Saturday, September 29, 2007

Entertain yourself

Entertain yourself

What was the highlight of my day today? Well, I cannot contain this glee in me any longer!

I found a series of random videos of dear Milo on YouTube! And with tremendous willpower, passion and patience, I have successfully hunted down every one of them and have them safely kept in a vault. What vault? The little vault in my throbbing heart lo *blush*... Okay, that was a bit disgusting but oh well. It is for Milo.

I thought the videos were brilliant in terms of randomness and in a way, funny. What did it show? Hm, teeth-brushing, peanut butter and Nike Shoe-lacing. Got u scratching ur head. Why are you even scratching? Just roll your cursor over and give it a click la. You are in for a BIG surprise. Why?

Oh aren't they suspense killing u?

It is, isnt it..?

Boy, oh boy, it is...


For you will see a very cute and charming Milo in action for as LONG as 20 seconds!!

Phwoarr!!! (Oli Country Style version).

I bet this is treasure to a certain Miss Ho out there. Please dun thank me after this ok? Your lameness might be infectious.

I dun even know why I was so engrossed in all these videos today. Maybe it is cos I was just back from Sandakan? Always feels this way after a few days of hustle and bustle back home. During those few days, I didn't feel tired at all or bored. Which is weird as I worked like I did back here in KL on assignments, went out twice as much and has practically no forms of entertainment other than eating and crapping. Okay fine. Maybe I worked but not really as hard as I do back here. Maybe eating and crapping are in fact entertainment to me. So now tha the point of this whole post is gone...

Can you please stop erasing the points in my posts?
For or else, I will feel stupid writing this today.
And dun ask whether I felt stupid writing all previous posts.
I still think the Daniel = Geng And Yeng idea is really quite...geng, in fact.

I am missing Sandakan ady. And the memories I had there. My childhood spent with Sis Hui drawing, the first time i fell butt-oriented down the stairs of Sungsiew kindergarten, the cinema trips with Aunt Justina and Iris, wrestling with Bro Eddie, sunny side ups at Grandma's old house, the dog bringing home a dead chicken during my 12th birthday party, Interact activities with Choo and the gang, meeting point at Cherry in town, showing Uncle Tan to the Sandakan population. So much more. So why the sudden melancholy?

I might be moving to KL for good soon.
This makes me realize that I have so much in Sandakan.
So much that I cannot bear to leave behind.

Hm... it is cruel that people have to be so dispersed from one another.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A bumpy ride to November

A bumpy ride to November

All my assignments are still like puzzle pieces in a space without gravity. Floating around incomplete and me struggling to grasp every piece of them, or at least as much as I could to complete the whole picture.

The progress for the competition I am in is not really going smoothly. And I am only in the team assembly part. This is trying to grasp every single puzzle piece in space itself to build a 2000000000 piece puzzle-work. Urgh, the stress.

Regardless of that, I do have some dear friends who have offered to help despite all sorts of commitment they have. For once I am not gonna say that it is cos of my charm no matter how obvious this fact seems to be and agree on the fact that these people have a heart of gold~! It is even more fun to rekindle the friendship with some long-out-of-touch friends and to stop yourself from feeling old.

I really wish all my friends could be there on that night as it means so much to me. But one must be mature enough to consider the situation the others are in as well rite? And I am a very mature and attractive (no relevance? Dun care cos I like it :P) modern young lady. So, tough luck but life goes on and so does my love for Milo (no relevance again? Get used to it.)

Hmm, seeing how doubtful and overwhelmed I was by this competition, it is kinda a surprise to me that I am actually going full on for it rite now. I learnt something. Other than, not being an insecure auntie (to SiewChin), which I still deny I ever was. I learnt that it is good to let a moment of passion to lead you to say yes! From then on, you will do things you never know you would.

Like, saying yes to returning to Sabah out of the sudden urge to see my mum and bully my sis.
I never expected I would waste my whole hols away, but look at what I achieved so far. Another two days of hols, and I did only leisure journal browsing but chronic papaya eating (not for any reasons, ok?), fatty food indulging, chocolate and mooncake gobbling, stupid conversations with anyone, more prancing around, TV marathon and grandma teasing.

Again, let a moment of passion lead u to a world of the unexpected.

I had Milo today again, and it was still damn sweet.
I had a chat with Daniel last nite, and he is really Geng And Yeng (nice leh, bro?)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I shall have Milo everyday

I shall have Milo everyday

I have just feasted my eyes and watched every bit of details in the new episode of HEROES Season 2. It wasn't at all disappointing. Although, all the spoilers I have accumulated inside of me couldn't help bursting out whenever a familiar scene shows up, but I was still as excited as a school girl. What the, I am still a school girl *blush*. Awww, u guys!

How can I not be filled with suspense??
And the brotherly love of Peter and Nathan. I literally rejoiced and tears almost filled my eyes when Nathan made his mum leave. Go go go. And all the other twist and turns became the highlight of my mundane day.

Well not exactly a mundane day it was today. After all, I was so productive that I almost finished my Genomics report. Ah-ha!!! Gotcha!! Scared all of u rite? Terbeliak mata neh? (Special section for Amanda, Cheryl and maybe Su-ee? Oh wait, Su-ee said before, "Dun have that much time to read ur blog. Mou liu." Maybe I shud blog about her again to make her enter this zone of mine. See I am risking my life here to just make Su-ee understand more about this little world of mine. Where, everything runs my style!...And where everyone must love Milo, Teru,..etc!).

No la... I haven't done my report lah... Probably around 5% towards completion. Geng!

The reason my day wasnt mundane is - I just witnessed a live Justin Timberlake dance fest. And was it not exciting since the star of the show was my sis? No, I tell u, she is a natural. In fact, she is bringing something so fresh into the "normal" and "classy" robotic dance style of Justin. If only I could get some pictures or videos. I am sure she is well on her road to become a professional dancer. I can just sense it.

To be able to incorporate booty-shaking (uncontrollably) into every single dance step of the otherwise robotic Justin dance. What is it? Talent.

To not forget shaking her booty (unconciously) during an attempted moonwalk. What is it? Gift.

To continue shaking her booty (unstoppably) even when there is a brief stop i music, where Justin is chilling. What is it? Professionalism.

To just shake her booty (unconcerned-ly) regardless of what, where, who, when of the dance!! What is it? Will-power.

Let us all give way to a new star in the rising. Talent. Gift. Professionalism. Will-power. Lowena has it all. And she's got her booty to shake and a world to save.

The most important part of a show or most emphasized event, is always placed last. I believe so. Why? Cos my dear Milo appeared last in the new episode of Heroes! A new discovery for today. That is why, I waited and fighted the toilet-urge for so long before I went to the toilet. But of cos, being the last. There must be some explosive, suspensive or exciting elements! And Milo didn't disappoint at all. So when I finally go to the toilet tonight, I shall announce it to my sleeping mum at high amplitude. *nods* This shall be my plan for tonight.

So as a tribute to Milo for a job well-done (it is not easy to save New York in style, sacrifice yourself as a bomb and still be so darn good-looking, or hotter, after that!), I shall drink Milo everyday with a crooked smile on my face. Why?

Well, cos that is the closest connection between me and him. Puzzled? Read this:
'Loretta is bringing Milo with her to the party and of cos, it will be sweet.'

Want another example?
'Oh, my Milo is so sweet and warm, don't you think so?'

Get the picture? There is REALITY in that.
You can't deny it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sandakan Moon Cake Eating Fest

Sandakan Moon Cake Eating Fest

Why am i such a worry wart?

Okay first goes the assignments! Then comes the exams! And the biggest one of all, the contest itself.

Well, sometimes having too much idea and hopes for something might end up making oneself more disappointed upon an undesirable outcome.

But guess I must learn to appreciate the process rather than over-emphasizing on the outcome of things. After all, this will be my last semester, or even last month as a student! I should really spice it up a bit. Like Glay sang in Survival, rite? Love Teru!

Well, why am i suddenly so....erm, serious? Change of direction in blogging again? Hmmm. Not really. Guess I am a bit overwhelmed at things rite now. Somehow, things are not going smoothly and I am a bit too eager with a lot of stuffs. Sometimes, me being too eager and not receiving response from others, makes me feel a bit awkward. What ensues is typical lack of confidence and frustration at myseld. A hurdle I must learn to conquer!

After all this, I am still sure I can go through all these. Maybe the outcome will not be like what I pictured, but regardless, it will be a rewarding experience I am sure. And to get it, I shall be Peter Petrelli.

Woo, I am Peter Petrelli.

Speaking of which, I had a blast today... EATING! Afterall, being in Sandakan is often associated with no other than good food. WhY? Cos there is practically nothing else to do. But I still LOVE Sandakan the most!

Last nite, my grandma actually cooked dinner traditional hakka style. And I wont even describe how nice the food were, what she cooked or even how many dishes there were. I'll just let you imagine and drool. And dun tell me you are not jealous. Cos you are. You are. You are! This is my blog! If i say u are then u shall be! *Breathes out*

I am a bit jerky today.

And then to my other grandma's place! All sorts of mooncake - cheese (yay!), blueberry (ugh!), green tea(ooo!) and so on. Of cos I am in no place to judge or criticize those mooncakes. But, a hint or two, which ain't obvious won't hurt rite? And loadsa fruits! Papaya, pomelo, oranges, grapes, langsat (reminded me of Dr Song and gave me a shudder), and the list goes one till chocolates. Such a joyful nite.

How joyful it was?

Well, I forgot to look for the moon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Blogskins to unite two worlds apart

After my previous craze over mobile themes, I am officially addicted to searching for blogskins. And strangely enough, I am actually being associated with HTML work. Of all the words to use on me, or linking me. HTML. How Totally Man-Ly (HTML). Maybe it should have been known as 'YENG' instead or 'GENG'.

This is the first time I actually uploaded a whole new layout on my own.
Can you even imagine me and HTML codes, cracking each others' previously mutually exclusive worlds?

Before you say anything. This is a VERY big deal to me. Very very. People close to me would know that I cry like a baby when my laptop falls sick. And then, there will be endless phone calls to a certain Helmet-ed Guy and anyone I could grab on. Having specialized in MSN, YouTube, Blogger, Yahoo and Google, other stuffs are pretty much out of my expertise.

What is this post for?

To test out my new blogskin la of course.


Cos it is a BIG deal lo.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

History of nicknames

Okay, having gained a new nickname as being a vainpot, i guess everyone is expecting me to be uploading some of my Monash Ball pics, say 386 pics only, right after the big day itself. Afterall, there was quite a big fuss prior to this BIG day! The failed diet plan of three persons who shall remain unnamed, the stunning view of KL in a traffic jam, the timely hair problems, fashion tape action all night long and sweat. Yes, as in SWEAT which is non-existent during all those gruelling cardio sessions. Guess, cardio wasn't glamorous enough to invite them. I'll consider cardio-ing on a red carpet, in a million dollar dress and chunky diamond earring next time.

But guess what, I am not gonna talk about the ball at all. After all, it is not really that significant. Really, I mean it. Seriously. For real.

Okay la. Blogger is stopping me from uploading pictures.
I suspect they don't want me to contaminate their territory any longer.
So can you guys please sign a petition so that I can upload my pictures?
I know u all wanna see them so very badly, rite? Rite? RITE?

So I'll save it for another day! Guess what, I am really STIFF, BAD and a totalPAISEH-case during serious photoshoots.

Remember I told you I am chosen as the top 12 finalists for L'Oreal Caash Your Dreams? I went for the photoshoot! And before I say anything more, let me savour this moment.

*Ahem* An announcement to Miss Pornphan, the celeb-wannabe No. 1.

I got a professional make up artist creating miracles on me on that day. (I could practically hear birds chirping under the big blue skies with multiple rainbows and money on trees during that make up session) But then I really was quite bad, if not very bad, or worse comes worse, was like a piece of WOOD in jeans, during the photoshoot. That is why, I specialize in candid shots, see?

But the experience was fun! And I met a lot of interesting people! And I wore my red shoes again (my MerahMerah) and this time, it did not hurt one bit. And on that very night, I dreamt about Ryan Seacrest giving me a farm as a present. Aww, how nice is everything lately?

And now I am back at home, in dear old Sandakan. Seeing my grandma and everyone else. Endless supply of mooncakes rolling in. Pampered by all around me. Seeing my sis's jealous face. Genomics hanging around my mind. Oh wait, that is not good. Sorry.

I suddenly had an idea to run down the history of nicknames I had. And I realized, some of them do not do me any justice at all. Really!

Monkey (Origin: Mum) (Used by: all family members)
In all languages, I have been called this. And all sorts of variation as well ~ four-eyed monkey (sei ngan ma lau), toothless monkey(mou nga ma lau). Why? It remains a mystery, for there had been so many different theories from so many different origins. The parental origin, was traced back to be my Mum, who said, "Cos you were so skinny and hairy and without both front teeth somemore. Isn't it suitable (Mm ngam meh?)".

Arang Hitam/ Hak Tan (Origin: Choo) (Used by: Choo, Steve, Tan)
Do u even want an explanation? A very un-creative nickname. Seriously. At least give me something with inside-joke-properties or hidden meanings like WaterMelon la. I am a bit bit bit dark all the while, but u could have called me Hitam Manis. Maybe you were just bad in Malay.

38 Pig (Origin: KangNing) (Used by: KangNing, Amanda, Cheryl, Su-ee)
This is unjustified! Totally unjustified. In a way, they were just to lazy to type more for 38 Pig actually can be more accurately conveyed as 'Merry-making Piggie'. Aww, such a sweet name~

Lola (Origin: Amanda) (Used by: Amanda, Cheryl, Su-ee)
Why isn't KangNing's name here? Well, she doesn't really call me by name. Apparently, during the course of our friendship, Loretta evolved to 'ui'. But how this name came about, it happened so suddenly I dun even know why. But my bet is on Loretta being tooooooo long to be pronounced by these people. Variations include LolaLo, just for the fun of it.

Lor (Origin: Unclear & WanRu) (Used by: Choo and the gang and WanRu)
Apparently, even Lola is too long. Am I not worth that much of ur time, energy, memory, or saliva? My tears shall conquer the world now. There are two origins, as most of my closest buddies call me this in high school until now. But somehow, WanRu caught up. Evolution is a scary thing. I wonder to wat extent my name will be diminished to....

Duck (Origin: SiewChin) (Used by: unclear)
I was described as a duck. According to Miss Ho, it is cos, I look calm and confident outside all the time? U must be scratching your head, finding the point of relevance. Well, allow the theory to really ENLIGHTEN u. *Ahem* A duck's facial expression remains calm and cool although actually it is paddling its legs real hard to stay afloat. Wah. Geng.

Lorenta (Origin: Amy) (Used by: Amy)
This is exclusive man! For to master it, you have got to have the accent and the feel for it! Ratchaburi style, yo! copyrighted to Amy. And I wonder how I could change it?

Vainpot (Origin: Amanda) (Used by: Amanda)
This is not true at all. Rite, vain kontena?

....Hmm, any others? I cant seem to remember any others but I am sure there are more!! Vicious ones which defy the truth! Remind me if I missed any ya, Steve. I know u love keeping track about these things and well, you excel at it. :P

I hope I'll be able to upload pics soon! Cos u wanna see rite?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Congratulations!...and Monash Ball spoilers.

What is up with the big Congrats? Aww, it is nothing special... Really, I mean you won't wanna know and I won't wanna blush about it. Now, please stop making me say it. Sigh, if you insist. Now don't get all over-excited, get all emotional, fly to the moon and back or give me all those congratulatory calls. For, it is not a BIG thing.

This is my 100th post! My blog reached another milestone. (Dun ask me what the first milestone is, sarcastic-ones).

Eh? How come no reaction from the crowd at all?
**The imaginary applause in my inner mind theatre- gone.

After reading the last post, you might have been misleaded to think that I have been demotivated to blog for the rest of my life. No. There is a special reason to everything I do.

Assignments. Eh? Again no reaction from the crowd geh?
** The imaginary gasps, drops of objects in hands, eyes wide with disbelief in my inner mind theatre - gone.

I thought that was a very special reason. But then again, I have 7 more waiting to be handed in after a week of un-holiday. So nothing's new with it I guess.

Tonight will be the night of glamour! Cos I am glamorous? No la, can u guys please stop polishing my shoe so often? Other than flashing u my generous smile, there is not really any benefit I can give u, understand? But if that is all you want in life, oh well.....

Actually it is cos tonight will be the Monash Ball and frankly, I think there will be a few, let's say, erm about 698 more who will look more glamorous than me. But I hope somewhere, somehow my inner beauty will shine through and divert all the attention from my bulging tummy which is NOT obvious at all. I am looking forward to this thing tonight despite all the discouraging factors like Elaine and Madeline getting sick and some dear aunties visiting some of us. But, nothing shall dampen my spirit!

Will be getting my make up done by Anna Sui. And I believe this will be a milestone to the make up artist herself. To achieve the impossible. Or maybe like Fear Factor! Not cause I am too ugly. Okay? *Sweat. It is cos I am afraid I'd be too BEAUTIFUL after that. Might make her faint. (This section inspired by dear WenJi during our MSN rehearsal last nite).

Ah, which reminds me of the Ball Rehearsal we had last year. Me, Amy, WenJi and Oli. SiewChin was not there. At that time, she was pretty much a stranger known for her LAME jokes who joined our table. Hoho. Still remember dress-hunting. Guilty-money-spending. Vanity soaring high. Food-indulging. Camera-flashes-everywhere-with-everyone. Then there is SiewChin being "double" and Amy's hobbies being "listening music...hihihihihi...". Oh and the fateful meeting with ChunMing (his piano!) and the everyday-also-purple-shirt guy. It was fun! Bet this year would be fun as well!

Here is a preview, or teaser as to what to expect for MUMSU BALL 2007, a few hours prior to it:

-WenJi will look stunning in a black dress.
- Amy will have red nails.

Be in suspense and anticipation, dear wolves.

Want a preview of Monash Malaysia Ball? Here are spoilers you can never get elsewhere. I am such an insider rite? Well, these are all voluntary information!

- WanRu will have a sexy point decorated by extensive bling.
- KaeXin will be a lady in black.
- Elaine will have her long flowy hair and probably smouldering sexy eyes as her weapons.
- Su-ee will be in a shades of orange.
- KangNing will be in black and white.
- ChewBee shall be in the sweetest shades of champagne and pink!
- Emma will be looking cool in white and pink with some last minute accessories!
- Amanda will be daring in a special shade of blue!

That is all the information I have but stay tuned!
Up until this point, no one bothered to ask, "What about you?"
No one wants to knowabout me! Why?

Well, I wont tell u anyway. Secretive and mysterious are the elements making up 3.2% of me.

Another thing is, I got into the finals for L'Oreal Cash Your Dreams! And there will be a briefing and photoshoot session this coming Saturday! Which I am a bit nervous, and inconfident about. Macam mana ini...? Anyways, wish me luck!

And then it'll be back to Sandakan for MoonCake Festival and assignment-marathon! Oh, the beauty of life and its chocolates.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Till I recover

The art of getting to know new friends is never easy to master. But it is definitely harder to master the art of turning off new friends in the first 5 seconds. But fear not, there is always someone to achieve the impossible. And then they get on youtube. And get famous.

Although here is no youtube. But just a typical celeb blogger with an air of elegance (no relevance, but I like to add this can or not??). I am so so so willing to share this art of all arts with my 16...million readers! Oh, make that 17 (million) readers now, with the one below being the latest addition to this big family.

wilson says:
just checked out ur blog
cos of the title quite the interesting
mana tahu u damn lame
kena tipu

** Talking about the Monash Model Search

wilson says:
m quite the sad u didnt go try out
why didnt u
u should get in what?

As I have acquired the rights to quote this person, I shall bear no sympathy in concealing his identity, and the fact that he uses his own REAL name as his MSN nickname, is just too GREAT. Now let us analyze and identify all the 'dun-fren-you' points within this conversation. 'Dun-fren-you' points are all points in the event, where the person can elicit the other party to say 'dun fren u!!'. And maybe followed by a month of invisible treatment.

1) Damn Lame - Lame is enough, seriously. Must you damn the lameness you wanted to use on me?

2) Tipu - Defamation, and I believe everyone knows every single thing here is not FAR from the truth!

3) U shud get in what - Should get in? As in there being doubt. I cant sense faith at all.

And yet another blow taken from my manager, Mr Steve.
On asking his comment on whether I could have joined the Monash Model Search (with an eager face).

*Stephen^ Know Music, Know Life~~ says:
i dunno how yr leg looks like. got orange skin or not.

And it is not even orange skin, ORANGE PEEL!!!!!!
And he asked despite knowing the answer!

...That I dun have. And stop your surprised look, suspicious look or that stupid grin on your face now! I dun see it at all with my SLIGHTLY short sighted eyes. Eat that.

This is truly a very difficult time for me.
And I bid you all to give me some privacy for the next few days until I can fully recover.
Until the sun shines again.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monash Model Search

Today became a big turning point in my life. As I found something, which has been missing in action in my life eversince the new campus.

The usual busy scene of the congested, or mesra cafe was all the while more congestedly mesra. The wolf-whistling guys, the burning excitement in those eyes, the cheerings and applause from the crowd, and under the slightly warm afternoon sun. People stopped and stared, some watched while eating, others 100% attentive.

I was never comfortable with scenes like this. But it seemed like a calling, so there I was. A model search for the coming ball seems like a big deal, what more now to vote for the best legs. This makes me nervous seriously. Dun ask me why, it just does.

It really was an important moment in my life. A very big change.

Huh? You didn't think I was nominated for the model search, did you?

Well, sorry to disappoint you and thanks for ur confidence in me.
I was just the kelefeh eating rojak at one of the corners of the cafe where the view was blocked by a pillar. Of course this is a turning point as, I couldn't see. Then of cos, I need to turn around rite? In another sense, today, I finally reunited with Rojak, after 2 months, major turning point, no? And of cos, I dun feel comfortable eating rojak among the overexcited crowd!

Anyways, please try to tone dow your confidence in me?
I am BLUSHING already.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Guessing Games

This is a game I have for u. Tonight I chatted with some ppl who I have been missing quite a lot! It was very brief as one simply msn-ed me to complain and then claimed herself to bee too cute. Another one, oh well. Ok here comes the game and there will be a prize!!

Guess who this person is based on these 'infamous' phrases of theirs:

"....i tot u love me..."
"...sometime too pretty is not good for me also..."
"...i saw ur blog, want to kill chin and u because she said u're eva and u admit it.."

Cannot guess? Final clue:


Okay now here is another one for ur brain cells to really work cos I think the last one is just TOO easy.

hIkArI* My blog my blog my haven. says:
wassup wassup?

"...the sky...."

And here is a classic I heard in One U that day! Made me roll on the floor....almost.

"...But u wanna be some kind of seafood ah?..."

Me: "Wat seafood?"

"...Seafood meh means look like lala loh...."

Okay, try and guess y'all! And speaking of which, someone really broke my heart today. It is as if, accidentally revealing that he read my blog was a shameful act of admiting that he is lame. I dun care if he is the president of some club in Clayton or he is the fren of the so-called Mr Popular Daniel, it hurt me a lot. But despite all these, I am not so lowly as to reveal his name. For I stand by my silent dignity. But if ppl guessed from the description, it is just that kids nowadays are so damn smart!

I went on a field trip today and probably flunked my Physio test as well! Well, the field trip was like alternate brief stops under the red hot sun and the ice cold bus. So hot that my legss felt like they were burning. But I should probably be happy as I have yet been associated with the word 'hot' till today :)

But it is interesting in a sense. Seeing the patches of green and very active chickens running around. Oh and the very hardworking maggots working on the compost. So I ended up feeling 'hot' and enjoyed the wonders of nature. Not bad?

Anyway, I am really chicken and I guess it was proven during the field trip. Remember how I have a new nickname Lola?

Well, a chicken escaped near the farm today and the lady called out," Lola, come here LOLA."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

CHICKEN for the LO

SëëpҰ <=_=> Юäġönε says: " Life Of A Prez Of No-Lifer Club Is Bout Sendin Application Letters & Receivin Rejection Letters. " says:
u popular ma rite.. ya super damn popular...

hIkArI* Miss my Pregnancy Group says:
ard 16 ppl read my blog oh!!!!
if u be a good boy i'll send u my autograph ok?

SëëpҰ <=_=> Юäġönε says: " Life Of A Prez Of No-Lifer Club Is Bout Sendin Application Letters & Receivin Rejection Letters. " says:
can count ah? yup yup....happy~

This was the sweet conversation I had with one of the hidden stalkers of this blog. At first I was glad. But then it hit me. This is Daniel. Daniel Lim. Daniel Lim Fang Y..., I better not reveal his name. Not good to do so. Why is this a problem?

Well, cos he is a very lame person. So if he stalked this blog. It will have to mean that he enjoys it. Then it would equate to my blog being lame?

No, I refuse to believe that. For a scientific person like me, only believes in evidence of great credibility. And I dun see it anywhere at all.

Another thing is, something shocked me out of my grayness for the past few days. Erm, something big which brought out the chicken in me. I got a call for the audition again. And the chicken clucked.

Apparently it will be a month long process with a finale as well, and all these are things normally not associated with me. The chicken shivered.

It is based on a voting system thru sms i think and looking at the past few posts, I can't say I am not expecting any hate mails any time soon. The chicken freaked.

Okay, like my dear SiewChin described, I am quite a wishy-washy auntie with the face of an angel and the body of a devil. Ok, I exaggerated a bit and willingly made myself believe in her sarcasm, but so WAT? Well, it is just that it will take a lot of sacrifices. For everything.... clashes with everything Monash.

And seeing what I LOVE to write here. I doubt if I am the person they are looking for. Dun ask why. If u are, then i know u r doing it purposely. Ya, I am lame, so wat? Cannot meh? U dun like meh? Then why always come and read?

Wait, u know wat? We should celebrate lameness, it brings ppl together!

And I am but an innocent wide eyed gal. Tempted by my curiosity and the excitement. But held back by the big fat chicken in me.

What shud i do eh?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rojak to the rescue

I can't say that I am exactly happy rite now. After all a lot of stuffs which I have yet to understand happened and just thinking of sorting them out is already a task worthy for a brain surgeon. And please remember the fact that, I am merely a brain surgeon by heart (Sincerely wanna save all lives...) and not by brain (...but will technically kill them instead).

But I am sure there are solutions for everything. Even Steve came to have friends, what can be impossible. This has always been my strongest motivation in life. And out of the blue, another of my friends gave me inspiration to strike on in life. His name is Daniel. But let me save this juicy bit for the next post. For inside our chat last nite, which i acquired permission to quote, there appeared the most highly philosophical statements, I have never thought of myself able to convey.

Well the day didn't go any better after that. Physio was a bit of a torture, but my drooping eyes were the ultimate torture. The inability to blast my music full on in the strangely quiet computer area, amde me unable to reach my little piece of haven. So I kinda wrestled myself a bit in my mind. And then suddenly there was a black out, just blank.

I fell asleep la, wat else. Haha.

I failed to have my usual anticipation for breakfast. Maybe cos the food was the same old same old. Maybe cos I was lazy to think. Maybe I just didn't have the appetite for it. Sigh, no breakfast equals an incomplete morning. Un-Genki.

And then for lunch, there was again nothing. And I finally officiated my chicken-rice ritual ( as in i'll be eating it every single day due to the lack of innovation in the canteen). At this moment, I dun even mind the *Sweet* tiramisu me and WenJi pioneered backin Normanby alst year. Or the Laksa-WenJi style which was stumbled upon by an innocent Amy or SiewChin in her fridge. Or even the 3 stalks of vegetable I served Amy which I once again emphasize looked really enormous prior to cooking. Jus anything will do la!

But then, just as I tot it was doomsday in my only food gallery from Monday to Friday, and then Emma left for her lecture, I saw something. A fruit stall! Finally I tot. It made my day brighter by 50%. I approached it and happily talked to the boss there. All grateful. Almost gave him my autograph, in fact, can u believe it? Then. At that very moment. I saw it. My heart jumped. It was like when Utada (See, I use the same colour for ur names, Steve and Utada. Happy?) saw Tobiko. ROJAK.

Like this song on my player now, my heart started singing," All I Want is You, Want is You, YEAH~~~~!"

And my dear WenJi called me again. Although, I know she wanted to hear my voice only, but since she is my forever no. housemate/fan, permission granted! Thanks a lot. See you in Thai *no hint, no hint*

So I am 100% revived. No more struggling as there are things out of my control. Must learn this. Despite fame, haha. No this is a serious post. So, despite popularity. Haha.

Nothing should ever stop you from enjoying every single day of your life!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Love is Beautiful

There was this enormous crowd of people outside the library just now. The glass panels allowed no glimpse of the scenery. Imagine the crowd. And there were those fingers pointing here and there. The flashes from cameras. And non-flashes from phone cameras. Slight jumps from the fan girls. A fan boy almost knocking into me, while running with his phone video camera (a coursemate I have yet known of the name!)

Do i have to deal with this everyday? But luckily, I was not the cause of all these commotion. So my cover is yet to be exposed. Actually, a big shot VIP came to the opening of our new new campus. I am relieved.

Why do I not think of myself being famous?
Look at the amount of visits my site got!
.....563 ......MILLION people! (If I didn;t remember wrongly, the unit is in 'million' for my visit counter)

And i just realized there are a lot of secret visitors to my little blog.
Maybe they are afraid for the sudden and extreme boost in cool factor associated with being a visitor of this site. Maybe they just wanna admore me from afar.

Either way, it gives me surprises everyday! For realizing some people actually do read from here and put them in their hearts. I am glad my words offer meaning to your already beautiful lives. It is my pleasure, to have my blog be such an important chunk in your life.

But no need to be shy shy, just give comments on the beautiful things I say.
Love is beautiful ma.... Woohoo...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sonee's FATe

I am a very horrible person. For I realized that I might have the unintentionally-jealous syndrome.

My dear Sonee (Sony mp3 player). I love it to bits. It is one of my most prized belongings. Its ability to remain unscratched despite all the challenges it endured inside my handbag. The delicious sound it channels to my ears on all days. Bringing me my music everywhere I go.

It is something I love so much that, despite there being all the new and more functionally advanced gadgets released, Sonee remains the very best to me.

But, the jealous beast inside of me acted without me knowing. Or the aura of this beast was so overpowering that, its act escaped even my conciousness.

The sleek, cool and lean body of Sonee glistens under the light and glows radiantly whenever I ask of it for music. The jealous beast must have been too envious of this cool and lean body of Sonee. So, it was determined to make it FAT. Equipped with the biology knowledge of the concious me, it plotted the ultimate plan to achieve this. And it succeed.

While I mourn here for my Sonee and blame the jealous beast in me, it is already too too late.

The inside of my Sonee is soaked in pasta oil!
It has now an oily and fatty body......... *sobs*.