Saturday, August 30, 2008

CNY laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

There has been a very Chinese New Year-feel around my nest lately. I was walking home one day to fine (!!!) plum flowers (or whatever you call them~) growing all along the street next to mine! Being the Chinese New Year fan I am, I snapped tons of pictures. Made them my wallpaper and screensaver for the next 2 days.
Got feel mou?

Got feel gua!

I still remember the first Chinese New Year we spent in our then new house in Taman Indah Jaya. Back when Mum was still very much semangat-full on to decorate the house for such an important traditional celebration (Now Mrs Lo says, "CNY je mah. . . "). She bought home this, not bouquet - that would be too much of an understatement, this STACK of plum flowers from the florist. You think that was the end to it, you are quite wrong neh I tell you. She proceeded to 'arrange' all the stacks of plum flowers in a big vase with plum flower patterns on it (!) and decorated the stacks with angpau packets with plum flower pictures on it!

So naturally that year was the year I officially became 'plum-p'. So Happy Chinese New Year.
Adding up to the CNY-feel around here? A box of mooncakes. Dun say that it is 'irrelevant' a! After all, without Chinese where would mooncakes exist. Without Chinese, where would there be Chinese New Year. And most importantly, is there a rule saying that mooncakes ARE NOT to be consumed during CNY? You think think yourself la.

Got feel leh!

Got feel lo!

Furthermore, there is a box, yes thou heard me rite, a BOX of mandarins here next to me. Although you most probably can predict and argue that it was the result of adding a group of Sandakan aunties to Victoria Market and the convenience of having a car, but you can't deny its influence in ooomph-ing the CNY feel gua. I very much wanna snap a shot of the mandarins, sadly they are deteriorating too rapidly and. . . uglily. But (!!) CNY spirit lives!

Speaking of which, it is Merdeka Day today. And here I am rambling on about my passion for CNY?

. . . . . . . . . . ?

Erm. I love my country. Erm. I purposely used a lot of M'sian slangs this time~!

Anyway, some peeps and I are gonna visit Rich Maha tonight for some real deal mamak food. And now that you mention about Merdeka, we were talking about things we did for the day in the past. A topic I ended up being a LISTENER only. Then this classic came up. The names of the people in the story are protected for privacy purposes and my protective purposes.

After a long day of paintball, R and his friends dropped by a mamak place for supper and it last till almost 12 am. X suggested that everyone stand up straight and sing Negaraku once the clock stroke 12. So it was decided. By the time the clock struck 12, they really stood up straight and sang out loud.

Me: So ALL of you stood up and sang?

R: Yeah, 3 of us la.

Me: What! 3 of you only!!

R: Or actually 4 la.

W: OMG~! If there were actually 10-15 people then I would not mind la! 3 only!

R: Actually, dun wanna think about it anymore la.

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