Friday, August 21, 2009

To be whatever we want to be, Today

The moment I received Shiro, I had a fleeting thought in my mind, "I sure hope others don't think I am being demanding/spoilt."

After all, Shiro is not simply a purchase - rolling over from the price is commitment, time and effort. So Shiro is indeed a big deal in terms of change of lifestyle, time management and learning process.

This little negative idea slipped my mind for the next few days seeing how cute Shiro is, how fast he is learning and how troublesome the little furball is. And also seeing how a few friends went ooey-gooey over him with shrieks of "yerrrr".

I live by the motto, "Never let what others say affect you". Or I try hard to.

I am quite known for my positivity and stress-free character. While negativity is less of an issue with me (maybe I am not blessed with a complicated mind), stress is something I battle every night before sleep. So there is hard work involved in becoming the character that I am today.

My humour or aloofness can sometimes drive people to think that I am that unreasonable and inconsiderate. Classic Loretta-remarks like:

"Are we going to Tiffany&Co after Lindt for the diamond ring which will prove your commitment to me forever and ever?"

"If only someone would buy me a PSP, the limited edition one, with the nice pouch and loadsa games - then my life would shine!"

"I don't wanna eat you cooking - I want instant noodles with clear soup and silky noodles. Clear soup ah clear soup!"

And then there is the blog post about The Puppy Fund a few days ago.

. . . . . I don't know about you all but, I have tried my very best to make them obvious as jokes. Sigh. After all, I don't see any donations coming into the Fund at all, mind you!

Or thinking twice, should I insert [joke] after every joke I make? [joke?]

Anyway, I said I won't be affected by what others say. Well, I am just human and things like:

"Omg, her dress makes her look fugly on top and ass-y in the bottom."

"That is so unreasonable and inconsiderate of her to make her boyfriend get her a puppy that cute and cuddly!"

"Please, what kind of cooking is that like, so watery, so blah."

Simple things which can be a whisper I overheard, a comment on Facebook, a rumour getting to me, a Tweet on Twitter, a wrong MSN message, a voice behind a phone call.

I rub it off with, "Nah, I won't be affected by that" and put on a face, convince myself and seek confirmation which compliment that statement.

Instead of a complicated mind, I am blessed with friends who genuinely care and are happy that I have now what I have always wanted as a child and also an awesome boyfriend. Phew.

Come to think of it, why do we care about what others think so much?

Cause it shapes your perceived image?
Cause it makes you hurt and insecure?
Cause it encourages your doubts to grow?

Well, life sucks and sometimes people make it suck more without realizing it.

Yes, I mean US who have all been judgmental.
Yes, I also mean US who think too much about what others say.

Let us just celebrate the simplicity of good gestures, pure intentions and the happiness of everyone.

For one day, let us all just dress, eat, drink, enjoy and be purely happy in whatever we want to.

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