Saturday, August 30, 2008


Remember what I look like? People out there who I haven't met in ages?

I had poodle like, two-tone coloured, curly locks.

And a 1990's Aaron Kwok fringe.

But if you think I still look like this now. You are wrong! Make an effort to come see me more then :-)

This IS Me.

I coloured my hair a darker shade of Chestnut. So it looks a shade lighter than my original hair colour. The hairdresser layered it for me really, layered it. The hairdresser did, I emphasize. :'( Gave myself a shorter fringe, which regretfully looked like one I had back in Sandakan. And had them blew straight for me.

It looked pretty ok, except that everytime I see myself in the mirror, I see an imposition of the 5Sains2 name tag and the marshmallow like high school uniform on me. Ish-nya.

But my hair is back to its curly roots. 2 hairdressers who blew straight for me over here, had told me that I looked better with straight hair. Before any thoughts of a nasty comeback for this comment flashes across your minds (read: Steve, Choo and Lowena), I do think it might be influenced by the $250 price tag for hair straigtening here.


This is our 'Amazing Thailand'. Seriously I dunno what was so funny.

Went to K-Box with my sista's back in July. So why am I blogging about it only now? Well, suddenly it hit me that there might be less and less chances of us doing this all together again. After all, Shirley will continue being lazy to go out and wake up after 12 pm . . . :P No la, she will be returning Malaysia soon. After her graduation ceremony :-( Truth is, if only I could stop her from graduatin, I would :P Kidding na~~

Here is to the two prettiest ones in Science. In that room. On that day.

Can you identify who are those in this picture. Just a small reminder: The camera's scope was small, our faces never too big.

And yes, we sing Thai songs. More like backing vocals to Amy, singing one or two lines right and the others a mess. Yok Mei Kun and Dae Long, are the only ones I know. Unlike the multi talented SiewChin who even promised to rap me a song in Thai. I remember, and am waiting.

This post is sealed with a kiss to 'Amazing Thailand'.

**So hopefully the January trip to Bangkok will happen!*

CNY laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

There has been a very Chinese New Year-feel around my nest lately. I was walking home one day to fine (!!!) plum flowers (or whatever you call them~) growing all along the street next to mine! Being the Chinese New Year fan I am, I snapped tons of pictures. Made them my wallpaper and screensaver for the next 2 days.
Got feel mou?

Got feel gua!

I still remember the first Chinese New Year we spent in our then new house in Taman Indah Jaya. Back when Mum was still very much semangat-full on to decorate the house for such an important traditional celebration (Now Mrs Lo says, "CNY je mah. . . "). She bought home this, not bouquet - that would be too much of an understatement, this STACK of plum flowers from the florist. You think that was the end to it, you are quite wrong neh I tell you. She proceeded to 'arrange' all the stacks of plum flowers in a big vase with plum flower patterns on it (!) and decorated the stacks with angpau packets with plum flower pictures on it!

So naturally that year was the year I officially became 'plum-p'. So Happy Chinese New Year.
Adding up to the CNY-feel around here? A box of mooncakes. Dun say that it is 'irrelevant' a! After all, without Chinese where would mooncakes exist. Without Chinese, where would there be Chinese New Year. And most importantly, is there a rule saying that mooncakes ARE NOT to be consumed during CNY? You think think yourself la.

Got feel leh!

Got feel lo!

Furthermore, there is a box, yes thou heard me rite, a BOX of mandarins here next to me. Although you most probably can predict and argue that it was the result of adding a group of Sandakan aunties to Victoria Market and the convenience of having a car, but you can't deny its influence in ooomph-ing the CNY feel gua. I very much wanna snap a shot of the mandarins, sadly they are deteriorating too rapidly and. . . uglily. But (!!) CNY spirit lives!

Speaking of which, it is Merdeka Day today. And here I am rambling on about my passion for CNY?

. . . . . . . . . . ?

Erm. I love my country. Erm. I purposely used a lot of M'sian slangs this time~!

Anyway, some peeps and I are gonna visit Rich Maha tonight for some real deal mamak food. And now that you mention about Merdeka, we were talking about things we did for the day in the past. A topic I ended up being a LISTENER only. Then this classic came up. The names of the people in the story are protected for privacy purposes and my protective purposes.

After a long day of paintball, R and his friends dropped by a mamak place for supper and it last till almost 12 am. X suggested that everyone stand up straight and sing Negaraku once the clock stroke 12. So it was decided. By the time the clock struck 12, they really stood up straight and sang out loud.

Me: So ALL of you stood up and sang?

R: Yeah, 3 of us la.

Me: What! 3 of you only!!

R: Or actually 4 la.

W: OMG~! If there were actually 10-15 people then I would not mind la! 3 only!

R: Actually, dun wanna think about it anymore la.

ah choooo

Took this at the gym yesterday.
Doesn't signify anything.
Just a view I sought when I wanted to sneeze.
Ah-choo. *my sneeze sounds like calling Choo tim!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Good example ~ Food examplet

How much more of a typo queen can I be?

Itis sos insulting whwen some of you so called frens suggest u take typing lessions! Frens, wah. Do i really look like I need it"? Ask youself this and think before you say anything. Sometimes words cannot be taken bakc, unlike the 'backpasce' key on the keyboard. It haunts!

"You know how many fingers you use for typing?" asked T.
"I know. Just 2 rite!" answered me.
"No, actually 3," replied T.

So, here you go, 3 fingers only. So isnt it understandable to see one or two typos here and there, every now and then?

"Actually for 3 fingers, you type pretty fast," said an amazed T.

Take thast!

I mean, take that!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hey almost-stranger.

When did you become one.
How did you become one.
What made you become one.


When did I start seeing you as one.
How come I see you as one.
What made me see you as one.

Where is the bond that once connected me and you?
I am pretty sure it was there not long ago.

I was trying to hold on to it, without looking too needy.
I was for a while confused, but then tried to reach out again.

Where were you.
Did you try to hold onto it.
Did you think the flow of time will eventually set things right?

Do you know that the flow of time can easily drown and erode everything?

Will the day come, when you finally become a . . stranger.
Strangely enough, feelings. . . they are always now or never. A split second thing.
It is now or never.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Glay come la

Stumbled upon this quote while reading about the potential cancellation of Avril Lavigne's performance in Malaysia.

"In Malaysia, they require all performers to wear clothes without obscene or drug-related images. They also need to be covered from chest to knees and need to refrain from shouting, jumping, hugging and kissing on stage." (
Inappropriate hair colour?


Kissing? (Why was I not there?)

'Not covered'? (Why. Why. Why. As in why was I not there?)

At this stage, when can GLAY finally come Malaysia????
When Teru finally stops shouting, screaming, running, jumping and being TERU onstage?
When Takuro finally ceases producing too rock or high chorus-laden songs?
When Hisashi finally stops putting on make up, wearing pirate/skull themed accessories or dressing in his borderline-cross-dressing style?
When Jiro finally ceases bouncing around, and creating crazy shapes with his hair?

How can like this leh?

But will I go? Of course I will la!
But will they come? For me, maybe. *hmmm*

It is great to know that the government is concerned with the younger generation and imposing some sorta control over the exposure of the local community to outside influences. To wanna preserve their own culture and uphold their own principle is an admirable act, really. It is hard enough to remain untouched by external influences as a person, what more a whole nation.

But personally, I feel that preserving our own values and resisting to accept changes - are just separated by a very thin line.

Despite rejecting all incoming, potentially negative influences, with the Internet covering every corner of the world, geographical limitations are no longer an issue. You see foreign influences seeping in and building up, even before you can say 'Apa?'.

Furthermore, rejection of the new doesn't equal to preservation of the old. The new doesn't equal to bad just like the old doesn't always equal to good. No one can really fully judge the good and the bad, most often, there is no black or white. We exist in a grey (pun not intended here) world or at least, the interpretation of good and bad lies within each of us. The world is like an individual. It grows over time, and as such, changes over time.

To impose some degree of control over the adaptation to change is thus, a risky matter of which balance is the key word. Too little over big issues, will result in an extremely messy culture portfolio and shaky personal principles. Too much over trivial matters, will result in the stifling of creativity and an excessively narrow perspective and horizon.

Like the example Glay. Despite their crazily high antics performed onstage and bizarre appearances, those are just a matter of feelings and for show. An effort to look into their lyrics will show how pure and meaningful what they are singing is. IT never fails to pick me up :-)

One thing I got off studying Law: the importance of 'balance' and the difficulty in deciding and maintaining it.

But in the end, only one thing matters:
GLAY coming or not????


We have electricians to fix electric circuits.

We have dentists to fix rotten teeth.

We have surgeons to fix failed organs.

We have antibodies to fix invading viruses.

We have antivirus to fix computer viruses.

For everything broken in this world, there is something out there to fix them.

So what is out there to fix this broken something in me?
Pinpoint it to me.
Dig it out for me.
Bury in into the deepest of the groud for me.
Seal it away from me.
Promise me it will never come back to haunt me again.

Why am I being so dependent.
Devoured by my inner critic.
Swallowed by my inner critic's interpretation of harsh reality.
Misled and lost under the influence of this inner critic.
Quivering inside, but toughening the illusion of strength outside.

What is wrong with me?
Can I just be dependent and weak for this one time and have someone to fix this broken me?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sometimes, a word or two can bring you down, making you feel so vulnerable and weak.

Hurting inside, cursing yourself - looking for the confidence which was right there a minute ago.

It is funny, how you think you have healed, or how a simple gesture would turn out to be a big deal to you and at least, made you feel like you have healed.

In the process of healing, usually another party is involved.
When another party is involved, trust is usually given.
When trust is given, weaknesses are exposed.
When weaknesses are exposed, vulnerability is shown.

Words can are like spears.
They strike right at the weakest spot.

Making you realize while you were healing, you have bet your vulnerability, fear and trust into this person. Being dependent - thinking he/she will guide me through.
- thinking he/she will understand
- never expecting him/her to say things just like the others do.

At that very moment, it feels like, reality is just gobbling me up.
What trust. What belief. What 'try'.
In the end, what really matters?

Or in a more ironic tone, why does it matter so much so badly?

I was glad and really thankful and relieved when you were able to force it onto me, making me feel a thousand times lighter and believe that you would understand for all time. You helped me build up my confidence for once after all this while and in you, I found acknowledgement, support and assurance. In a sense, I bet every single thing onto you.

But, I never thought I would hear that 'term', the so damn familiar 'term', from you.
What was confidence and assurance I kept reminding myself withm from you, became only a strike that brought me down to the lowest of reality, the lowest of me.

I wonder since when did I become so weak and useless - so much so that, I have to seek assurance from someone else and be so easily destroyed by words from someone else.

'Someone else'. Why does it even matter so much.
Where is my own presonality. Where is my own pride. Where the hell is everything I need rite now.

I hate the way things are.
I should not need to depend on other's opinions, assurance or whatever it is.
Isn't this my own life? Why am I not strong enough to convince myself?

I used to be able to. I used to feel in control of myself.

But not lately. I realized, as you commit more of yourself to someone else, the less in control you are of yourself. The more you pour out - heart, soul, feelings, trust, faith, everything - the more attached you are. But at the same time, the more exposed you are. It is like a huge bet.

Either keep it a 'trade secret' and enjoy the privilege of gaining from this monopoly for as long as it is a secret, or publish it as a 'patent' and enjoy the pivilege of a temporary monopoly governed by law and regulations. I chose to 'patent'. Now, I feel like an 'infringment' or a 'breach of confidence' has occured. And I have no strength to 'sue' the other party over it.

It really was such a simple thing.
Why am I not able to hold myself together?
What good am I?
I am no good at all.

More than a coward, more than a retard, more than a piece of junk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oli BDay

A few candid shots of the night of Oli's birthday at a new NICE thai restaurant we found near Springvale. Real nice and authentic, with a very home-y feel.

Found a vintage shot (vintage cos my fringe was still in place and intact) with WenJi and my big RIBBON!

The Great Ocean Road lesson

Great Ocean Road enlightened me. . .

. . . that I really do need a haircut.

Stokehouse Eureka

Guess who is here?

I have a guest all the way from Sunderland.
The previously Fat-Choo. . . A new name yet to be created *open to suggestions*

.. Grilled KingFish something ..

.. Some kinda other fish ..

.. Seared tuna and some other fish strips with apple and celery sides ..

.. A forgotten dish ..

.. Chicken and mushroom risotto with goat cheese ..

Pictures taken on a beautiful lunch date with my family at St. Kilda's Stokehouse. It is a really nice place, despite being a bit pricey (Bro was there :->). The atmosphere was relaxing and breezy. The whole family was laughing and joking. Glasses were clinking. Beautifully baked French bread were being buttered.

*Overlooking the night of Melbourne on the deck of Eureka Tower*

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Miss Lo's life has been terribly busy the past week and the week to come.

Have just smashed through an Accounting assignment worth 15% and a Marketing Innovation assignment worth 20%. 15% and 20%. Would have scared the nerd outta me 2 weeks prior to the deadline normally, like back in last year.
But now. I kinda lost sight of how much they actually are. And I curse thinking of how hard I worked for that 3% Plant Biotech report last semester. For now, I have no time to really do it seriously :-(

Schedule for the past week was like this:

8 Aug - Patent Law Exam
11 Aug - Accounting Tutorial and Business Law Tutorial

13 Aug - Commercialization Project presentation

17 Aug - Accounting assignment

18 Aug - Marketing Innovation assignment

25 Aug - Accounting Tutorial and Patent Law Essay (50%)

26 Aug - Meeting wit project supervisor

And a hundred items yet to be scheduled. Can I sigh a hundred million times now?


Transform to Optimism-Girl !

Of course something good happened over the week and good things come in big packages, for just this once.

Dear Mum, YiMa, Bro and Grandma came over for the week. My quiet and peaceful haven became like a chicken pen on fire! The noise. . . the clucking. . .

It was too bad that I did not have much time to spend with them :-( I still love my course :-)

It is always so nice to have family around you. They may nag, they may annoy, they may be trouble. But aren't those the very little things we miss most about them?

Mum & co. just left this morning. But the memories from this past week, are still so vivid in my mind. It gives me a sense of warmth knowing I'm being loved, but also a sense of emptiness now that the moment is gone. In short terms, I am just missing my family.
Having grown up surrounded by a big family all my life, I tend to feel lonely quite easily and does not deal with silence that well. I prefer to consider it as a blessing while I do recognize it being a tendency to depend on others. Hence the constant nagging feeling inherent of me to be independent and not a bother to anyone at all.
I am a lucky person :-)

All the way over here, I managed to find 'family' as well.

First of all, Mummy WenJi at home. It is such fun introducing people you adore to your own family members. Now my mum calls WenJi Felicia and she calls my YiMa by 'YiMa' and Bro Eddie by 'Cousin'. Which is damn weird, but funny.
But the most fortunate thing to happen, out of confusion and blurness, is of course meeting my Mr Tan. Although, things are still mostly in confusion and blurness now. It is the greatest feeling to bring someone like him to my own family. Tung Seng :-)

Had a day trip to Lake Mountain. First time seeing snow for Mum & co. Everyone was so excited. Mr Tan has a back ache any my right hand fingers are swollen. But it was pure joy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is my 200th post.

And, I really cannot believe I am gonna blog about (!!!!)


Such a nice date eh, coinciding with the Olympics.

Such an awkward date eh, in the middle of the semester.

Such a memorable date eh, for some reasons :-D

In fact it was so awkward that it is hardly believable to others.

Amy: Wah, kiasu. Studying a?
Me: No la! Got exam on Friday!
Amy: Oh. . . You mean test a?
Me: No la. Exam wor.
Amy: Huh?? Why?? Why??

Law is so torturous. Can't wait till I get over n done with Business Law and begone law forever and ever and ever and ever in my life!

P/s: I just saw my own house using Streetview! Freaky-nya! No more hanging bras and panties near the front window. Our one and only entertainment at home - GONE!