Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rojak to the rescue

I can't say that I am exactly happy rite now. After all a lot of stuffs which I have yet to understand happened and just thinking of sorting them out is already a task worthy for a brain surgeon. And please remember the fact that, I am merely a brain surgeon by heart (Sincerely wanna save all lives...) and not by brain (...but will technically kill them instead).

But I am sure there are solutions for everything. Even Steve came to have friends, what can be impossible. This has always been my strongest motivation in life. And out of the blue, another of my friends gave me inspiration to strike on in life. His name is Daniel. But let me save this juicy bit for the next post. For inside our chat last nite, which i acquired permission to quote, there appeared the most highly philosophical statements, I have never thought of myself able to convey.

Well the day didn't go any better after that. Physio was a bit of a torture, but my drooping eyes were the ultimate torture. The inability to blast my music full on in the strangely quiet computer area, amde me unable to reach my little piece of haven. So I kinda wrestled myself a bit in my mind. And then suddenly there was a black out, just blank.

I fell asleep la, wat else. Haha.

I failed to have my usual anticipation for breakfast. Maybe cos the food was the same old same old. Maybe cos I was lazy to think. Maybe I just didn't have the appetite for it. Sigh, no breakfast equals an incomplete morning. Un-Genki.

And then for lunch, there was again nothing. And I finally officiated my chicken-rice ritual ( as in i'll be eating it every single day due to the lack of innovation in the canteen). At this moment, I dun even mind the *Sweet* tiramisu me and WenJi pioneered backin Normanby alst year. Or the Laksa-WenJi style which was stumbled upon by an innocent Amy or SiewChin in her fridge. Or even the 3 stalks of vegetable I served Amy which I once again emphasize looked really enormous prior to cooking. Jus anything will do la!

But then, just as I tot it was doomsday in my only food gallery from Monday to Friday, and then Emma left for her lecture, I saw something. A fruit stall! Finally I tot. It made my day brighter by 50%. I approached it and happily talked to the boss there. All grateful. Almost gave him my autograph, in fact, can u believe it? Then. At that very moment. I saw it. My heart jumped. It was like when Utada (See, I use the same colour for ur names, Steve and Utada. Happy?) saw Tobiko. ROJAK.

Like this song on my player now, my heart started singing," All I Want is You, Want is You, YEAH~~~~!"

And my dear WenJi called me again. Although, I know she wanted to hear my voice only, but since she is my forever no. housemate/fan, permission granted! Thanks a lot. See you in Thai *no hint, no hint*

So I am 100% revived. No more struggling as there are things out of my control. Must learn this. Despite fame, haha. No this is a serious post. So, despite popularity. Haha.

Nothing should ever stop you from enjoying every single day of your life!

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