Friday, September 28, 2007

A bumpy ride to November

A bumpy ride to November

All my assignments are still like puzzle pieces in a space without gravity. Floating around incomplete and me struggling to grasp every piece of them, or at least as much as I could to complete the whole picture.

The progress for the competition I am in is not really going smoothly. And I am only in the team assembly part. This is trying to grasp every single puzzle piece in space itself to build a 2000000000 piece puzzle-work. Urgh, the stress.

Regardless of that, I do have some dear friends who have offered to help despite all sorts of commitment they have. For once I am not gonna say that it is cos of my charm no matter how obvious this fact seems to be and agree on the fact that these people have a heart of gold~! It is even more fun to rekindle the friendship with some long-out-of-touch friends and to stop yourself from feeling old.

I really wish all my friends could be there on that night as it means so much to me. But one must be mature enough to consider the situation the others are in as well rite? And I am a very mature and attractive (no relevance? Dun care cos I like it :P) modern young lady. So, tough luck but life goes on and so does my love for Milo (no relevance again? Get used to it.)

Hmm, seeing how doubtful and overwhelmed I was by this competition, it is kinda a surprise to me that I am actually going full on for it rite now. I learnt something. Other than, not being an insecure auntie (to SiewChin), which I still deny I ever was. I learnt that it is good to let a moment of passion to lead you to say yes! From then on, you will do things you never know you would.

Like, saying yes to returning to Sabah out of the sudden urge to see my mum and bully my sis.
I never expected I would waste my whole hols away, but look at what I achieved so far. Another two days of hols, and I did only leisure journal browsing but chronic papaya eating (not for any reasons, ok?), fatty food indulging, chocolate and mooncake gobbling, stupid conversations with anyone, more prancing around, TV marathon and grandma teasing.

Again, let a moment of passion lead u to a world of the unexpected.

I had Milo today again, and it was still damn sweet.
I had a chat with Daniel last nite, and he is really Geng And Yeng (nice leh, bro?)

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