Thursday, May 21, 2009


Did anyone guess where I went to last night?!

I went to Dralion: Cirque de Soleil!

The name Dralion is derived from Dragon representing the East and Lion representing the West. And true to its name, it was a perfect fusion of ancient eastern and mystical western elements.

The main theme of this show is the perpetual quest towards harmony between humankind and nature. The performances are centralized around 4 main characters each representing an element: Air, Ocean, Fire and Earth.

Music and vocal are performed live. Woah!

I loved all the aerial performances! Aerial Hoop where a fiery red lady swung around in a golden hoop and long red ribbons. Aerial Pas de Deux, ballet on air with long long blue ribbons. Being on air, with ribbons, swinging around effortlessly, looking so graceful ~ aaaaaa, I want to be like that!

Ray's favourite was Trampoline where several performers bounced so hard form the trampoline that they literally looked like they were walking on the walls! It seems like one of those kungfu scenes you see on TVB where Master YingHong chases after Master WuFei on roofs and mountains. Ray literally gasped when he saw that. After all, he attempted that when he was . . . young?

Balancing acts are amazing! Single-handed Balancing was incredible. The little girl supported her whole body on a cane single handedly while constantly changing her position. Her motions made it seem like she was in water. Ballet on Lights see a group of young girls standing tip-toed on light bulbs while pulling many outrageous human formations. Foot Juggling sees another young girl balancing paper umbrellas with her feet then both feet, then with her arms! But she did it oh-so-gracefully!

Other acts include Juggling, Ropeskipping, Clown Acts, Bamboo Poles and Dralions!

It was magnificient, quoting Ray. It was magical, quoting Me.

However, no photography was allowed inside the circus tent and sadly, they did not have much banners out there, so pictures were extremely limited :-(

But we took fun in trying on all sorts of masks and hats in the souvenir store.

Brave Pell from Alabasta!

Might Mushu from Mulan!

Qute Quina Quen from Final Fantasy IX!

Prince Charming from er, Klang!

Prancing Clown Lo from Sandakan!

The Mad Hatter!

The King and Queen of Clowns!

All in all, it was an experience worth the money, effort and time :-) oh and calories acconpanying it. Highly recommended to everyone!

Follow this link to the world of Dralion: Cirque de Soleil ~ !

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