toppings, etc. So, my Mum, outta wits, resorted to a Chinese-herbal supplement which made me - hungry, drowsy, hungry, drowsy, hungry, drowsy. And finally FAT.

And ever since this angelic deed of my beloved Mum, I have never had a living moment without a flabby tummy (living moment since on several occasions I have seen myself with washboard abs, surfing, in my dreams). So much so that I began to think it was abnormal to have flat abs.

Until the time I attended the Army Camp during From 5 (I think??) and roomed with 6 other girls my age. Wah, everyone had such tiny waists and flat tummies. And I remember one of the girls saying (I was never close to her lor), "Wah, Ah Lo, you are quite fat around your waist!" I was embarassed but so what, I laughed ah.

Then several years went by when I began to convince myself again that flat abs are abnormal. Especially having gone through the horrid winter weight gain during my first year in Australia and feeling absolutely fine or unaware about that!

And so I met Glyniss, Jing, Chloe, Donna and Siau Man for our L'Oreal Cash Your Dreams Project. They looked really fit and it was not a surprise - when we met up to talk at One Utama. They has flat abs and it was a shock to my system - when they heated up the runway during the finals night.

Shit, flat abs really does exist. Living, breathing, toned and sexy just inches away from me.

Miss Lo, pushing 23. Must. Get. Flat. Abs. 2009.

The reason why I never achieve the abs of fortune?

I suck at core exercise. Instead of my abs, my lower back hurts. I bend my neck and strain my back instead. My mind wander off to the warmth of sunshine and hot surfer dudes . . . and a Me with washboard abs in a tropical bikini.

Snap. Then back to reality. Aiyak. Back pain. Sleep. Start again tomorrow.

Snap. Eh Summer is here ady!?

Snap. Winter ending again la. Mmmm, time for my resolution again.

Ok, wipe away all that. This 2009, I am determined! Any good exercise suggestions for the weak-backed that is me?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shiro Diary #2

Keeping a puppy really isn't as it seems in those Kleenex advertisements. For one, what used to be "Aww so cute" is now "Shiro NO Shiro!".

For a puppy his age, Shiro is proving to be quite the multitasker.
The entertainer

He draws laughs and is adorable.

The lightbulb

Whenever Mr Tan and I stand next to each other or sit next to each other, Shiro has to be sleeping on one of our feet. Even if we try to stop him, he will somehow manage to scurry his way in.
The troublemaker

Crying relentlessly all night long during his first few nights. Right now, crying at 6.30-7 a.m. every morning (I hope this continues to improve).

Rebelling against toilet training. Not pee-poo-ing when we bring him to the backyard only to pee-poo as soon as he gets back in.

Going on random bursts of hyper-ness then proceeding to bite, growl - and to be scolded.

The cat

He has gained a reputation as Shiro the Cat among some of my friends. Why? He sleeps a lot and deeply. Once I carried him up and swayed him around mid-air only to have him continue sleeping. Second, his sleeping posture is really like a cat. Third, he looks like a cat sometimes.

The genius

I must say, he is quite a quick learner. Let's see, Shiro has been with us for a week now and he has learnt to come at the cue of 'Come Shiro Come', to sit and to fetch. Not bad eh!

And his most genius work? To look at us with those eyes as pictured above whenever he does something wrong. Brat.


Having a dog really changes your life - literally - your sleeping hours, your timetable, your discipline.

Raymond went from someone who was totally untouched by a cute video of two penguins holding hands to someone who coo-ed, "Shiro you are so cute, aren't you?".

Ser Ley went from the cute as button and soft-mannered as feather girl to the petite "NO!" commander and our coach in dog-disciplining!

Li Let went from coo-ing all over pets to . . .well, still as loving as ever.

Let me show you guys Shiro's journal for the day:

7.05am - Woke up
7.10am - Pooed at backyard
7.15am - Breakfast
7.30am - Peed at home
9.40am - Peed at home
8.00 am - Slept
9.40am - Peed inside
10am - Morning snack
11am - Slept
11.40am - Peed outside
11.45am - Pooed inside
12-1pm - Sleep
1pm - Peed inside
1.30pm - Lunch
2pm - Slept
3.20pm - Woke up and peed outside
4.00pm - Peed inside
4.15pm - 6pm - Slept
6pm - Woke up peed outside
6.10pm - Pooed outside
6.30pm - Peed inside
9.20pm - Peed inside

. . . and still tracking.

Phuuu. This bundle of joy doesn't come with no hard work.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Possums yuk

The wind is soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking scary out there!

We saw a possum around the fence. I wonder if it feels cold. Poor thing.

My first encounter with a possum was back in year 2006, my first year here in Australia. Before that, I had no idea possums existed. Or did I? Actually I did, just that I thought they were called 'possimps'. Bad childhood education pfffft.
For the benefit of those of you who have never seen a possum before, here is a picture of it:

I remember being really AWARE of its existence around the Halls of Residence in Monash, my place of residence back then, only when a possum entered and got trapped in one of the hallways. Everyone was really excited and I was too! Until I saw it. Omg, a large 'rat'.

Ever since then, I have avoided all chances of encountering possums. I don't hate them. I just try

Chitra was telling me that when she stayed in the Halls, she would open the window to see a possum, which she even named, looking back at her. I cannot imagine having to live through that fear. Er, I mean fear of intrusion of privacy ahem.

I have been told that possums are notorious like underland gangs! They approach and follow you. They can get aggressive.

More importantly, they look like rats! Shit, I can't imagine I posted that picture up. That is the closest anything on my blog can look in comparison to a rat I promise! I yelp at the thought of not only rats, the mere conjunction of its image sends 10000 volt shivers down my spine!

There was this one time when I visited Glyniss's blog, happily since it was new year, to see the picture of a big black rat! . . . . It was to welcome the Rat Year apparently. You are supposed to put cuter and cartoonish images of rats!! Okay, I don't like the word 'rat', I mean 'mice'!!!

Despite possums looking like the giant-version of rats, it seems like my fear towards the puny little rats are still bigger.

Just like an elephant, being afraid of mice. I need to lose some weight T.T

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aging through my Life Plan

Has your age been bugging you lately?

I was reading an article forecasting that by year 2015, the market for biomarkers would prosper. This led me to think that, "2015 is so near!" in an excited way. Which in turn, led me to realize that, "Shit, 2015 sees me turning 29!" in a horrified-excited way.

Then I was looking at pictures of my youngest cousin whom I have met once right after her birth early 2008. By the time she finishes high school at age 17, I will be 39. Holy moly.

And of course this reminded me of the request my little cousin, Keely, has for me in the middle of a buffet dinner during the last Chinese New Year, "Jie, when are you going to give birth to a baby girl for me to play with?". What?

Finally, what came out of my own mouth the other day," . . . I am already 23 now . . . what? I am just 22, ain't I?!". I am not keeping tab of my own age anymore! Crap!

Everything seems like concrete evidence pointing towads the fact that age is catching up on me.

Never have the words "I AM AGING" been that bright-neon-ly shown in my inner self. *chill, zen zen. . . "

Being a biology student, I perfectly know about the aging process even to the cellular level. But now that I am the observational subject: it is fuiyoh-not-so-funny anymore.

Wrinkles. Age related illnesses. White hair. Slow metabolism. Saggy boobs. Aunty-fashion. Grandma hairstyle. Bad eyesight. No fried or oily food. Medical check-ups.

Actually what is worth more to think about is not what is inevitable in the future, but in fact - what I am right now.

I used to have this timeline for my own life, which I clearly remember telling Iris during a sleepoever at my place when we were both happy high-schoolers.

  • Age 17: Complete high school. (Check!)
  • Age 21: Complete tertiary studies. (Check!)
  • Age 22: Get a job. (Boo!)
  • Age 23: Get a boyfriend [deadline]. (Double check!)
  • Age 26: Ready to get married [after at least 5 years in a relationship].
  • Age30: Have kids [deadline].

Phew. Simple as that.

Back then, of course. Life can never be as simplified as that. Let's review the points:

The Point at Age 17 and Age 21 are realistic, well actually foolproof. After all, everyone graduates high school by 17 (provided you weren't dropped out) and tertiary studies are on average 4 years long (provided you did not fail one too many subjects).

The Point at Age 22, to get a job, is more complicated. My definition of a 'job' back then was a visual image of me at an office desk with another group of female colleagues, getting a paycheck every month for the rest of my life. Now, I would like to amend this point.

Age 22: To start my career. Having gone through university, found something I am passionate about and faced the harsh economy of today, a 'career' is definitely what I want. Instead of a mere visual image, I know what I want to do and I know it is hard to break through the walls. Nevertheless, it is worth chasing a dream if I only live once. And I am working hard at it now, hopefully I get to tick this before I turn 23 sigh.

The Point at Age 23. The so-called deadline to get a boyfriend. Well, this was very necessary last time as I was a hybrid of nerd+geek+antisocial+hermit. (Not that this is not very necessary right now, but I landed a lottery so it is a Double Check!)

The Point at Age 26 serves as a tentative date. Again, back then, back then! After I was told that my Mum got married at age 26, I thought that would be the perfect standard for me as well. Why? Cause my Mum managed to pop out two beautiful daughters by age 30 which leads to . . .

The Point at Age 30! See the beauty of my old plan?

*Ahem* Again, back then. The Point at Age 26 is now a Point at Age 27 (I think, more like I feel, haha). I must say I am influenced by Amy's Perfect 27 Theory. According to this theory, she envisions herself achieving her set of goals and living independently by age 27. Hence the Perfect 27. Say, if your dream is to have 7 kids then your Perfect 27 would see you having 7 kids! Simple as that.

Phew. Life.

But like I said, things never really go according to plan, do they?

Or am I the only one here with a freaky plan like that?

Friday, August 21, 2009

To be whatever we want to be, Today

The moment I received Shiro, I had a fleeting thought in my mind, "I sure hope others don't think I am being demanding/spoilt."

After all, Shiro is not simply a purchase - rolling over from the price is commitment, time and effort. So Shiro is indeed a big deal in terms of change of lifestyle, time management and learning process.

This little negative idea slipped my mind for the next few days seeing how cute Shiro is, how fast he is learning and how troublesome the little furball is. And also seeing how a few friends went ooey-gooey over him with shrieks of "yerrrr".

I live by the motto, "Never let what others say affect you". Or I try hard to.

I am quite known for my positivity and stress-free character. While negativity is less of an issue with me (maybe I am not blessed with a complicated mind), stress is something I battle every night before sleep. So there is hard work involved in becoming the character that I am today.

My humour or aloofness can sometimes drive people to think that I am that unreasonable and inconsiderate. Classic Loretta-remarks like:

"Are we going to Tiffany&Co after Lindt for the diamond ring which will prove your commitment to me forever and ever?"

"If only someone would buy me a PSP, the limited edition one, with the nice pouch and loadsa games - then my life would shine!"

"I don't wanna eat you cooking - I want instant noodles with clear soup and silky noodles. Clear soup ah clear soup!"

And then there is the blog post about The Puppy Fund a few days ago.

. . . . . I don't know about you all but, I have tried my very best to make them obvious as jokes. Sigh. After all, I don't see any donations coming into the Fund at all, mind you!

Or thinking twice, should I insert [joke] after every joke I make? [joke?]

Anyway, I said I won't be affected by what others say. Well, I am just human and things like:

"Omg, her dress makes her look fugly on top and ass-y in the bottom."

"That is so unreasonable and inconsiderate of her to make her boyfriend get her a puppy that cute and cuddly!"

"Please, what kind of cooking is that like, so watery, so blah."

Simple things which can be a whisper I overheard, a comment on Facebook, a rumour getting to me, a Tweet on Twitter, a wrong MSN message, a voice behind a phone call.

I rub it off with, "Nah, I won't be affected by that" and put on a face, convince myself and seek confirmation which compliment that statement.

Instead of a complicated mind, I am blessed with friends who genuinely care and are happy that I have now what I have always wanted as a child and also an awesome boyfriend. Phew.

Come to think of it, why do we care about what others think so much?

Cause it shapes your perceived image?
Cause it makes you hurt and insecure?
Cause it encourages your doubts to grow?

Well, life sucks and sometimes people make it suck more without realizing it.

Yes, I mean US who have all been judgmental.
Yes, I also mean US who think too much about what others say.

Let us just celebrate the simplicity of good gestures, pure intentions and the happiness of everyone.

For one day, let us all just dress, eat, drink, enjoy and be purely happy in whatever we want to.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shiro Diary #2

The past few days of my life had been all about Shiro. Actually, this actually applies to everyone at Mr Tan's house.

Being a puppy at 6 weeks old, Shiro is really still a baby. Most puppies are separated from their mother only by the age of 8 weeks. We think this is probably why Shiro is still a bit timid.

After all the initial ooh-ing and aww-ing, comes the house training.

Ser Ley is the only one in the house who has experience in this. We the other noobs are trying very hard - scurrying around the internet, talking to other pet owners, begging the puppy to listen.

The first night here, Shiro was crying and barking the whole night. He would stop when someone appeared to talk or cuddle him. The second night was considerably better, but still noisy. And the third night (last night), I heard he was noisy for a while before being all quiet throughout the night, only for them to find out that he had jumped out of the crate.

Anyone has any good suggestion as to what to do to make the nights quieter?

Potty training is another issue. We are putting newspapers and bringing him out whenever he looks like he wants to pee. Whenever an 'accident' happens, we will say a stern "No" and put him on the newspaper telling him to pee there or bring him out to the backyard. Today is the fourth day and he is still pee-ing everywhere.

Any experienced ones out there who can make potty training easier for us?

A puppy is really no accessory or toy - much of what it is publicised to be by the likes of Paris Hilton.

It seems like such a huge responsibility and commitment.

But, more over, something which brings people together and joy to your life.

Here is a good night to you from Shiro:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shiro Diary #1

I came home to a bundle of joy, the biggest surprise of my life.

Let me introduce everyone to Shiro.

Shiro is a Japanese Spitz baby boy.

He was born on the 3rd of July and is now 6 weeks old.

Shiro came to us on the 18th of August 2009.

Ray met and picked him up on that very morning before settling him in his house and meeting me in the city. I came back to his place totally oblivious about his whole plan until I saw something fluffy and white scurrying around his feet.

Ray asked me the day before what I would call my future dog. I answered, "Winter for male and Lila for female". Along with a million other names.

In the end, we settled for Shiro. Shiro means white in Japanese.

He is still a baby.

He walks clumsily and runs more clumsily.

He was crying the whole of his first night at his new home.

I hope he won't cry so much tonight.


I never thought my birthday and childhood wish of having a puppy would come true so soon.

I guess making a wish through your blog really works.

I think having a someone like Mr Tan is really amazing.

I know I am living my dream and better still, this is in reality.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look look, I cut my hair!

I made this silly resolution way back in February as soon as I touched down in Melbourne: "I will not cut my hair until I land a stable job."

6 months on, after the rollercoaster ride that is life, here I am feeling . . .

. . . liberated.

Yes, . . . I chopped off all my locks . . .

. . . . tinted it red. . .

. . . ruffled and messed it up. . .

. . I feel like a Rock Star now! XD

P/S: I did not go through any major trauma causing me to do this. Just felt like I was in a slump for a while and it was time for some rejuvenation?

P/P/S: I thought I might regret not having hair to play with but honestly, I love this style to bits now and can't stop messing around with it!

P/P/P/S: Changes always excite me!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Give-Loretta-A-Japanese-Spitz' fund

It all started with the scary screams all the way from the backyard to my Grandma's house's compound to the stumbling into the front door which saw my cute baby sister of age 10+ being chased by a cute puppy of age 2 months/size of less than 25 cm.
So I have never had a puppy before in my life.

For those who have me on MSN (and realise that I am on their list) would have noticed that I have been going Dog/Puppy-crazy.

I have always been oogling at puppies at pet stores. Complete with the 'awwww's, 'ooooh's, and 'so cute(!!!)'s.

And then I fell in love.

Never have I seen a creature so adorable, so precious and so charming.

Isn't that a white fluff of joy? This is a Japanese Spitz puppy.

Ever since that day, I have been going to the pet store every time I visit Chaddy to repeat the combo of 'awww', 'oooh' and 'so cute(!!!)'. I also started googling about everything dog - how to take care, how to train, how to get free dogs, etc.

Oh, did I hear you ask why I did not get the puppy? Well, it just costs $1800, that's all. Sniff. Sniff.

A friend of mine was nice enough to give me the privilege of dog-sitting for her while she was busy. Of course, I screamed, 'Yes!'. It was so much fun!

I have always had big mean looking dogs at my Grandma's place. The un-huggable, snarling, shoe-biting, chicken-killing (it killed a chicken right in front of my 12-year-old friends on my birthday!) and fighting-scars-bearing dogs. I would fawn over the dogs while they were puppies with innocent-looking eyes before distancing myself once they approach my height *ahem*

I must say the experience with a small dog is entirely different. Given my short stature, yeah, the difference was big.

Introducing Scooby. He is a cute little Bichon x Shih Tzu.

Not only did he not snarl at me, he sat at on my feet and watched me as I preparing to cook.

Not only did he not chase anyone, he crept up to Mr Tan's side and read with him.

Not only is he not taller than me, he is just as tall as my waist when he stands up and dances.

And most important of all - look at those innocent little teddy bear eyes *awwww*

I have gotten mixed reactions when I conveyed this childhood dream of mine to friends and family.

Me: I want a puppy!
Dad: Har? Erm...... Oh..... Mmmm.....
Me: ....Just kidding har har.
Dad: Oh, you were just kidding!!

Me: I want a puppy!
Mum: Why? There will be a lot to do, cleaning, taking care. It is like a small human... (went on for another 15 mins)
Me: Kidding kidding. . .
Mum: I know you were not kidding!!!

Cousin Ivy: Grandma said not to get a puppy.
Me: How did she know about it!
Cousin Ivy: I told her about it haha. She said to take good care of yourself first, before a puppy.
Me: I am taking very good care of myself.
Cousin Ivy: Grandma said, still cannot.

Lowena on my Facebook status about Scooby: Who is Scooby?????? Don't tell me u got a dog, for real OMG. (I am pretty sure if I answered 'yes' or did not reply, the next message would be "I'm telling Mum!!!!!!!!!")

Daniel: You must think about the cost, the responsibility, the on-going commitment.
Me: I know. I will think carefully about it.

Jess: There is a lot of commitment, cost, responsibility but then again, I have always loved dogs and have 4 Shih Tzus at home.
Me: I know. I will think carefully about it.

SueLi: There is a lot of things to consider before getting a dog. Are you prepared etc.
Me: I know. I will think carefully about it.

That's the snapshot there.

But I have been thinking and thinking, craving and craving for a long time now. (All because of my cute sister, cis) I mean, I know it is a big responsibility and everything, but if I keep thinking, won't I be waiting forever?

I do agree that I feel anxious, though. Sigh.

We should all go back to thinking about the hefty price tag. Sigh x 1000.

So I came up with an idea. I am going to start a 'Give-Loretta-A-Japanese-Spitz' fund. This fund will be where all my TRUE and BEST friends 'donate'/'contribute' to fulfilling their TRUE and BEST friend, Loretta's dream in getting a Japanese Spitz puppy.

As simple as that. Simple and pure love and friendship. ;-)

So if you are a TRUE friend of mine, please 'contribute' and enjoy good karma for the rest of your life!

An invitation to Lindt Cafe

Dear readers,
I have just relived the most chocolicious moment of my life. Never have I imagined that the choco-dream I had in Sydney last year would come all the way to Melbourne, and soon enough to Chadstone.

This love affair started since November 2008. While on Sydney soil, we were pushed relentlessly by Miss Glyniss to visit this little cafe no matter how impossibly busy or short our trip was. Being a good friend, of course, I agreed to do so. Being the ever glutton, of course, Mr Tan agreed to do so as well. (Over Hurricane ribs, mind you)

Hence, the fateful meeting with Lindt Cafe.

And the strong bond of 'happiness' (read my T-shirt) between Lindt, Me and Mr Tan.

The Saturday two weeks ago, Mr Tan suggested for all of us to go pay a respectful visit to the Lindt Cafe here in Melbourne. It did not take much persuading or spreading of the news. For some reasons, everyone as excited. The Chocoholics, the non-Chocoholics.

Lindt Cafe here is situated at 271 Collins Street, right next to Tiffany&Co. Chocolates and diamonds are a girl's best friends, mm-mm.

All choco-goodness has a price (in addition to the literal price), so we waited in line for a good 30+ minutes before being seated. Mostly, due to our large group of 7. But we were given free Lindt chocolate squares while waiting in line!

The setting of Lindt Cafe is amazing. Bright white walls. Extensive glass panels. A mini library when you look up. Chandeliers. Did I mention Tiffany&Co being next door?

Let me introduce the stars of the day:

The cakes were impeccable. To a certified-Chocoholic like me, the burst of chocolate-yness, the richness of the accompaniments like caramel and cheese, and the layers of different texture or colour in the cake - made my day a smiley happy lucky day.

But, my all time favourite - one which made me a picky Chocolate-drinker - is: The Iced Dark Chocolate.

The first sip I took, I thought, "I missed you." With a tear in my left eye.

It is great when you go with friends cause you can order more and try more of the variety they have there.

Better still, if they are girlfriends, whom you can spend the time gossipping with.

Given the beautiful setting, one could almost always snap a magazine-cover worthy picture there. As seen below.

When the truth is, there were cakes and drinks and choco-crazy customers all around you!

A date with Lindt Cafe, a date with great company and beautiful chocolates.

So excited and crazy am I over this little gem of a store that (I mean Lindt, not Tiffany&Co with no intentions of hinting whatsoever cough cough) I think everyone should go in for a slice of chocolate heaven.

So to any readers out there who:

Are in Melbourne and need some chocolatey-company;
Will be visiting Melbourne and need some chocolatey-memory;
Just wants to be chocolatey-crazy;

You know who to call. I am absolutely happy to.