Thursday, September 13, 2007

Till I recover

The art of getting to know new friends is never easy to master. But it is definitely harder to master the art of turning off new friends in the first 5 seconds. But fear not, there is always someone to achieve the impossible. And then they get on youtube. And get famous.

Although here is no youtube. But just a typical celeb blogger with an air of elegance (no relevance, but I like to add this can or not??). I am so so so willing to share this art of all arts with my 16...million readers! Oh, make that 17 (million) readers now, with the one below being the latest addition to this big family.

wilson says:
just checked out ur blog
cos of the title quite the interesting
mana tahu u damn lame
kena tipu

** Talking about the Monash Model Search

wilson says:
m quite the sad u didnt go try out
why didnt u
u should get in what?

As I have acquired the rights to quote this person, I shall bear no sympathy in concealing his identity, and the fact that he uses his own REAL name as his MSN nickname, is just too GREAT. Now let us analyze and identify all the 'dun-fren-you' points within this conversation. 'Dun-fren-you' points are all points in the event, where the person can elicit the other party to say 'dun fren u!!'. And maybe followed by a month of invisible treatment.

1) Damn Lame - Lame is enough, seriously. Must you damn the lameness you wanted to use on me?

2) Tipu - Defamation, and I believe everyone knows every single thing here is not FAR from the truth!

3) U shud get in what - Should get in? As in there being doubt. I cant sense faith at all.

And yet another blow taken from my manager, Mr Steve.
On asking his comment on whether I could have joined the Monash Model Search (with an eager face).

*Stephen^ Know Music, Know Life~~ says:
i dunno how yr leg looks like. got orange skin or not.

And it is not even orange skin, ORANGE PEEL!!!!!!
And he asked despite knowing the answer!

...That I dun have. And stop your surprised look, suspicious look or that stupid grin on your face now! I dun see it at all with my SLIGHTLY short sighted eyes. Eat that.

This is truly a very difficult time for me.
And I bid you all to give me some privacy for the next few days until I can fully recover.
Until the sun shines again.

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