Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shiro Diary #2

The past few days of my life had been all about Shiro. Actually, this actually applies to everyone at Mr Tan's house.

Being a puppy at 6 weeks old, Shiro is really still a baby. Most puppies are separated from their mother only by the age of 8 weeks. We think this is probably why Shiro is still a bit timid.

After all the initial ooh-ing and aww-ing, comes the house training.

Ser Ley is the only one in the house who has experience in this. We the other noobs are trying very hard - scurrying around the internet, talking to other pet owners, begging the puppy to listen.

The first night here, Shiro was crying and barking the whole night. He would stop when someone appeared to talk or cuddle him. The second night was considerably better, but still noisy. And the third night (last night), I heard he was noisy for a while before being all quiet throughout the night, only for them to find out that he had jumped out of the crate.

Anyone has any good suggestion as to what to do to make the nights quieter?

Potty training is another issue. We are putting newspapers and bringing him out whenever he looks like he wants to pee. Whenever an 'accident' happens, we will say a stern "No" and put him on the newspaper telling him to pee there or bring him out to the backyard. Today is the fourth day and he is still pee-ing everywhere.

Any experienced ones out there who can make potty training easier for us?

A puppy is really no accessory or toy - much of what it is publicised to be by the likes of Paris Hilton.

It seems like such a huge responsibility and commitment.

But, more over, something which brings people together and joy to your life.

Here is a good night to you from Shiro:

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