Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sonee's FATe

I am a very horrible person. For I realized that I might have the unintentionally-jealous syndrome.

My dear Sonee (Sony mp3 player). I love it to bits. It is one of my most prized belongings. Its ability to remain unscratched despite all the challenges it endured inside my handbag. The delicious sound it channels to my ears on all days. Bringing me my music everywhere I go.

It is something I love so much that, despite there being all the new and more functionally advanced gadgets released, Sonee remains the very best to me.

But, the jealous beast inside of me acted without me knowing. Or the aura of this beast was so overpowering that, its act escaped even my conciousness.

The sleek, cool and lean body of Sonee glistens under the light and glows radiantly whenever I ask of it for music. The jealous beast must have been too envious of this cool and lean body of Sonee. So, it was determined to make it FAT. Equipped with the biology knowledge of the concious me, it plotted the ultimate plan to achieve this. And it succeed.

While I mourn here for my Sonee and blame the jealous beast in me, it is already too too late.

The inside of my Sonee is soaked in pasta oil!
It has now an oily and fatty body......... *sobs*.

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