Saturday, August 28, 2010

How I love my weekends

What do most look forward to during the weekends?

For me:

* Food almighty *

Or maybe you can say eating out hehe. From pasta to yum cha to steak to bubble tea - weekends are the prefect excuse to reward ourselves with professionally prepared food.

Seafood risotto at Beachcomber.

Meat lover's pizza at Beachcomber.

Minestrone at Beachcomber - hah, so much for a healthier choice T.T
* Girl's day out *
Gourmet + gossip + girly giggles + gelati = and so much more! The perfect time to catch up and talk about everything under the sun without boys boys boys.
* Breakfast *
I love going out for a big breakfast or maybe muesli with vanilla yoghurt or even pancakes oozing with maply syrup mmm-mmm. What is so good about going out with a group of friends or just your partner for warm breakfast at a dainty cafe is - the endless time you spend chatting over a cup of hot chocolate as the world outside the cafe keep bustling.

*Mini road trips *
It is always something to look forward to even if it is just to a place 30 minutes away.
The time spent trapped in the car means you have no choice but to entertain each other - junk food? Singing together? Talking? Fighting over directions?

* Shiro time*
Pampering Shiro and making up for time we spent getting money and not giving love to Shiro during the weekdays.

* Dressing up *
when else do you get to wear straw hats and floral canvas shoes?

So how did you love your weekend?

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Mel said...

The seafood risotto looks so good!! bring me there pls!

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