Monday, May 18, 2009

Pajama Working Ban

There is this thing about working at home.

You don't know when to start and when to end.

Just like being a student back then with assignments, you tend to start as soon as you wake up and end before you sleep with lots of unneeded for breaks in between.

Another thing is, being in the comfort of home, you tend to work in your pajamas or gym clothes while sitting slouced on the same chair.

Furthermore, you tend to walk the 5 steps to grab a banana, a chocolate bar, a cookie, a piece of raisin bread, some yoghurt and cereal, all the time.

More on this, you tend to spare time to do your laundry, marinate some chicken, check the postbox, check Restaurant City and gaze at your own overgrown backyard.

. . . . . . . . .

Not the best working environment, eh?

I have decided that I need more discipline in this. I have decided to create myself a working environment at home!

1) I will give myself a set 'working hours' with one lunch break. 8.30am-12.30pm-Lunch-1.00pm-4.30pm.
2) I will dress up for 'work' - nothing too over the top, but just not pajamas or gym clothes
3) . . . .

Those are the only two things I could think of so far. Hmmm.

It is always about food and fashion to me I see.

Is there anything else I can do??

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blurblur said...

you'll change your mind when winter comes..

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