Friday, September 7, 2007

Guessing Games

This is a game I have for u. Tonight I chatted with some ppl who I have been missing quite a lot! It was very brief as one simply msn-ed me to complain and then claimed herself to bee too cute. Another one, oh well. Ok here comes the game and there will be a prize!!

Guess who this person is based on these 'infamous' phrases of theirs:

"....i tot u love me..."
"...sometime too pretty is not good for me also..."
"...i saw ur blog, want to kill chin and u because she said u're eva and u admit it.."

Cannot guess? Final clue:


Okay now here is another one for ur brain cells to really work cos I think the last one is just TOO easy.

hIkArI* My blog my blog my haven. says:
wassup wassup?

"...the sky...."

And here is a classic I heard in One U that day! Made me roll on the floor....almost.

"...But u wanna be some kind of seafood ah?..."

Me: "Wat seafood?"

"...Seafood meh means look like lala loh...."

Okay, try and guess y'all! And speaking of which, someone really broke my heart today. It is as if, accidentally revealing that he read my blog was a shameful act of admiting that he is lame. I dun care if he is the president of some club in Clayton or he is the fren of the so-called Mr Popular Daniel, it hurt me a lot. But despite all these, I am not so lowly as to reveal his name. For I stand by my silent dignity. But if ppl guessed from the description, it is just that kids nowadays are so damn smart!

I went on a field trip today and probably flunked my Physio test as well! Well, the field trip was like alternate brief stops under the red hot sun and the ice cold bus. So hot that my legss felt like they were burning. But I should probably be happy as I have yet been associated with the word 'hot' till today :)

But it is interesting in a sense. Seeing the patches of green and very active chickens running around. Oh and the very hardworking maggots working on the compost. So I ended up feeling 'hot' and enjoyed the wonders of nature. Not bad?

Anyway, I am really chicken and I guess it was proven during the field trip. Remember how I have a new nickname Lola?

Well, a chicken escaped near the farm today and the lady called out," Lola, come here LOLA."

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