Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sandakan Moon Cake Eating Fest

Sandakan Moon Cake Eating Fest

Why am i such a worry wart?

Okay first goes the assignments! Then comes the exams! And the biggest one of all, the contest itself.

Well, sometimes having too much idea and hopes for something might end up making oneself more disappointed upon an undesirable outcome.

But guess I must learn to appreciate the process rather than over-emphasizing on the outcome of things. After all, this will be my last semester, or even last month as a student! I should really spice it up a bit. Like Glay sang in Survival, rite? Love Teru!

Well, why am i suddenly so....erm, serious? Change of direction in blogging again? Hmmm. Not really. Guess I am a bit overwhelmed at things rite now. Somehow, things are not going smoothly and I am a bit too eager with a lot of stuffs. Sometimes, me being too eager and not receiving response from others, makes me feel a bit awkward. What ensues is typical lack of confidence and frustration at myseld. A hurdle I must learn to conquer!

After all this, I am still sure I can go through all these. Maybe the outcome will not be like what I pictured, but regardless, it will be a rewarding experience I am sure. And to get it, I shall be Peter Petrelli.

Woo, I am Peter Petrelli.

Speaking of which, I had a blast today... EATING! Afterall, being in Sandakan is often associated with no other than good food. WhY? Cos there is practically nothing else to do. But I still LOVE Sandakan the most!

Last nite, my grandma actually cooked dinner traditional hakka style. And I wont even describe how nice the food were, what she cooked or even how many dishes there were. I'll just let you imagine and drool. And dun tell me you are not jealous. Cos you are. You are. You are! This is my blog! If i say u are then u shall be! *Breathes out*

I am a bit jerky today.

And then to my other grandma's place! All sorts of mooncake - cheese (yay!), blueberry (ugh!), green tea(ooo!) and so on. Of cos I am in no place to judge or criticize those mooncakes. But, a hint or two, which ain't obvious won't hurt rite? And loadsa fruits! Papaya, pomelo, oranges, grapes, langsat (reminded me of Dr Song and gave me a shudder), and the list goes one till chocolates. Such a joyful nite.

How joyful it was?

Well, I forgot to look for the moon.

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