Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loss of...

I don't deal well with losses.

It makes me feel empty and helpless.

I have dealt with only one direct loss of a loved one up until now (and about to deal with another one soon).

The former was a big shock. The latter, I have been calm so far, acceptive and appreciative - so far.

After all, sometimes you don't know until it is right in front of you.

As I sit here in Starbucks, waiting for the hours to go by until my next flight back to my hometown which I have not stepped foot on for 4 years, I can't help but feel aimless.

I am thinking of ways to burn time when time is usually such a valuable asset and always insufficient in my Melbourne days.

I don't even know what I want to say now.

I guess I'll just continue watching the shadows of strangers pass by me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taiwan Report #1

Woopsie daisy it's been a month since my Taiwan trip. This trip was special. Four ladies, two pairs of sisters, a million cosmetics towed in the luggage.

Sisters #1
Both into Chopper-kun - extremely young (in behaviour & in heart, respectively).

Both bananas in Taiwan - we can speak and fight (verbally and physically) in Chinese but no can read or write la...

Sisters #2 - they bond through shopping, sunglasses, haircuts and food.

Our first destination was Danshui, a small harbour town north of Taipei. The weather did not disappointed, it was bright and sunny, the sky was clear blue - what more could we ask for especially when the weather forecast was supposed to be rain and gloom!
According to friends, you go Danshui mainly for the food and scenery - not much shopping. This was obviously quickly dispelled looking at the previous picture. With superpowers like The Chin Family, you can shop anywhere - guaranteed!

There are lotsa small eats in Danshui from sweet to savoury, common to weird - but oh so very intriguing.

So we chomped.
Smelly tofu, deep fried soft shelled crabs+mini lobsters+fish somethings, waffles, soft serve ice creams, sotong bakar, potato twists, glazed sweet potatoes, etc.
After spending half a day and lugging an excess of 5 kgs of harvest back to our hotel, the ladies decided they are too tired and full - so we should rest in the hotel for a while - so we emerged 1 hour later to Xi Men - to eat and shop again lor.
YiMa brought us to this "very very good" restaurant in Xi Men for cold goose meat, blood pudding and stir-fried bamboo shoots. It was pretty damn good seriously. Located just along the main highway near XiMen station, this cannot be missed!
I was told, "Look out for the frog for pearl tea!" So I looked out for the frog! Ta-da: Yup it was heaven. So much so that, I felt disatisfied with my pearl milk tea today from the city. I want my frog.

You know when you travel, you drink less, eat less fruits.
And you know in Taiwan, you see more quirky products, beauty products, health and fitness promises everywhere.

This was one which cheated my sister for 5 days. She was devastated.

Snapshots of appreciation

Today I feel like writing - about the various snapshots going through my mind right now.

Three of the most important females in my life in a family dominated by females - that says a lot. It amazes me how we never run out of things to talk, laugh, tease, gossip, fight about.

Another birthday celebrated with love and happy surprises, another year younger and wiser, another yummy cake. What is special this year though is, my dad ordered this cake for me and invited lotsa his friends to my party - just like the good old days back when I was 12.

My family - complete, happy, lively and close - well done to us!

My baby Shiro celebrating his first birthday. Despite his naughty and stubborn nature, I can't be more touched and proud of his every achievement and milestones.

A few too many memorable getaways!
The sun on my skin in Brisbane.

Looking up at Taipei 101.

Watching sunrise at Uluru.

Receiving a lovely drop of glitter from Mr Tan to mark the end of the year and my birthday.

These are not snapshots of 2010. These are snapshots of appreciation.
That's right, I think I have been rushing - chasing after - whining - thinking too much in 2010 to spare a moment to stop - look - capture and most importantly, APPRECIATE.
Hence, my resolution for 2011 is nothing extraordinary like a bikini body or doubling my bank account, but just to learn to APPRECIATE and RELAX.