Saturday, August 28, 2010

How I love my weekends

What do most look forward to during the weekends?

For me:

* Food almighty *

Or maybe you can say eating out hehe. From pasta to yum cha to steak to bubble tea - weekends are the prefect excuse to reward ourselves with professionally prepared food.

Seafood risotto at Beachcomber.

Meat lover's pizza at Beachcomber.

Minestrone at Beachcomber - hah, so much for a healthier choice T.T
* Girl's day out *
Gourmet + gossip + girly giggles + gelati = and so much more! The perfect time to catch up and talk about everything under the sun without boys boys boys.
* Breakfast *
I love going out for a big breakfast or maybe muesli with vanilla yoghurt or even pancakes oozing with maply syrup mmm-mmm. What is so good about going out with a group of friends or just your partner for warm breakfast at a dainty cafe is - the endless time you spend chatting over a cup of hot chocolate as the world outside the cafe keep bustling.

*Mini road trips *
It is always something to look forward to even if it is just to a place 30 minutes away.
The time spent trapped in the car means you have no choice but to entertain each other - junk food? Singing together? Talking? Fighting over directions?

* Shiro time*
Pampering Shiro and making up for time we spent getting money and not giving love to Shiro during the weekdays.

* Dressing up *
when else do you get to wear straw hats and floral canvas shoes?

So how did you love your weekend?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Of all places to gain inspiration

I had a long day of going to work in the rain, lugging 8 hours in the office, sneaking in lunch while at my desk, waited 2 hours too long for dinner, took the train reaching home at 11 p.m. totally knackered only to be struck with this thought:-

I want a body like Katy Perry's.

Woot, I'm all motivated and inspired again.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I don't usually emo

I have been emo-ing the whole day.

I am never one to emo too much. Whenever I find myself down, slightly depressed or hopeless in anyway, I would go out of my way and make sure I pick myself up.

I just don't like to picture myself as someone who is constantly gloomy or worrysome. I want to radiate (or at least try to do so) positivity, energy and excitement.

I am saying that I try to, not that I do all the time.
But I guess you and I know that it is impossible to be a bright little ball of sunshine all the time.

The key here is to find and grow the energy in you, that very little drop sunshine.

Today - I was not sad nor depressed. I began to think and think and think.
Why did it take me sooooooo long to recover today?

It was emptiness.

To say goodbye early in the morning. Before a long solitary bus ride to work. Followed by a day of repetitive work. Coupled with images of the week before and sweet reminiscence. Ending in another long solitary bus ride home.

I was not sad or depressed.
I was just drifting away . . . .without much to look forward to. Not in terms of life, or say food or Chanel.

But, in terms of, a someone close to you where you find comfort in going home to everyday, solace after a harsh day at work, laughs in between conversations - just someone you know can make the day worth it no matter how bad it had been.

It saddens me a bit that I have to do all that through phone.
But at the same time I guess I should be thankful that at least we have our phones.

An empty house. A dark living room. A quiet hallway.

How I wish today was just like yesterday when I had the luxury of reaching out at arm's length to you but without the nagging tug in the heart of knowing that you would be going away again soon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Renewing my vows to Shiro

Today I am going to renew my vows to Shiro.

Over this year, our relationship has changed.

We started out in such a purely loving way. I could never wait to go home to see him and he would welcome me with his wagging tail and high-pitched puppy bark. I would teach him to sit and he would do everything for a small little bite of snack.

In between a lot happened. We moved together to a new place and started staying with new people - friends of mine but strangers to him.

One of his owners started working away from home most of the time. I got busier with work too.

Shiro was going through his teenaged years I think. Going through a cycle of being rebellious - being fascinated at new things - developing an adult bark - learning more things.

Our relationship was tried - stress - from our own lives, from circumstances, from others.

I grew cranky. I was stricter. I disciplined him hard.

Until a point when I just had to ask myself, "How did things turn out this way?"

He is my companion, not a watchdog.
He is my best friend, not a follow-dog.
I brought him into my family, I should give him love.

Be it to teach him, to discipline him - it should be out of love.
And not to meet others' expectations.

I know this might sound weird.

Quoted from a friend, "If you don't stand up for your dog, who will?"

I think I have lost myself for a while there and I have not been there for Shiro. Physically yes, but emotionally, no.

I lost track of my role in Shiro's life.
More over teaching him, leading him and taking care of him - to love him.

Here, I renew my vows and strive to build a stronger relationship with my dear Shiro.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Counting my thanks :)

I was whinging on the phone for an hour so I think it is time for me to count my blessings instead.

Thank you to my parents for raising me from a seed and for being patient enough to watch me flourish. Has it not been for them, I would not be here at this moment - living, breathing, thinking, appreciating, working hard in a land faraway from home.

Thank you to my boyfriend for just being who he is - patient, giving, appreciative, trustworthy, reliable - just amazing. We fought just as hard as we laughed together. We made mistakes just as big as the lessons we learnt.

You know what I just realised it seems like a lot a patience is needed to deal with me sigh. And that there is just too much I have to be thankful for so to sum things up:

Thank you the million stars above for:
- sending me to a family so loving, supportive and closeknit.
- giving me such a good chance at education.
- arranging my meetings with a group of amazing friends.
- calculating so precisely for me to bump into such an extraordinary man.
- granting me an opportunity to build a new start in Aussie.
- giving me one shot at entering the commercialisation industry.
- meeting me with such an adorably mischievious Shiro.
- teaching me to never give up or let anything beat me down.
- granting me a healthy body although the abdominal part is slightly bulgy.

I can't believe I used up one hour of my precious time whinging over one issue in my life when there are so many other bigger things I could have been feeling thankful for.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tax return = Travel itch


I am planning a trip to Bali~

Hopefully it will materialise by the end of this year!

I found something I can really immerse myself into, like 100% in terms of time, effort and whatever else: planning holidays.

I have been frequenting tour agency websites, tourism pages, stalking friends and shouting out on Facebook. And I find joy in doing this (although the stalked friends might disagree).

Typing this in the midst of the gloominess and coldness that make Melbourne and after paying a freaking hefty energy bill makes the thought of a holiday under the sun oh-so-drool-worthy.

I am determined! After all tax return is making me feel rich . . .and generous. Something my loved ones should capitalise on while it lasts :X

Anyway, here is my ideal holiday:

1) A tropical island with the sun and sea at your beckon.
2) Good local food.
3) Lotsa culture and tradition to open our eyes to.
4) A villa fitting for a family of 5 or more with our own private pool.
5) A private tour guide to bring us around.

Okay, I know I am probably pushing it from point number 4 onwards.

My tax return suddenly looks a lot smaller, cis.

(Thanks to PKN and Jane for all the Bali tips~)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I don't know what to talk about lately.

Anything you want to know so that I can blog?