Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Possums yuk

The wind is soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking scary out there!

We saw a possum around the fence. I wonder if it feels cold. Poor thing.

My first encounter with a possum was back in year 2006, my first year here in Australia. Before that, I had no idea possums existed. Or did I? Actually I did, just that I thought they were called 'possimps'. Bad childhood education pfffft.
For the benefit of those of you who have never seen a possum before, here is a picture of it:

I remember being really AWARE of its existence around the Halls of Residence in Monash, my place of residence back then, only when a possum entered and got trapped in one of the hallways. Everyone was really excited and I was too! Until I saw it. Omg, a large 'rat'.

Ever since then, I have avoided all chances of encountering possums. I don't hate them. I just try ..to...avoid.

Chitra was telling me that when she stayed in the Halls, she would open the window to see a possum, which she even named, looking back at her. I cannot imagine having to live through that fear. Er, I mean fear of intrusion of privacy ahem.

I have been told that possums are notorious like underland gangs! They approach and follow you. They can get aggressive.

More importantly, they look like rats! Shit, I can't imagine I posted that picture up. That is the closest anything on my blog can look in comparison to a rat I promise! I yelp at the thought of not only rats, the mere conjunction of its image sends 10000 volt shivers down my spine!

There was this one time when I visited Glyniss's blog, happily since it was new year, to see the picture of a big black rat! . . . . It was to welcome the Rat Year apparently. You are supposed to put cuter and cartoonish images of rats!! Okay, I don't like the word 'rat', I mean 'mice'!!!

Despite possums looking like the giant-version of rats, it seems like my fear towards the puny little rats are still bigger.

Just like an elephant, being afraid of mice. I need to lose some weight T.T

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