Friday, July 31, 2009


I have an addiction.
Which I hope is temporary.
While the subject of addiction is healthy, an addiction is never healthy I guess.
It fills your mind.
It tingles you senses.
It plays in your eyes.
It tortures your consciousness.
It grips your heart.
It pulls you to it.
It makes you crave.
It induces you to fantasize.
It feeds your desire.
Before whispering, "Resist me".
Oh save me from this episode.
As a continuation to my last post: Genius or hard work?
While I admire both traits, I must say that I prefer excellence born out of hard work. Why? People who have been labeled a genius or are really geniuses - often fail to appreciate what they have. I am not trying to generalize this to all geniuses who might be offended by this statement (but it says something there when you think of yourself as a genius, oh well). But from experience, the 'geniuses' I have met often forget to be humble, to be appreciative and to be selfless.
Instead, they have the feeling of being special or superior. And when things don't go their way, instead of the common reasons of it being the works of fate, a case of mere bad luck or a sign of having to work harder for it, they go to the other extreme by thinking that the whole world is against them, they are cursed with a complicated mind or other people just cannot relate to them. Again, this is not to be generalized to every single 'geniuses' reading this, including you Lowena.
I have met some excellent characters who are humble and more than sharing. Their stories tell of hard work, perseverance and determination. No mumbo jumbo.
I have also met some excellent characters who attribute their skills to being gifted and lucky. Their stories tell of genetic-related luck, the right education and stumbling upon their passion. Mumbo jumbo? No. The distinction here is: these people embraced their gift and are openly happy about it.
The 'genius' I described generally in the begining? Hardly so.
After all this mumbo jumbo of mine, I suddenly realized. I really might have watched too much of The Big Bang Theory. Ironically, I love Sheldon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I learnt

As promised the OTT-ORANGE hair.

Face pixelated for....actually no reason. Just that, a second before I posted it up, the embarassment returned in full form to me.

This was taken in a hidden corridor near the toilets of Sunway Pyramid, when the hairdresser suggested that I go take a stroll with my new hair colour to help me get used to 'liking' it.

Which ended with me cringing at every reflection of mine and going back for another colour within 30 mins.

One of those silly little mistakes which are harmless and you learn from.

Like the gorgeous pair of shoes which ended up scarring me deep not to mention the pain.

One of those little life lessons to not to be deceived by the superficial. (And to persist in the name of beauty!)

Like the cheesy poses which I cringe at as much as other equally cringe-worthy things (in retrospect).

One of those little reminders that say 'you enjoyed the moment, now enjoy the memory'.

Like the period of time where I lost yourself and food conquered your body and named it 'FAT'.

One of those little crisis in life reminding you to not let yourself go and to always love yourself.

One never stops learning yeah?

At least, I have not.

Just an interesting thought:

Would you admire a genius more or a person who worked hard, if they were to have the same level of intellect/skills/etc?

Let's have a discussion - I'll let you know my thoughts on this tomorrow.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hair Only

I have always been quite adventurous when it comes to hairstyle. Instead of holding on to my long locks or being locked in the same style for years, I love seeing the an insta-change a dramatic change brings.

Whenever I am seated at a hairdresser's I get wild ideas. While trimming my ends I would feel like screaming, "Cut them all short!" Or if I am straightening my long hair, I would feel like getting the 50's glamour curl.
Over the years, I have documented quite a few 'disastrous' experiments. The OTT-Orange hair, the greasy curls, the 'curtain'-licious fringe and the Grandma-imitation.

Of course, there are also the luscious waves, the spunky short in red and the gorgeous layering (which I failed to maintain).

There is just one thing which . . . interrupts my creative free spirit when it comes to hair.

My source of inertia - Mr Tan.

Every trip back from the hairdresser will see him greeting me with, "What happened? Can you go back to your previous hairstyle?"

But Positive Girl here was never discouraged - for 3 years - erm and after many disasters.

So my latest adventure saw me straightening my hair. A big move. Considering the last time I did that was more than 5 years ago and it became like a big pack of bihun (except it was black). This is a stepping stone towards my dream hair. Reira-hair!

To get Reira-hair I have to grow it really long without much maintenance needed. So long, black and straight. Easiest.

The moment my Sister saw me she labeled me a failed Cleopatra. Wah ha ha, funny meh?

Then after some months, I asked a few friends, "Do you think I look better in curly or straight hair?" EVERYONE said curly hair works better for me!

So I have been addicted to curling my hair lately.

The only problem is?

A year ago, when I had curly hair and the hairdresser blew-straight it for me temporarily, EVERYONE told me I looked better with straight hair.


Some side quest-ions:

Is my face looking chubbier?

Do you feel happier whenever you feel like you matched your clothes creatively?

Do you want to see a picture of my OTT-ORANGE hair?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Food Diary

Have you ever heard of a food diary?

Food diary is a health and fitness concept where you note down everything you have consumed every day. This helps to not only keep track of what you eat but also to remind yourself of what you forgot you have eaten. By evaluating your notes, you will be able to find out more information about your diet in terms of food class, nutritional intake, calorie count and eating pattern. This, in turn, is helpful in answering questions with regards to weight loss and health problems.

Apparently, this is a pretty good method to monitor one's diet and discipline one's eating habit.

Two things, the Queen of Dessert-Of-All-Kinds really need.

Does it work?

Carrie Underwood swears by this method. According to her, it makes her realize how much she has eaten by the end of the day instead of forgetting about the 'never-mind-la-one-bite-don't-count' snacks.

Determined, I am going to publish my food diary here for one week starting from today. Let's see what story it tells.

NEWSFLASH** The very first Lindt Cafe just opened at 271 Collins Street! It is my absolute favourite chocolate place. Eversince chancing upon its Iced Chocolate in Sydney, all other hot chocolates around here have tasted like milk chocolate with 10x dilution factor. So, the verdict is, GO NOW!

. . . And call me along :-)

Here's Looking At You

"The girl beside me was checking you out just now."

This was the statement which made Mr Tan smile the whole night away.

Call him vain or egoistic or attention-seeking. But I must admit I would feel flattered and have a slight walk on air too if I find someone doing the same to me.

The cute guy in aviator sunglasses on the train.
The nerdy uni-goer in his trackpants.
The spiky-haired high school kid 3/4 my age.
The man with the comb-over hairstyle with an umbrella.

A shy/sly smile. A slightly lingering look.

. . . Provided it is not weird in any way. Or else it might end up like what I heard the other day in the train where a lady said (in a loud voice), "Excuse me, can you please stop looking at me?"

Some people tend to look away abruptly or turn around to stare at the other person like a hawk when they feel like they are being looked at. This, I believe, usually scares the jeep outta the 'admirer' creating a lose-lose situation.

'Admiree' feeling angry or suppressing glee to appear uninterested and dignified (?).
'Admirer' feeling embarassed and slightly foolish to have appeared interested.

Believe me, I have been in both positions!

But the experience of growing up and grooming up made me realize - this is all just an innocent form of attraction.

If you sense someone looking at you, try to look back at him/her and smile back. Create a win-win situation :-) I am very sure this will make both your and his/her day brighter.

Hold on, it doesn't end here - it is a chain event.

Your confidence gets boosted.
You look forward to going to everyday.
You enjoy grooming yourself.
You smile at your own reflection in the mirror.


Thinking you read about yourself on 'Here's looking At You' section of MX! (when there were probably another thousand girls in black and on the 5.04 pm Cranbourne line from Flinders).

The point is: "So what! I feel good about myself!" And that is the spirit we all should have.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Infect your Monday

The celebratory week ended with a smashing party on Saturday night. Just like a typical party - food, drinks, games, jokes, pictures were abundant. But only after reviewing the picture in my camera and images in my mind after the party did I realize that - far from the food, drinks, games and jokes - what make a good party are: faces and laughs.

Hence, this post will see faces, just happy faces.

The Birthday Siblings.

Like Alice in the Wonderland.

See the difference in a 158cm holding the camera and a 168cm doing the same?

Another classic.

Enough smiley faces to infect your Monday?

Till the next celebration!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A week of celebration

This past week has been a week of celebration. For Ray's Big Birthday and for our 3rd anniversary.

After coming back from Daylesford, we resumed our daily routine but the celebration mood was very well and professionally preserved. After all, I am a person of celebration coming from a pro-celebration family who celebrates Christmas with Lucky Draw and almost every birthday with surprise attacks.

To be constantly celebrating doesn't equate to wild parties, expensive gifts and posh restaurants all the time. At least I am not that happening, phew.

I cooked a nice, warm dinner in his house on Monday before surprising him with a cake at 12 a.m. He was in his ugly skinny-trackpants while I was in my flower-power pajama. My two housemates were in their respectively creative night wear as well.

On Tuesday, his birthday, I went to work and came back for a movie together with his friends. Ice Age 3. Animations, not really my kind of movie but it was a great night out nevertheless. We had Nando's and he wore the birthday present I gave to him.

(I know it was Ray's Birthday and the pictures show me only, but I swear it is only because his pictures are in another camera!)

On Wednesday, I stopped work earlier for being sick and went to the gym to sweat it out in his Adidas jumper. Came back home to a nicely cooked meal from him followed by two slices of cake. (Cake = celebration, eh HSC?)

On Thursday, I was too sick to work so we stayed home where he changed all the lightbulbs in my house into the energy saving ones and I rewarded him with home-cooked lunch. The night ended in another 2 slices of cake. (Cake = celebration, eh HSC haha)

On Friday, we dropped by the uni for my eye check-up and tried to relive life as students. Dropped by Grain Express for the 5 year-old menu they have there and then to the gym. 20 steps away from the gym, we saw some kinda orientation event for the new students of Semester 2, 2009. No, the main point here is: Free Food! So, we lined up together with the bright, young minds of tomorrow and got our free fish and chips and energy drinks!

Why were we working out in the middle of a Friday? Cause we have been over-celebrating (over-cake-eating), maybe. Or maybe cause we were going to have another feast that very night.

I decided to end the week of celebration with a bang by treating him to a dinner date at a decent restaurant. A chance for a romantic escape (since the date was engineered by me and not him).

We chose this Japanese Fusion Cuisine Restaurant called Orita's at Jackson Road, Toorak. It is totally isolated from the rest of Toorak in a sense. From the busy cafes, bubbling hot chocolate, steakhouses and lively bars to a tranquil Japanese retreat complete with yellow ambience seeping from lanterns.

As usual I was all dressed up and he wore the birthday present I gave him once again. It was such a nice place to talk there. And later we realize, a nice place to eat at.
Food there were not only a delight to your palate but so precious to look at.

Starter: Mashed korokke-style potato with fish roe on a slice of crispy cracker (I think).

Entree: Sashimi Salad with Japanese Dressing on a bed of greens.

My Main: Grilled Prawn Teppanyaki Style with Sweet Potato Mash and Mashed Potato.

His Main: Grilled Pigeon with Spicy Miso Sauce.

Everything tasted great. In fact, look at his face here.

Food here now . . . . . . .Food gone in 5 minutes!

Nah, just kidding. We just talked and ate and talked some more for more than an hour.

I was happy that I could dress up a bit and just have fun while looking prettier. (Don't burst the bubble here, I think I look quite alright!) It was expecially frantic when I was getting ready for the dinner with me MSN-ing Miss HSC about what to do with my hair with a one shoulder dress!

One last look before we left another good food find in Melbourne. (Actually we left early cause the dessert at Orita's did not really appeal to us and we had something else in mind. . . )

. . .Big chunks of chocolate-y cakes from GRECO! Muahahaha.

One of the passion Ray and I share in life MUST be indulgence in food. In fact, we made quite a lot of pacts based on food. No matter what the pact is, the end-point seems to always be related to food. Nobu in Crown, TGIF, Daylesford trip round 2. You get the gist of it.

In fact, with Masterchef on right now, the indulgence is seeping into the household with both of us subconsciously 'plating' our dish before serving onto the dinner table.

A blurred picture adds 5 pounds to your frame >:-(

All in all it was an amazing night, if not week. I believe in celebrating every little thing in life cause life is too short with too much distractions, for us to appreciate and see the good things.

Never be too busy to celebrate, never be too prideful to appreciate and never be too blind to see. Good things are all around you, starting with the smile you give yourself - now.

Today will be the last day of celebration. A party at his house with friends and lotsa food.

Will you be there to celebrate?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SDK Food please

3 minutes ago:

hikari* Writing up my SURPRISE PROJECT Any late joiners? says:
i LOVE jam
but i am seriously cutting down on food

Raymond says:
OK, i'll remind u next time

hikari* Writing up my SURPRISE PROJECT Any late joiners? says:
if i go out for dinners n during special occasions, i will eat
but the snacking at home i need to stop

Raymond says:
actually bit of snack is alright
but u usually choose the sweet stuff

1 minute ago:

Ming says:

hikari* Writing up my SURPRISE PROJECT Any late joiners? says:
siapa punya??


hikari* Writing up my SURPRISE PROJECT Any late joiners? says:
i miss sdk food!!!

Ming says:
LOL ... or you mouth will be full of saliva .. and very home sick

hikari* Writing up my SURPRISE PROJECT Any late joiners? says:
Pei dan gau aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nothing smells like real Za Yuk here!!


There is nothing I miss more than Sandakan food. Youngsters yet to leave dear ol' Sandakan for studies, work, etc - treasure the seafood, the low prices, the feisty pasar food and generation old recipes only found in teeny-meeny Sandakan restaurants.

(Seven Heaven's Yoghurt Ice-Cream)

For 3 years down the road you will just be another me - a salivating, delusional 22-year old with a slow metabolism.

Here are the top 5 favourite eat-out places of mine (very outdated, but they prove to have lived through time!):

1) Tai Lau Restaurant, Taman Pertama
* Favourite family haunt with loadsa memories and a very friendly owner as well as home-cooked goodness.

2) SRC Club, Jalan Singapura (near St. Michael....?)
* Arguably one of the best Chinese restaurants around. The best dish is Mango Chicken (I don't remember cos it is my Sis's favourite dish and the last time I was there, she mis-ordered it so I never got to try it).

3) Mile 4 Pasar, Mile 4
* Love the Yau Cha Guai and Chicken Wings there! For the perfect, calorie-freeeeee-eh-eh-eh night *ahem* Remember to ask for Kaya and Butter with the Yau Cha Guai!

4) Seven Heaven, Taman Indah
* The best hang-out place for young and old. Great ambience, great people and great food. My Mum is obsessed with the Club Sandwich there while the other millions of people go for their soft serve ice cream. I like everything.

5) Stall in front of Happy Mart, Taman Indah
* The best KAp Peng or Kuih Kapit everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! The lady is not all-that-warm but the kuih kapits are as hot as hell. No regrets my friends.

6) Stall in Pasar opposite Yu Shuen Gai
* The best Kuey Teow soup ever. It must have been the broth? The soup? The juicy Zha Yuk? Have been eating this since very young back when my grandpa would have it as a take-away for me and my Sis during the school holidays! Mmm-mm.

7) Pasir Putih Restaurant, Pasir Putih (haha, such stupid directions)
* One of the best place for seafood - love the steamed fishes, all sorts of shells. Oh my gosh, seafood please.

8) English Tea House
* The most secluded and quiet hide-out for some real good Western food and the best teat-time experience in Sandakan. Get transported to a different channel.

9) St. Michael High School's canteen
* Apparently it used to sell the best Beef Stew Noodles! Go figure!

That ...was... more than 5 eh? Many more to come man!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daylesford Anniversary

Last Sunday was the 3rd Anniversary Weekend Getaway for me and Ray. After pondering about where to go for a while (in the process, the idea of going to Raymond Island to celebrate he whose name is Raymond's birthday was branded lame), we finally decided on a trip to Daylesford.

Daylesford is concentrated with Australia's natural mineral springs making it the top-notch place for relaxation and pampering. The main attraction there is of course, the spas. Hence, it is known as a great destination for a romantic getaway. I totally agree with this but I must add that, it is not only romance. It is the relaxing, laid-back atmosphere without any sense of urgency projected through the still lakes, the friendly locals and the soothing spas.

Our first stop was the market near the town center. Among the gems of Yugoslavian desserts and Belgian food, was this omg-mazing hot store. Even from metres away, I have already spotted the love of my life. It was this uber-cute purple hat that I knew loved before I met! They had a lot of other special hats other than this - with feathers, with big ribbons - but none as special to me as the purple one. Given its hefty price tag, I put it back after trying it on. But, the owner of the stall, an old man was too good of a salesman.
Each time I put it back, he would grab it and put it back onto my head - telling me how to wear it, asking me whether it was warm, letting me feel its thickness, showing me how much fringe to show. It was never ending and the torture was intense. A Japanese lady buying from him was KIND enough to tell me, "You look better in purple than red, grab it". Then came the killer, the owner said, "Your good friend here will buy it for you because he loves you." Spotlight was on Mr Tan. Jeng Jeng.
Anyway, I got a discount and Mr Tan bought it for me as my birthday present *glooom* but my birthday isn't until the end of the year so there is another room of 5 months for him to forget about this! How did I know my choice was right? After I have owned it, a Chinese girl said, "The one she has is really pretty, look for it" to her friend in chinese. Oh and also, a Coles Clayton cashier said it was amazing. I love my hat.
After the tallllll story, let me show you the legendary hat. If it looks less amazing than described, it is definitely because of the person wearing it. Not my hat's fault!
Did it keep me warm? Not just the body man, even the heart.

And a word from my sponsor here :-)

These are the Yugoslavian desserts we got from the same market. This marked the commencement of a two day sugar high.

These are sugar high grins.
For lunch, we dropped by a little cafe called Sweet Decadence just in the center of the town. It was a very nice and cosy place with lotsa chocolates.

The hot chocolate was just alright, as I favour my chocolate drinks richer in chocolate and not-so in milk. I still think chocolate drinks at Lindt Cafe in Sydney are the best with Max Brenner being the second. I love the sight of marshmallows floating on foamy hot chocolate. Makes me wanna devour them.

I'm still wearing my hat! We had a light lunch of Grilled Chicken and Mango Sandwich and Scones with Wildberry Jam.

While the sandwich was just alright, we loved the scone. A lot. You know how scones can be really hard and flour-y inside resulting in it being all sticky and yucky in your mouth? Well, this scone here is the total opposite. It was the softest and lightest textured scone I have ever tasted. Even eating it on its own was yummy. But together with the jam - fantastic!

The plan was to go for a long walk at Lake Daylesford after lunch, but unfortunately, it started raining. We took a few pictures near the lake. So the exercise plan was foiled. . . .

. . . and bring on the chocolate plan. Uh-huh we headed straight to Chocolate Mill. Which is a pretty impressive little place seeing how it was voted #11 in Victoria in RACV's Top Tourism Experience. They offer a little demonstration to guests and have quite a selection of chocolates.

When I was trotting out, I saw this sign and couldn't bear not to take a picture. I could not walk the other way as well. . .

Due to the bad bad weather (heavy rain and howling wind), we checked into our place and I proceeded to take a humongous amount of pictures of myself with my beloved hat. So, haha, scroll all the way down to escape this avalanche of my love for my new hat.

After a retreat at Hepburn Spa and Bathhouse and with skin as smooth as a baby's bottom, we went for our anniversary dinner at this restaurant called Sault. The layout of the place is amazing. The mansion-like building stood alone in an estate with contains not only rows of lavender (I think) but also a lake. They have a fountain right in front and as you walk towards the front door, speakers hidden near the bushes play the most romantic classic songs. When I walked in they were playing "Something Stupid Like I Love You". Awww, I gasped "How romantic" despite knowing what sorta response I would get from Mr Tan. Well, you go guess.

A starter of veal with something-something.
The atmosphere is really great. Then Mr Tan said, "It is a bit dark isn't it? Why can't they have brighter lights out there?"

Roasted half Bendigo Chicken, Colcannon mash, buttered leeks, jus lie.

Sault's Fish of the Day.

Sault's Cake of the Day which was a flourless rich chocolate and banana cake with chocolate mousse and a dollop of cream at the side. It was wicked.
The night was amazing. The people there were extremely nice. A posh restaurant with people not snobbish? I love.
All in all, it was the perfect anniversary celebration. Just a slow day of relaxing and exploring in a peaceful town, just the two of us.
It made both us so heavy hearted to leave the next morning. And we gobbled up this huge breakfast before we left (each person one serve!) making us heavier-hearted. The atmosphere in the cafe was so good. Everyone knew everyone there. A group of young mums with their kids were talking at a corner while their respective husbands were folding pirate hats from newspapers for the kids. Again, no sense of urgency.
But once our stomach were filled we knew it was time to go back to Clayton. All the way back in the car, we were talking about how great the night was, how soothing spas can be, how delicious the food were, how warm the people were - and how we will definitely return to Daylesford again.
As we drove the highways home, I could not think of a better way to depict how both of us will continue on the long road of life together - come rain, come storm - it all comes down to the heart and the will.
3 years and still going strong, can't wait for the 4th year.
(Here I am looking at you reading Harry Potter in your extra-tight ugly grey sweatpants with me in my ultra flowery pajama pants and a horrid pink pajama top)