Sunday, May 3, 2009

Of MeDee Thai Restaurant and comfort zones

There are times one wakes up feeling like Asian food or 'comfort' food. Instead of being fattened up to stand the cold with potato and cheese the Western way, you feel like defending yourself with oily fried-goodness and starch in all forms and shape.

Let me let you in on a little treasure of a place in Springvale for nice Thai food. The first time I came to this small restaurant was during Oli's birthday last year, when Amy (Thai princess) suggested going to this place where she and her brothers frequent. We feasted on really special Thai food, those I have never seen anywhere else. (Or maybe did not know to order before this!)

This place is called Me Dee Thai Restaurant (follow the link for the address). Both times I went there, it was filled by at least 75% Thai people. I am guessing, they must know their stuff right!

We went there again on Saturday, suggested by Ray.

Instead of food, he was more enthusiastic in getting the interesting drink we had the last time we were there. The menu was easier to use this time around (even without Amy there), since they have more English in there.

See the reunion between Ray and his drink. Emo-ful.

These are the drinks I was talking about. I don't know the exact names of the drinks. I just told the owner, "One of the pink drink and one of the orange one."

The pink one tastes like a sweeter version of Air Bandung while the orange one tastes like a sweeter version of Nai Cha (Milk Tea). Muahahaha, I love sweeter versions.

Anyway, the point is, the food there rocks, in my opinion. You can also buy crazy looking Thai snacks there. Oh, and there is a Thai video rental store right next door just in case you are interested.
There is indeed something about Asian which provides some kind of comfort zone to me. Or is it just me.
I love wandering around Asian grocers. Looking at the products, the arrangement, the messiness of the aisles, the gossiping Chinese cashiers, the dusty and almost expired forgotten stocks, the sloppy packaging - ah. The familiarity of it.
Endless rows of instant noodles. I am gonna try them all muahaha.
The endless rows of sauces. Sauces I learnt to use here: Fish sauce, BBQ sauce, dry chilli flakes.

The endless rows of instant chinese drinks: Instant soybean drink, 30-seconds-cook black sesame dessert, chrysanthemum flowers for tea.

The endless rows of canned food Mum never encouraged us to eat: heavily syruped lychee from Malaysia, Thailand, China and Vietnam. Sei mei?

The best endless item? The SALES tag. Woot.

The worst thing? How much some products remind you of home.

My Porky Grandma's favourite biscuit of all.

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