Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monash Model Search

Today became a big turning point in my life. As I found something, which has been missing in action in my life eversince the new campus.

The usual busy scene of the congested, or mesra cafe was all the while more congestedly mesra. The wolf-whistling guys, the burning excitement in those eyes, the cheerings and applause from the crowd, and under the slightly warm afternoon sun. People stopped and stared, some watched while eating, others 100% attentive.

I was never comfortable with scenes like this. But it seemed like a calling, so there I was. A model search for the coming ball seems like a big deal, what more now to vote for the best legs. This makes me nervous seriously. Dun ask me why, it just does.

It really was an important moment in my life. A very big change.

Huh? You didn't think I was nominated for the model search, did you?

Well, sorry to disappoint you and thanks for ur confidence in me.
I was just the kelefeh eating rojak at one of the corners of the cafe where the view was blocked by a pillar. Of course this is a turning point as, I couldn't see. Then of cos, I need to turn around rite? In another sense, today, I finally reunited with Rojak, after 2 months, major turning point, no? And of cos, I dun feel comfortable eating rojak among the overexcited crowd!

Anyways, please try to tone dow your confidence in me?
I am BLUSHING already.

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