Friday, August 6, 2010

Tax return = Travel itch


I am planning a trip to Bali~

Hopefully it will materialise by the end of this year!

I found something I can really immerse myself into, like 100% in terms of time, effort and whatever else: planning holidays.

I have been frequenting tour agency websites, tourism pages, stalking friends and shouting out on Facebook. And I find joy in doing this (although the stalked friends might disagree).

Typing this in the midst of the gloominess and coldness that make Melbourne and after paying a freaking hefty energy bill makes the thought of a holiday under the sun oh-so-drool-worthy.

I am determined! After all tax return is making me feel rich . . .and generous. Something my loved ones should capitalise on while it lasts :X

Anyway, here is my ideal holiday:

1) A tropical island with the sun and sea at your beckon.
2) Good local food.
3) Lotsa culture and tradition to open our eyes to.
4) A villa fitting for a family of 5 or more with our own private pool.
5) A private tour guide to bring us around.

Okay, I know I am probably pushing it from point number 4 onwards.

My tax return suddenly looks a lot smaller, cis.

(Thanks to PKN and Jane for all the Bali tips~)

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