Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aging through my Life Plan

Has your age been bugging you lately?

I was reading an article forecasting that by year 2015, the market for biomarkers would prosper. This led me to think that, "2015 is so near!" in an excited way. Which in turn, led me to realize that, "Shit, 2015 sees me turning 29!" in a horrified-excited way.

Then I was looking at pictures of my youngest cousin whom I have met once right after her birth early 2008. By the time she finishes high school at age 17, I will be 39. Holy moly.

And of course this reminded me of the request my little cousin, Keely, has for me in the middle of a buffet dinner during the last Chinese New Year, "Jie, when are you going to give birth to a baby girl for me to play with?". What?

Finally, what came out of my own mouth the other day," . . . I am already 23 now . . . what? I am just 22, ain't I?!". I am not keeping tab of my own age anymore! Crap!

Everything seems like concrete evidence pointing towads the fact that age is catching up on me.

Never have the words "I AM AGING" been that bright-neon-ly shown in my inner self. *chill, zen zen. . . "

Being a biology student, I perfectly know about the aging process even to the cellular level. But now that I am the observational subject: it is fuiyoh-not-so-funny anymore.

Wrinkles. Age related illnesses. White hair. Slow metabolism. Saggy boobs. Aunty-fashion. Grandma hairstyle. Bad eyesight. No fried or oily food. Medical check-ups.

Actually what is worth more to think about is not what is inevitable in the future, but in fact - what I am right now.

I used to have this timeline for my own life, which I clearly remember telling Iris during a sleepoever at my place when we were both happy high-schoolers.

  • Age 17: Complete high school. (Check!)
  • Age 21: Complete tertiary studies. (Check!)
  • Age 22: Get a job. (Boo!)
  • Age 23: Get a boyfriend [deadline]. (Double check!)
  • Age 26: Ready to get married [after at least 5 years in a relationship].
  • Age30: Have kids [deadline].

Phew. Simple as that.

Back then, of course. Life can never be as simplified as that. Let's review the points:

The Point at Age 17 and Age 21 are realistic, well actually foolproof. After all, everyone graduates high school by 17 (provided you weren't dropped out) and tertiary studies are on average 4 years long (provided you did not fail one too many subjects).

The Point at Age 22, to get a job, is more complicated. My definition of a 'job' back then was a visual image of me at an office desk with another group of female colleagues, getting a paycheck every month for the rest of my life. Now, I would like to amend this point.

Age 22: To start my career. Having gone through university, found something I am passionate about and faced the harsh economy of today, a 'career' is definitely what I want. Instead of a mere visual image, I know what I want to do and I know it is hard to break through the walls. Nevertheless, it is worth chasing a dream if I only live once. And I am working hard at it now, hopefully I get to tick this before I turn 23 sigh.

The Point at Age 23. The so-called deadline to get a boyfriend. Well, this was very necessary last time as I was a hybrid of nerd+geek+antisocial+hermit. (Not that this is not very necessary right now, but I landed a lottery so it is a Double Check!)

The Point at Age 26 serves as a tentative date. Again, back then, back then! After I was told that my Mum got married at age 26, I thought that would be the perfect standard for me as well. Why? Cause my Mum managed to pop out two beautiful daughters by age 30 which leads to . . .

The Point at Age 30! See the beauty of my old plan?

*Ahem* Again, back then. The Point at Age 26 is now a Point at Age 27 (I think, more like I feel, haha). I must say I am influenced by Amy's Perfect 27 Theory. According to this theory, she envisions herself achieving her set of goals and living independently by age 27. Hence the Perfect 27. Say, if your dream is to have 7 kids then your Perfect 27 would see you having 7 kids! Simple as that.

Phew. Life.

But like I said, things never really go according to plan, do they?

Or am I the only one here with a freaky plan like that?

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Mizmanda said...

Haha, you are so not alone. I have a set of plans for myself too. And i was wondering if I was the only one like that!


Shinyi said...

why you write such a depressing post T_T

now i'm going to bed panicking about my age. T______T

hikari* said...

Mizmanda: Haha, I guess everyone has their own life-map SWEAT. So what is yours like? As meticulous as mine??

Shinyi: It isn't meant to be depressing!! I am not really panicking about my age . . . . well, not majorly. But, we shold celebrate ourselves getting 'wiser'.

Mizmanda said...

definitely as meticulous. but i'm falling behind schedule. =( So i have sort of IGNORED the parts where I'm lagging. And haha, along the way, I have made changes to the plan. So right now - its impromtu.


heres a toast - to celebrating our yearly gained wisdom! whoo!

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