Sunday, August 8, 2010

Counting my thanks :)

I was whinging on the phone for an hour so I think it is time for me to count my blessings instead.

Thank you to my parents for raising me from a seed and for being patient enough to watch me flourish. Has it not been for them, I would not be here at this moment - living, breathing, thinking, appreciating, working hard in a land faraway from home.

Thank you to my boyfriend for just being who he is - patient, giving, appreciative, trustworthy, reliable - just amazing. We fought just as hard as we laughed together. We made mistakes just as big as the lessons we learnt.

You know what I just realised it seems like a lot a patience is needed to deal with me sigh. And that there is just too much I have to be thankful for so to sum things up:

Thank you the million stars above for:
- sending me to a family so loving, supportive and closeknit.
- giving me such a good chance at education.
- arranging my meetings with a group of amazing friends.
- calculating so precisely for me to bump into such an extraordinary man.
- granting me an opportunity to build a new start in Aussie.
- giving me one shot at entering the commercialisation industry.
- meeting me with such an adorably mischievious Shiro.
- teaching me to never give up or let anything beat me down.
- granting me a healthy body although the abdominal part is slightly bulgy.

I can't believe I used up one hour of my precious time whinging over one issue in my life when there are so many other bigger things I could have been feeling thankful for.

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