Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Blogskins to unite two worlds apart

After my previous craze over mobile themes, I am officially addicted to searching for blogskins. And strangely enough, I am actually being associated with HTML work. Of all the words to use on me, or linking me. HTML. How Totally Man-Ly (HTML). Maybe it should have been known as 'YENG' instead or 'GENG'.

This is the first time I actually uploaded a whole new layout on my own.
Can you even imagine me and HTML codes, cracking each others' previously mutually exclusive worlds?

Before you say anything. This is a VERY big deal to me. Very very. People close to me would know that I cry like a baby when my laptop falls sick. And then, there will be endless phone calls to a certain Helmet-ed Guy and anyone I could grab on. Having specialized in MSN, YouTube, Blogger, Yahoo and Google, other stuffs are pretty much out of my expertise.

What is this post for?

To test out my new blogskin la of course.


Cos it is a BIG deal lo.

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