Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look look, I cut my hair!

I made this silly resolution way back in February as soon as I touched down in Melbourne: "I will not cut my hair until I land a stable job."

6 months on, after the rollercoaster ride that is life, here I am feeling . . .

. . . liberated.

Yes, . . . I chopped off all my locks . . .

. . . . tinted it red. . .

. . . ruffled and messed it up. . .

. . I feel like a Rock Star now! XD

P/S: I did not go through any major trauma causing me to do this. Just felt like I was in a slump for a while and it was time for some rejuvenation?

P/P/S: I thought I might regret not having hair to play with but honestly, I love this style to bits now and can't stop messing around with it!

P/P/P/S: Changes always excite me!

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