Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pink on monotone

I love splashes of colour against monotonous backgrounds.
Like neon pink for formal purposes like work.

I think this coming week is going to be fun.

As I will be working 4 days in the city for my internship and 5 nights at Pearsons as a casual marker, I will need to strike a balance in terms of outfit - nothing too formal for Pearsons and nothing too informal for internship.

Everyone pray that I don't burn out from the work . . . or outfit ideas marathon. After all I am no fashionista sigh-sangat.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I haven't eaten any meat or vegetables for the past 3 days.

All because of my new work-timetable of working day and night at different places. SIGH.

The only token of protein I have been taking for the past 2 days was an egg.

My diet right now consists of 95% carbo (cereal, bread, biscuits) and 5% sugar (fruits). It is not a matter of choice - alrite - more like convenience as these were the only items I can pack on the go.

But I am so gonna have a carnivorous feast tonight.

Guess what? I am going to MayDay's concert! (Psst, it is my first ever concert, malu, even Uncle Tan has been to a concert already). And the important point is! Before that, we will all be going for a nice dinner.

As in with meat and vegetables cooked in real sauce and served piping hot.

Where did you come from?

With the internet age dominating our generation, it seems like almost everyone has an alter ego or virtual identity or at the very least, an MSN nickname.

The earliest nickname I assumed was Apple-something on mIRC. The reason: "She's the apple of *insert name*'s eye". And apples are sweet. And I love eating apples.

The second nickname I gave myself was Shaneta. Wahaha, this persisted for quite some time - to be precise over my WestLife era. Even my signature was 'Shaneta', tahu! Luckily I did not use it for any important documents and for some cruel reasons, be forced to use it till today at the ripe age of 22 *phew*

The final one is hikari*. Well, it actually evolved from hIkArI* to *hikari* to hikari*.
hIkArI* - Cause I liked the capital 'A' erm, haha, erm, for more A's in studies. Malunya.
*hikari* - Cause I thought it made it look cuter.
hikari* - Cause old already, still cute for what la.

The origin of hikari* is actually from the song Still Time from Gensoumaden Saiyuki. . .

". . . hikari no naka kimi ga matte'rusou shinjite'ru kara ima sugu ni. . . "
- I believe you are waiting for me inside the light

I thought that was a nice phrase and hikari* sounded really nice/sweet.

After a while, the light=hikari* evolved to mean light in the "light oppose heavy" sense : to encourage myself to shed those winter pounds.

This leads me to wonder about your alter egos/virtual identities!

Cepheus?? Eh this one I know.
Back to Basics??
DMM?? Naraku?? Eh both of these I know also, cause it was self-publicized! kyaa.
Sleepy Dragon??
PangKangNing?? Eh that is just her name haha.
Watermelon King? Eh he did not choose this himself haha.
Atlantis Princess??

How how how? Why so creative one!?!

I wanna know . . . . Especially when someone used the keyword 'aestron choo' twice to come to my blog haha.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's crazy bet on the weather

The weather in Melbourne has been crazy, like this is news to anyone, really.

I woke up to two mornings of fog. Crazy fog.

As in I couldn't even see the 2-minutes away McDonald's kind of crazy fog.

Can you spot the McD sign in this picture?

These pictures were taken while going to work at 7.20 a.m. By the time, I emerged from the office which was at 2.30 p.m., it was a different story.

The crazy sun was shining and underneath my coat it was crazy hot.

Until yesterday, the weather was still crazy nice. Perfect blue skies and cool breeze kind-of crazy goodness.

It was crazy how for once again I have to seek for shade instead of hogging a spot of sunlight for warmth.

The nice weather really went to my head as I started taking pictures of my self and had crazy thoughts - "I think my face is rounder, winter neh?" and "Woohoo, that means my body looks relatively thinner, until winter neh?"

With Eric coming over and us meeting up on the 1st of June, I wonder how the weather will be like?

Anyone wanna make a bet, the winner gets a free meal for Eric nyahahaha!

(I must be going crazy from all the work this week *faint*)

. . . but I bet on foggy/cloudy on 1st of June still. Challengers?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pocket guide to portray a Good Student

Do I give off the impression of being a very good student?

Maybe, maybe not? Chances are it is a yes (I have heard this from both close classmates and distant juniors)

The truth is, those who know me would know that I was and still am not as hardworking, proactive, diligent and attentive as what my student image project me to be.

I APPEAR to be only. There is a difference between appearing to be a good student and being one in essence. A few tricks here and there - boom! There you go, harmony between teachers and students. After all, both teachers and students are always looking for the same thing - trouble-free co-existence.

Tonight, I am going to reveal a few insider's/ tried-and-tested tricks in portraying a good student!

Sleeping in class. No one can escape the occasional heavy eyelids in a mundane class. But, even if you have to sleep, don't do it too openly, please. Usually I assume the 'The Thinker' pose:

1) Head lowered.
2) Right hand on table, on notebook, holding a pen.
3) Left hand supporting left eyebrow.

So it seems like, you are just frustrated/bored: something totally overlooked by teachers in class. There was this day in Form 5 when I was sleeping in my 'The Thinker' pose while my friend in the conventional head buried on the table pose, next to me. Our BM teacher whacked her table, waking both of us up. She got lectured, I got, "Loretta, do you need some Chicken Essence?"

Last minute homework. When I was home-tutored by Miss Leong, I used to get 2 essays as homework per day. And I would do them the last 20 minutes before she arrives, sometimes hidden in my room or even the toilet! Essays are easy to rush - introduction, point 1+2+3, conclusion. But 20 minutes was my fastest record.

What if I had only 15 minutes? I would simply write something as the introduction (anything random or irrelevant but then you would have to cancel it more violently haha), then cancel everything out. So that when questioned, my answer would be, "I tried but I couldn't think of a way to start." Usually it will end up with the teacher telling you how to start.

What if I had only 10 minutes? I would just prepare the framework. The important point here is: to act confused. It will seem like you did your research and preparation but am merely confused by the topic.

What if I had only 5 minutes? This is risky and definitely requires experience: argue with the teacher about the topic. Just blatantly disagree with it. For example, 'Discuss the disadvantages of playing video games' - "If I discuss about video games only it will be insufficient as what about other similar technologies out there like computer games, internet games, etc".

What if you totally forgot about it? Don't look like you 'forgotten' for too many times. Out of the 10 times you forget, make 9 times a case of 'miscommunication'. "Eh, I thought it was due yesterday so I did not bring it today!" or "I thought you said page 63 and not page 36. . . "

Forgetting to bring books. My Science teacher in Primary 6 asked all other students to take me as a role model and be 'attentive' in class, when I was only being so cause I forgot to bring my notebook and she was damn scary with this aspect. Tip: Stare straight at her, trail her finger as she points to the blackboard, don't give too many nods(!!), instead appear to be pondering (shows that you are thinking!).

Underprepared presentations. Supplement with creativity - do something outrageous, something your teacher can never expect. For an oral test for the same BM teacher in Form 5, I gave a monologue on . . . . . . "What I thought about the night before my oral test". So basically, I just sat in front of her, talking about what I was thinking at that time *shrug*. Zero preparation, 100% attention and affection haha.

The same goes for paper presentations. You might lack substance or research but kill it with your presentation - colourful pictures work better than 1000 words of description, use quirky words instead of textbook words only. Simple things like that.

Question and Answer sessions. Scariest part eh? To avoid being called, instead of the traditional eye-contact-avoidance, try my ways and see:

If it is a Maths question, start scribbling on a piece of paper or calculator, but point here is DO NOT APPEAR TO BE COUNTING TOO FAST OR ANXIOUS. Take your time - make it seem like you know what you are doing and eh, you are just taking your own sweet time doing it! Another alternative way is, act like you are looking for paper - usually teachers will bypass you if it is not a question which requires you to do it on the blackboard.

For questions which tests your memorising skills, like my grade C5 Moral haha - look up at the ceiling for a while. Make it seem like you were just searching and then 'found' the answer.

If all else fails, and you were called for a question. It is not the end!

Even if you don't know the answer, don't let out the big 'I don't know' straight away - it will seem like you don't care or did not even bother to think! Try this: Open your mouth and make it seem like you are about to give an answer, then hold back and say, "Erm, actually I am not sure". The teacher will either prompt you or say it is alright. If the teacher does prompt you and after some time, you still don't get it (!!), wait until a point where you can counter with a question of your own. E.g. "But I thought we use that formula for air pressure, so we can use it in this context as well?"

Talking too much. There are times when you talk a bit too much, not realising the teacher is there - no sweat. Change the direction of the conversation. If you were loud, then try to involve the teacher in the conversation - "Don't you think so, teacher? The globe is really getting warmer isn't it?". If you were soft, then try to switch the topic to something serious/dramatic/academic-related - "I still think we should ask the teacher about that question."

There are much more tricks of course, but Miss Good Student here is getting sleepy from a full day of work!

The point of this detailed discussion is not to spoil or be a bad influence to students, instead it acts as a little guide to being nicer and respectful to teachers much like how one must know how to interact with the society.

It is clear that these are not tips on how to butter-up or polish-shoes of teachers. It is on how to live in harmony with teachers, being a little nicer to them so that they can be nicer to you as well!

Should anyone need more tips or have their own tricks to share, please drop a comment - my blog caters to the young generation that is students :-D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vintage Collection #1

Ahem ahem, hello there peeps :-)

I have just updated hikari*s closet-o with my Vintage Collection #1 (click!)

Please do go check it out and hopefully you will see something you like. Well, I for one, sure love everything there.

In fact, if those items stay with me any longer, I might just keep them all to myself, sigh.

Anyway, have a very vintage shopping time there!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Women Everywhere

I love how jogging makes every bit of your body tighter.
I love how a bit of make up makes your features look more striking.
I love how dressing up makes you feel more confident.

I hereby, promise myself that no matter how old I become, how busy I become, how domestic I become - no matter what, I am going to remember the three points up there.

"Once a woman gets married then she can relax from all the exercising, making up and dressing up, and be a good wife and mother".

"You already have a husband/boyfriend, it must be so nice to not have to look your best all the time".

Honestly, I dislike such mindset.

1) I want to look good for myself. Secondary to this, is of course to impress but! It comes down to feeling good myself.

2) I would want to continue looking my best for my partner, wouldn't you?

Sometimes I see a young family walking around in Chadstone - late twenties man in a washed-out print T-shirt and slippers, late twenties woman eating an ice-cream in an over-sized T-shirt clutching an overstuffed bag filled with diapers and drinking bottle, a young kid running around with chocolate sauce on his face screaming.

The point here is: I never ever wanna be like said woman in that over-sized T-shirt and still eating an ice-cream.
I am not being critical here but hey, there is definitely something said woman in this example could do, right?

She could exercise. She could diet. She could take more time to dress up.
But, no time! No money! No encouragement! No help!
Really? Then at least throw out the ice-cream?
I believe it all comes down to the mindset.

With how the world is becoming so busy and women assuming more roles in the society, it is so easy to fall easy prey to becoming a yellow-faced woman (wong min po) or a plain-housewife. But really, does anyone even want to become one or have the ambition to become one?

What is with my sudden interest in this topic?

My Mum used to be totally unbothered about her appearance after giving birth to me and my Sister. And my utmost apology, our arrival gave her an extra hectare around the hips and abdomen.
Quoting my YiMa, "I have never thought about dieting or exercising before. If I get fatter, then I'll just get a larger T-shirt." Quoting my Mum, "I used to eat at least 3 durians every Tuesday and Thursdays with Auntie Karen and YiMa!"

If not for a turning point in their lives, both these women would probably remain like this and because of this, me and my Sister would probably be dressed in super lala or super kolot clothes right now, wondering why thighs are not beige but black in colour while detangling our bushy eyebrows.

Actually, Lowena might still be applying Baby Oil onto her hair to fashion her 'Cream Tart' style while continuing her collection of advertisement oversized T-shirts and going to tailors for jeans her enormous size.

Erm. To be fair. Acutally, I might still be resenting sleeveless clothes for being too sexy and high heels as too dangerous while my hair remains an enormous tangle of the unknown.

Mum and YiMa started eating more healthily and exercising. They started visiting local boutiques again and talking about cosmetics again.

At the same time, Lowena starting shedding off her pounds and Me my shaggy hairdo. This could't be a perfect coincidence, right?

In fact both these ladies look amazing right now.

Every single one of my friends have commented on how young/pretty/fit she looks and trust me, she is damn proud about this.

The same goes for my YiMa. I ask for her advice in everything - from lingerie to mascara. And! She always has an opinionated answer.

What did my Mum and YiMa sacrifice to attain all these?

From an honest account - money (the slimming-effect dress and haircuts at GDO), time (15 mins of make-up and 60 mins of yoga), energy (cardio and brainpower thinking of what to wear).
From an honest alternative persective - Are these really sacrifices? I personally think they gained health - physically (exercise), mentally (confidence) and socially (relevance to the society).
I would die to look like what my Mum is right now by her age.

It is no miracle or unfairness that some women look better with age while others don't - while genes help - it is the mindset that changes everything.
I hereby promise myself that, I am going to look as hot as if not hotter than my Mum by her age right now. *Heso!*

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Did anyone guess where I went to last night?!

I went to Dralion: Cirque de Soleil!

The name Dralion is derived from Dragon representing the East and Lion representing the West. And true to its name, it was a perfect fusion of ancient eastern and mystical western elements.

The main theme of this show is the perpetual quest towards harmony between humankind and nature. The performances are centralized around 4 main characters each representing an element: Air, Ocean, Fire and Earth.

Music and vocal are performed live. Woah!

I loved all the aerial performances! Aerial Hoop where a fiery red lady swung around in a golden hoop and long red ribbons. Aerial Pas de Deux, ballet on air with long long blue ribbons. Being on air, with ribbons, swinging around effortlessly, looking so graceful ~ aaaaaa, I want to be like that!

Ray's favourite was Trampoline where several performers bounced so hard form the trampoline that they literally looked like they were walking on the walls! It seems like one of those kungfu scenes you see on TVB where Master YingHong chases after Master WuFei on roofs and mountains. Ray literally gasped when he saw that. After all, he attempted that when he was . . . young?

Balancing acts are amazing! Single-handed Balancing was incredible. The little girl supported her whole body on a cane single handedly while constantly changing her position. Her motions made it seem like she was in water. Ballet on Lights see a group of young girls standing tip-toed on light bulbs while pulling many outrageous human formations. Foot Juggling sees another young girl balancing paper umbrellas with her feet then both feet, then with her arms! But she did it oh-so-gracefully!

Other acts include Juggling, Ropeskipping, Clown Acts, Bamboo Poles and Dralions!

It was magnificient, quoting Ray. It was magical, quoting Me.

However, no photography was allowed inside the circus tent and sadly, they did not have much banners out there, so pictures were extremely limited :-(

But we took fun in trying on all sorts of masks and hats in the souvenir store.

Brave Pell from Alabasta!

Might Mushu from Mulan!

Qute Quina Quen from Final Fantasy IX!

Prince Charming from er, Klang!

Prancing Clown Lo from Sandakan!

The Mad Hatter!

The King and Queen of Clowns!

All in all, it was an experience worth the money, effort and time :-) oh and calories acconpanying it. Highly recommended to everyone!

Follow this link to the world of Dralion: Cirque de Soleil ~ !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 2003 KFC Promise

There was this day back in Form 5 when Po Wah said, "Let's come back for a reunion here in KFC 5 years later!"

That was in 2003.

The 2008 five years later came and went, with no one remembering that 'date'.

But even if we are to remember now,

I will be going to KFC Melbourne.
Steve will be going to KFC Brisbane.
Choo will be going to KFC Sunderland.
Po Wah, Tshun, See Yeng, Ting, Loong them will be going to KFC KL.
Shuk Ye will be going to KFC Sandakan.

. . . and the others going to the many other KFC's all around the world.

So when will this 'date' happen?

Or is the most we can do to take a smiley picture of ourselves having KFC on the same day, despite being in different places?

Let's all have KFC Day one day, why don't we!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pajama Working Ban

There is this thing about working at home.

You don't know when to start and when to end.

Just like being a student back then with assignments, you tend to start as soon as you wake up and end before you sleep with lots of unneeded for breaks in between.

Another thing is, being in the comfort of home, you tend to work in your pajamas or gym clothes while sitting slouced on the same chair.

Furthermore, you tend to walk the 5 steps to grab a banana, a chocolate bar, a cookie, a piece of raisin bread, some yoghurt and cereal, all the time.

More on this, you tend to spare time to do your laundry, marinate some chicken, check the postbox, check Restaurant City and gaze at your own overgrown backyard.

. . . . . . . . .

Not the best working environment, eh?

I have decided that I need more discipline in this. I have decided to create myself a working environment at home!

1) I will give myself a set 'working hours' with one lunch break. 8.30am-12.30pm-Lunch-1.00pm-4.30pm.
2) I will dress up for 'work' - nothing too over the top, but just not pajamas or gym clothes
3) . . . .

Those are the only two things I could think of so far. Hmmm.

It is always about food and fashion to me I see.

Is there anything else I can do??

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am going somewhere this Wednesday night!!

Very very excited!

A Lazy Sunday

On Sunday morning, WenJi and I decided to go for some vintage hunting and jam donuts. Daniel wanted to go for the jam donuts only. So off we go at 9.15 a.m. shopping bags and shopping hearts ready!

I curled my hair the other night, for dear Chun Liang's birthday haha. It had been >2 years since I've had two pony-tails. I always love vintage shopping.

A drive on a Sunday morning is always nice especially when great companies are around.

I have been loving the hue of blue/purple. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, top, coat, leggings. I am in a banana-yellow pajama now though!

After jam donuts, I went back home to work a while before Mr Tan dropped by to pass me some potato salad (fattening) and sitting around playing Taikon no Tatsujin (fattening).

The amateur was amazed by my expertise at Restaurant Cit. Amateurs! Anyway, Restaurant City is so exciting now that Me, MengFai, Michelle, Victor are fighting for the spots 15, 14, 12 and 11 everyday! But I could never break off from this few ranks!

After a short run nearby, Me, Ray, WooHsian and WenJi went to a new restaurant in Box Hill. It is called Shin Shi Jie Fei Teng Yu Xiang. The most intriguing dish is this. . . .what's-the-name.

Then we ordered Soy Sauce Fried Rice and Double-Cooked Pork. An Oil Fest.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A new blogshop is born

Check this out! I am cool cause I have a CLOSE friend with her own blogshop.

Jeng jeng jeng :-)

It is called *Pieces and Colors* (please click here!)

While I dare not publish her pretty picture here without permission *ahem* (we are really close friends okay!), let me assure you: The styles in her little blogshop bound to grow big are very much HER in every sense. Quirky, eclectic, everchanging and stand-outish.

A very simple and clean layout oozing with HSCness.

So don't wait anymore as you are just a click away! I would love to do a LOOOOOOOOOONG coverage of this CLOSE friend of mine, but I wonder whether she'll like the idea haha.

By the way, anyone remember about hikari's closet-o? Buahaha, still alive okay?

In fact, I am thinking of trying out something new sometime soon. Seeing how almost 50% of my readers are from Malaysia, I am thinking of using my incredible bargain hunting skills to rake up unique pieces around Melbourne from the many vintage/craft markets and local designer stores and selling them from hikari's closet-o.

After nights of scouting around for special fashion online, I realized I would love to see a store like this and lay my hands on romantic items from Paris or kawaii pieces from Japan.

Will see will see.

But first off, anyone care to tell me whether they would be interested? Should I go ahead with this idea?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Classic Run and Very Nice Cupcakes

Ahem ahem, I joined the 8 km Mother's Day Classic Run last Sunday. (Point(s): 8 km, Run, Sunday 8 a.m. morning). Even I surprised myself.

This is a special run with an aim of raising funds for breast cancer research, a cause close to my heart.

I decided to join this run due to the sudden and immense interest of close friends in running. Ngim et al in KL and Tan et al in Melbourne.

It is also partly due to being exposed more to the spirit of running. Haruki Murakami's candid writing about his running experience and Kenny Sia as well.

So, semangat-ful, I signed up for the 8km (longest distance) Run along with a timing tag, an official T-shirt and a heart of burning passion! As I signed up weeks before the actual day, the semangat burnt off bit by bit - training, less training, emergency training, Star Trek the night before - and we went down to the city looking as zombie-fied as ever.

We were running a bit late so there was no picture whatsoever before the run. Except for this showing me queueing up to store my bad before starting the run. See the OCEAN of pinks!

There was an option to dedicate the Run for someone special - Mums, Breast Cancer survivors or figthers. I wanted to do that seeing it was Mother's Day but ended up deciding against it. 'Tribute/ Dedication to my Mum" somewhat felt a bit "tai ket lei si" or "Choi!".

This guy here dedicated it to LOVE. How sweeeeeeeet!

We got lost in the sea of moving people while looking for the starting line! In the end, we started after 8.30 a.m. while the crowd moved out at 8.20 a.m. Sucks!

The hardest part of the course would have to be the first 3 kms. For some reasons, the '1 km' milestone just did not appear even after what seemed like 30 minutes of run. For some other reasons, the '2 km' milestone did the same to me! For some more reasons, the '3 km' milestone did the same but worse, they were serving water and I could not drink water as I wanted to avoid getting abdominal cramps. Just in case you are wondering, I stopped and walked a million times during these 3 kms, heh heh.
Once I approached the '4 km' milestone, I felt better. "I'm 50% done," was my exact thought. Then I messed it up by taking the wrong lane and FINISHING up the race with the 4 km runners. It became weird when everyone rejoiced and hugged once they crossed the line of 4 km. And only then I realised. If you are thinking, why didn't I just follow the other 8 km runners so that I wouldn't go onto the wrong lane? Well, Miss Lo here quite slow alright? There was not a lot of runners around my standard, ahem.
Upon approaching the '6 km' milestone, I felt quite positive. Not only was I 75% done, there was a long downhill path for me to speed up a bit and probably save my time! '7 km' appeared and I felt invincible! I totally relaxed by the time I knew that I had only 500 m more to go and really just enjoyed the moment.
But. Maybe we were a bit slow. Cause, there weren't a lot of runners there nor were there a lot of people cheering. Bah! But, I was too excited to care la.
By the end of the race, we got ourselves goodie bags with tea, an apple and a medal inside! Look at my medal, Ma! So big!! Look like keychain somemore!

Only now that we have finished the race did we realise we needed pictures (evidence!). But my hair was already all greasy with middle parting and flyaways. But who cares! I ran 8 km!

The view along the course was amazing. Some shots of my favourite parts of the course.

There is always a pancake place whenever there are events. And under the towering trees this autumn, it looked expecially nice.

Not mentioning the view of family, couples and runners having picnics and sunbathing under green trees.

All in all, we were DAMN happy after completing the race and getting our goodie bags!

It was an amazing view nevertheless to see the long line of pink runners marching up along to Flinders Station after the Run.

Keeping up with tradition. We went for a BIG BREAKFAST after that. Me, WenJi and WooHsian. The truth is I don't remember the name of the place, but the breakfast there was not bad at all!

My French Toast with banana and maple syrup.

WenJi's Works Breakfast. Work it, baby.

WooHsian's *insert forgotten name* Breakfast!

We were very glad of our breakfasts!

I found a gem of a place~ at 7, Degraves Lane. A fancy store called Little Cupcakes! They sell lots of cute mini and big (normal) cupcakes - all perfectly decorated in such a delicate and detailed manner, it makes you squeal with delight!

Aren't they cute? Aren't they? The icing is not heavy at all or overly sweet. And the presentation? Perfect :-)

We went home happy little runners :-)

. . . .to another surprise at my doorstep!

From who?

Oh, from Guru Besar Tan/ Headmaster Tan.