Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stokehouse Eureka

Guess who is here?

I have a guest all the way from Sunderland.
The previously Fat-Choo. . . A new name yet to be created *open to suggestions*

.. Grilled KingFish something ..

.. Some kinda other fish ..

.. Seared tuna and some other fish strips with apple and celery sides ..

.. A forgotten dish ..

.. Chicken and mushroom risotto with goat cheese ..

Pictures taken on a beautiful lunch date with my family at St. Kilda's Stokehouse. It is a really nice place, despite being a bit pricey (Bro was there :->). The atmosphere was relaxing and breezy. The whole family was laughing and joking. Glasses were clinking. Beautifully baked French bread were being buttered.

*Overlooking the night of Melbourne on the deck of Eureka Tower*

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