Monday, September 3, 2007

Love is Beautiful

There was this enormous crowd of people outside the library just now. The glass panels allowed no glimpse of the scenery. Imagine the crowd. And there were those fingers pointing here and there. The flashes from cameras. And non-flashes from phone cameras. Slight jumps from the fan girls. A fan boy almost knocking into me, while running with his phone video camera (a coursemate I have yet known of the name!)

Do i have to deal with this everyday? But luckily, I was not the cause of all these commotion. So my cover is yet to be exposed. Actually, a big shot VIP came to the opening of our new new campus. I am relieved.

Why do I not think of myself being famous?
Look at the amount of visits my site got!
.....563 ......MILLION people! (If I didn;t remember wrongly, the unit is in 'million' for my visit counter)

And i just realized there are a lot of secret visitors to my little blog.
Maybe they are afraid for the sudden and extreme boost in cool factor associated with being a visitor of this site. Maybe they just wanna admore me from afar.

Either way, it gives me surprises everyday! For realizing some people actually do read from here and put them in their hearts. I am glad my words offer meaning to your already beautiful lives. It is my pleasure, to have my blog be such an important chunk in your life.

But no need to be shy shy, just give comments on the beautiful things I say.
Love is beautiful ma.... Woohoo...

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