Friday, July 31, 2009


I have an addiction.
Which I hope is temporary.
While the subject of addiction is healthy, an addiction is never healthy I guess.
It fills your mind.
It tingles you senses.
It plays in your eyes.
It tortures your consciousness.
It grips your heart.
It pulls you to it.
It makes you crave.
It induces you to fantasize.
It feeds your desire.
Before whispering, "Resist me".
Oh save me from this episode.
As a continuation to my last post: Genius or hard work?
While I admire both traits, I must say that I prefer excellence born out of hard work. Why? People who have been labeled a genius or are really geniuses - often fail to appreciate what they have. I am not trying to generalize this to all geniuses who might be offended by this statement (but it says something there when you think of yourself as a genius, oh well). But from experience, the 'geniuses' I have met often forget to be humble, to be appreciative and to be selfless.
Instead, they have the feeling of being special or superior. And when things don't go their way, instead of the common reasons of it being the works of fate, a case of mere bad luck or a sign of having to work harder for it, they go to the other extreme by thinking that the whole world is against them, they are cursed with a complicated mind or other people just cannot relate to them. Again, this is not to be generalized to every single 'geniuses' reading this, including you Lowena.
I have met some excellent characters who are humble and more than sharing. Their stories tell of hard work, perseverance and determination. No mumbo jumbo.
I have also met some excellent characters who attribute their skills to being gifted and lucky. Their stories tell of genetic-related luck, the right education and stumbling upon their passion. Mumbo jumbo? No. The distinction here is: these people embraced their gift and are openly happy about it.
The 'genius' I described generally in the begining? Hardly so.
After all this mumbo jumbo of mine, I suddenly realized. I really might have watched too much of The Big Bang Theory. Ironically, I love Sheldon.

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