Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I learnt

As promised the OTT-ORANGE hair.

Face pixelated for....actually no reason. Just that, a second before I posted it up, the embarassment returned in full form to me.

This was taken in a hidden corridor near the toilets of Sunway Pyramid, when the hairdresser suggested that I go take a stroll with my new hair colour to help me get used to 'liking' it.

Which ended with me cringing at every reflection of mine and going back for another colour within 30 mins.

One of those silly little mistakes which are harmless and you learn from.

Like the gorgeous pair of shoes which ended up scarring me deep not to mention the pain.

One of those little life lessons to not to be deceived by the superficial. (And to persist in the name of beauty!)

Like the cheesy poses which I cringe at as much as other equally cringe-worthy things (in retrospect).

One of those little reminders that say 'you enjoyed the moment, now enjoy the memory'.

Like the period of time where I lost yourself and food conquered your body and named it 'FAT'.

One of those little crisis in life reminding you to not let yourself go and to always love yourself.

One never stops learning yeah?

At least, I have not.

Just an interesting thought:

Would you admire a genius more or a person who worked hard, if they were to have the same level of intellect/skills/etc?

Let's have a discussion - I'll let you know my thoughts on this tomorrow.

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