Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snapshots of appreciation

Today I feel like writing - about the various snapshots going through my mind right now.

Three of the most important females in my life in a family dominated by females - that says a lot. It amazes me how we never run out of things to talk, laugh, tease, gossip, fight about.

Another birthday celebrated with love and happy surprises, another year younger and wiser, another yummy cake. What is special this year though is, my dad ordered this cake for me and invited lotsa his friends to my party - just like the good old days back when I was 12.

My family - complete, happy, lively and close - well done to us!

My baby Shiro celebrating his first birthday. Despite his naughty and stubborn nature, I can't be more touched and proud of his every achievement and milestones.

A few too many memorable getaways!
The sun on my skin in Brisbane.

Looking up at Taipei 101.

Watching sunrise at Uluru.

Receiving a lovely drop of glitter from Mr Tan to mark the end of the year and my birthday.

These are not snapshots of 2010. These are snapshots of appreciation.
That's right, I think I have been rushing - chasing after - whining - thinking too much in 2010 to spare a moment to stop - look - capture and most importantly, APPRECIATE.
Hence, my resolution for 2011 is nothing extraordinary like a bikini body or doubling my bank account, but just to learn to APPRECIATE and RELAX.

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Mel said...

fantastic one! have a great year ahead!

hikari* said...

Same to you~

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