Thursday, September 20, 2007

Congratulations!...and Monash Ball spoilers.

What is up with the big Congrats? Aww, it is nothing special... Really, I mean you won't wanna know and I won't wanna blush about it. Now, please stop making me say it. Sigh, if you insist. Now don't get all over-excited, get all emotional, fly to the moon and back or give me all those congratulatory calls. For, it is not a BIG thing.

This is my 100th post! My blog reached another milestone. (Dun ask me what the first milestone is, sarcastic-ones).

Eh? How come no reaction from the crowd at all?
**The imaginary applause in my inner mind theatre- gone.

After reading the last post, you might have been misleaded to think that I have been demotivated to blog for the rest of my life. No. There is a special reason to everything I do.

Assignments. Eh? Again no reaction from the crowd geh?
** The imaginary gasps, drops of objects in hands, eyes wide with disbelief in my inner mind theatre - gone.

I thought that was a very special reason. But then again, I have 7 more waiting to be handed in after a week of un-holiday. So nothing's new with it I guess.

Tonight will be the night of glamour! Cos I am glamorous? No la, can u guys please stop polishing my shoe so often? Other than flashing u my generous smile, there is not really any benefit I can give u, understand? But if that is all you want in life, oh well.....

Actually it is cos tonight will be the Monash Ball and frankly, I think there will be a few, let's say, erm about 698 more who will look more glamorous than me. But I hope somewhere, somehow my inner beauty will shine through and divert all the attention from my bulging tummy which is NOT obvious at all. I am looking forward to this thing tonight despite all the discouraging factors like Elaine and Madeline getting sick and some dear aunties visiting some of us. But, nothing shall dampen my spirit!

Will be getting my make up done by Anna Sui. And I believe this will be a milestone to the make up artist herself. To achieve the impossible. Or maybe like Fear Factor! Not cause I am too ugly. Okay? *Sweat. It is cos I am afraid I'd be too BEAUTIFUL after that. Might make her faint. (This section inspired by dear WenJi during our MSN rehearsal last nite).

Ah, which reminds me of the Ball Rehearsal we had last year. Me, Amy, WenJi and Oli. SiewChin was not there. At that time, she was pretty much a stranger known for her LAME jokes who joined our table. Hoho. Still remember dress-hunting. Guilty-money-spending. Vanity soaring high. Food-indulging. Camera-flashes-everywhere-with-everyone. Then there is SiewChin being "double" and Amy's hobbies being "listening music...hihihihihi...". Oh and the fateful meeting with ChunMing (his piano!) and the everyday-also-purple-shirt guy. It was fun! Bet this year would be fun as well!

Here is a preview, or teaser as to what to expect for MUMSU BALL 2007, a few hours prior to it:

-WenJi will look stunning in a black dress.
- Amy will have red nails.

Be in suspense and anticipation, dear wolves.

Want a preview of Monash Malaysia Ball? Here are spoilers you can never get elsewhere. I am such an insider rite? Well, these are all voluntary information!

- WanRu will have a sexy point decorated by extensive bling.
- KaeXin will be a lady in black.
- Elaine will have her long flowy hair and probably smouldering sexy eyes as her weapons.
- Su-ee will be in a shades of orange.
- KangNing will be in black and white.
- ChewBee shall be in the sweetest shades of champagne and pink!
- Emma will be looking cool in white and pink with some last minute accessories!
- Amanda will be daring in a special shade of blue!

That is all the information I have but stay tuned!
Up until this point, no one bothered to ask, "What about you?"
No one wants to knowabout me! Why?

Well, I wont tell u anyway. Secretive and mysterious are the elements making up 3.2% of me.

Another thing is, I got into the finals for L'Oreal Cash Your Dreams! And there will be a briefing and photoshoot session this coming Saturday! Which I am a bit nervous, and inconfident about. Macam mana ini...? Anyways, wish me luck!

And then it'll be back to Sandakan for MoonCake Festival and assignment-marathon! Oh, the beauty of life and its chocolates.

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