Friday, February 27, 2009

Dressing Myself Up

Dressing Myself Up

Whenever I am feeling a little down, I love dressing up and making up - for any or no reason at all. Maybe you will think that this is vanity at its max but I shall call it my very own little pick-me-up routine. After all, one's gotta know how to cheer oneself up!

I'd wake up feeling groggy/negative/grumpy and even more so as I brush my teeth.

But one splash of the icy cold water would clear my mind and nothing feels fresher than a clean face. I'd indulge myself with every step - toner, moisturiser - nothing feels better than pampered skin.

Then scanning through clothes - dresses, tops, jeans, shirts - yellow, green, blue, black - finally, always back to the same question: Why can't I find anything to wear? :-(

Being a girl is great ;-) you can dress according to your mood or 'feel' for the day:- sexiness, Glay-esque, punkish, lolita, cuteness. Rather than the blue/grey/black combo for every other guy *shrugs*

Something better? There is nothing better than a beautifully made up face.

It is not about putting on your best-looking face or the skills in doing so.

It is all about feeling good about yourself, about the day :-)

Usually I'll be experimenting with colours when I am down. Instead of the usual dash of dark eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara combo with concealer for my dark circles, I will have the itch to open up the never-been-used or used-6-months-ago green eyeshadow and just have some fun with it!

Usually, no matter how bad it seems or surprisingly good it turns out to be - I will be happier . . . a whole lot more!

Girls should always dress up for themselves - there needs no reason to and there is definitely no reason not to! It is alright to dress up for someone else from time to time, but ultimately it must be for yourself!

I met a guy before who said that girls always dress up for guys - "no matter how they deny it, to feel good or whatever, in the end it is always for attention and who else - but from guys"

Hmm, I think that was the last statement I heard of from him. Cause I never wanted to see him again *shrugs* He wore super short, disgusting sports shoes anyway *bleuk*

I am happy again :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Gold

Valentine's Gold

Hi, I am going to write about my valentine's day for this year. It has been more than a week ago, I know. But I was trying to make it interesting, so here goes.

On the 13th of February 2009, Mr Tan:

a) surprised me with tickets to Gold Coast for a Valentine's Day getaway and I was touched to tears. I flung my arms around him and he swung me in circles at 600 rpm!

b) coincidentally booked tickets back to Melbourne through Gold Coast on that day and I cried in LCCT cause of the separation from my family. I looked like a sniffling-dog, gone was the cuteness girls usually save up for Valentine's Day.

We arrived at Gold Coast airport:

a) knackered, exhausted, zombified - hence not only no pictures but also 3 hours of sleep upon checking into the hotel.

b) in-love, butterflies in stomach, diabeticly sweet - hence a marathon of PDA-fest and no time for pictures!

The very first day was funny:

a) we were walking all over surfer's paradise without a hint of worry while Mr Tan surprised me with a beautiful rose at full bloom!

b) we were walking everywhere under the rain while Mr Tan un-surprised me with a huge Copenhagen ice-cream at 1000 calories!

For dinner, we:

a) went to a cozy little Japanese restaurant, found by us like a rare gem during the day. Ordered our usual favourites, small-talked on random topics and laughed for no reasons - like we always do.

b) went to a restaurant for a candlelight dinner and wine and cheese as a handsome pianist sat somewhere, seducing poor helpless Me for 4 hours.

After the nice dinner, we:

a) walked all around Surfer's Paradise again, this time under the stars as Mr Tan un-surprised me with yet another big gelato serving at 1000 calories at 9.30 pm.

b) strolled around aimlessly as we made our wishes to the moon and Mr Tan surprised me by giving me yet another big violet rose at 9.30 pm.

We went to the beach at night and we thought of:

a) drawing hearts on the sand, taking pictures of our loved-up selves.

b) the last time we were at a beach together at night 'Easter Camp' and after that 'how did we end up this way??'

The very next morning, we walked to the beach as well since the previous day was a rainy day and Gold Coast did not seem as 'gold' as it is supposed to be!

We ended up:

a) doing spins, playing frisbee, me wearing a bikini flaunting my amazing figure under the sun!

b) resting under the shades while we people-watched - surfer dudes for me and bikini gals for him - each of us in our own little fantasy worlds.

Looking back at these pictures aren't so bad right now - I am feeling kinda cold at home.
We spent that very day with my brother Eddie - eating. What he does best. After that, we checked into another hotel with around 50 kgs worth of luggage. Once there, Mr Tan:
a) hit the snooze button while I read my Haruki Murakami. After 3 hours, we went out to a cute little Japanese place called Donto Sapporo where we did what we do best - eat, talk and laugh - together.
b) sang love songs to me while I blushed - er, for three hours after which both of us were so hungry. He cooked up a storm while I just sat and watched.
On the third and final day, Mr Tan said:
a) "Let's walk to Pacific Fair, it's gonna take just 15 minutes!" It took more than 30 minutes and it was amazingly hot.
b) "Let's look for this Tandoori Place!" We did not find the place only to find it while we were heading back but it was too late.
In a nutshell:
a) I had an amazing Valentine's Day and it is true when they say that, when you feel happy, you know it.
b) I could not ask for anything, or rather anyone, better.
Hint for answering those questions!!
Mr Tan: I wonder where those people bought their flowers from?
(as we strolled pass 4,056 florists/flower stalls)
Are the true answers - coloured or white? Pretty obvious, eh?

Monday, February 23, 2009


Reality Hits!

If KS Tan and I decide to part ways one day, it will not be of jealousy, third party, conflict, argument, violence, irreconcilable differences or disappointment.

It will be of winning Mario Kart on GameCube. *sulk*

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bangkok Mmm-mmm

Bangkok Mmm-mmm

Remember I went to Bangkok in January? Hoho, well I was too busy . .

. . shopping to take pictures while in Bangkok.
. . wearing my new clothes to post pictures after returning from Bangkok.

Clothes shopping over there is like buying rojak! A great mix, at low prices and viciously tempting >;-D

One of the most easily accessible and navigatable shopping place in Bangkok is in my opinion, Pratunam. Platinum Shopping Centre (I think! Just ask KangNing) In fact we stayed a walking distance away from the shopping centre itself only woot!

No pictures were allowed inside Platinum but to give you a clear picture of what it is all about, these pictures below show our conquests by the end of day 1.

WenJi was as always the winner.

My sister and my conquests.

The victorious state of our hotel room.
The hotel we stayed in was amazing for the price, comfort and facilities, if not for the location. It costed only 1300 baht per night (the internet price) for a room as pictured above with a huge flat screen TV and spacious bed. The hotel was called Citin Pratunam Hotel and a google will guide you through booking and in a month's time you might be there youself!

The staffs in the hotel were so nice. Not mentioning the provision of free internet service - where WenJi received her offer letter for her current job and me some other good news :-) The hotel has its own tuk tuk and even offered to chauffer us to and back from Platinum. How nice le!
But tuk tuk rides can be scary especially for the faint-hearted like me. Or let me be more specific - a tuktuk ride with an overload of 6 people swerving in between traffic at night.

Thai people are frankly really polite and nice - from their endless streams of thank yous and smiles from customs officers. Thai girls are extremely skinny and well-dressed, actually!
Believe it or not, my sis Lowena was featured in one of the advertisements (picture above), notice the one far right. Omg. It is her, rite?

Somehow, we felt obliged to return to Fuji for lunch before our shopping began. Fuji was the very first restaurant we went to when we went to Bangkok in 2006. But only after that we realized, Fuji is everywhere in Bangkok rite now! Aaah. But we were extremely hungry.

And of course, for the last dinner in Bangkok, a visit to Amy's aunt's restaurant for their awesome food and kick-ass coconut juice. The second best thing? Meeting up with Kat and Ji again. Haha, I was kidding. Should be the other way around!
Can't wait for another trip with my sister/friends/family! This time with my hard-earned money I hope! I can't help but upload this picture. Cos in front of the billboard, we looked so fair.

From Malaysia

From Malaysia

I have been back here in Melby for almost a week now. A very fast and furious week.

It has been a while since I have wanted to reminisce a bit about my trip back to Malaysia this time.

Every single year, ever since starting pre-U, I have had the privilege to travel back to Sandakan from KL and the year I was in Aussie, the privilege to travel back to Sandakan at the end of the year. Airasia was there supporting me all the way since pre-U.

Every trip back would be filled with food, attention, fun, attention, play, attention, friends, attention and attention again. It was always just a matter of playing the time away and starting the next year with the clear outlook of passing all units for the year in uni.

Meeting family members: them asking me how school was treating me, to be careful of snatch-thefts in KL, positively commenting on my weight gain, receiving ang paus from them, kissing their asses. . . kinda *wink*

Meeting old friends: them asking how school was treating me, what course I was taking, how was the course's workload, gossiping about the whole world, yum-cha sessions, reminiscing on old high school stories/rumors.

The break always passes by really quickly and the cycle continues.

But this trip back to Malaysia - this break - was the ending of the cycle.

I see this like eating a piece of muruku. As you bite along the coiled muruku, going in circles, and finally you reach the last bite - you suddenly realize - okay, what should I eat now or should I eat, then if not, what should I do?

Of course, one could continue on eating a muruku, one after another, but surely, one must grow jelak or too fat to eat anymore muruku.

I could see big things - changes - in store for me after the break.

I am no longer a student with a syllabus to fulfill.
I am no longer staying with my family with dinner prepared for me every night.
I am no longer residing in Malaysia where my rojak language rules.
I am no longer a child with no responsibilities or aims in life.

But, what I am to be, I still am not sure.

Hence, this break was for realization and after said break - which means now - is the time I find out.

It would have been more interesting had I adorned with pictures this post about my trip back to Malaysia. But honestly, this is how I really feel. And words, definitely portrays my feelings better.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Conversations throughout my life

Trademark themes in conversations throughout my life

"Kah ah, I tell you to eat ah!" "Kah Kah, you are so cute just like a little doll!"

"I don't friend you" "I pretend to friend you only"

". . . .hermit. . . hermit. . . ."

"We all join Army Camp together!" "Damn it, HE made us join this Army Camp and went vacationing in Hong Kong!"

"Hey, I think he likes her, definitely la" "Wah, he is damn good looking!"

"You going to A-Level or MUFY one?" "Choo you said MUFY why suddenly A-Level one!?"

"Biotech ah, a lot of pretty girls, you sure you can join?" "Engineering all guys one you know!"

"Hi, I am Loretta, so you are from CIMP?" "Eh, how can this report be due in 4 days' time?"

"G'Day, my name is Loretta and I am from Malaysia. How about you?" "You shy, I shy, then how?" "INSTANTLY - INSPIRATION REVIVED!"

"Lo, are you one a diet again? Fat? Where got! Er, a bit only la" "Sigh, so Master or working our butts off?"

"G'Day, so we don't have any semester breaks for this course?" "If I can get through September/October/November, I get through the course"

"So got a job already?" "The economy nowadays is so damn good that the jobmarket is flourishing like mad, right on!"

. . . so what else anyone wanna chip in now?

Saturday, February 7, 2009



I chanced upon this song while shopping around Megamall the other day. This part caught my attention: No matter what you do, Lean on me, After all we're family.

I really think family is an incredible thing to have.

To be physically related to these people.
To share a bond or unique trait as them.

It drives you to think, "Why not the other billions of people in this world?"

I have read something along these lines in a Haruki Murakami book - You do not get to choose the family you are born into but you get to choose who to build a family with.

So the family I currently have, my parents and my sister - it was fate that brought us together. But it will be ourselves which will drive us apart - this latter part I came to realize on my own.

It is great to be able to talk like the old times with my family. Be it inside jokes, century-old stories, celebrity gossips or mere grunts - the reassurance that you are still connected is more than words.

It is sad to be physically close to your family but yet not exchange a single word or eye contact. Be it distraction, lack of appreciation or simply taking for granted - the disappointment makes you question the future.


I think, a lot of us do take this word for granted. But come to think of it, this is just a 'word' or at best, it describes physical relations. Whatever deeper meaning to this word, really depends on one's action or appreciation.

Maybe it is cause I have just turned 22 years old.
Maybe it is cause I will be returning to Melbourne soon.
Maybe it is cause I failed to meet everyone in my family.
Maybe it is cause I felt I have drifted apart from someone close in my family.
Maybe it is cause I never expected that to happen.

I realized -

I have my family here with me because, everyone is working hard to add meaning to the word 'family' in our dictionaries.

I am sure those who are not, will slowly drift away, like a tiny piece of puzzle from our family - lost forever for no apparent reason.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Begining in CNY

Begining in CNY

I am enjoying the moment, with a seaweed mask and total relaxation - after a series of days filled with mahjong, rummy, poker, cuisine, home cooked meals, soft drinks, talking loudly, laughing uglily and cramming with a total of 8 family members at our little condo unit in Sunway :-)

Chinese New Year is always the time for reunions, and ironically, separation (at least, by the end of reunions).

This year, some family members came over to KL since my family did not return to Sandakan. Despite the less humongous number of people to visit and catch up with, it was all good :-)

With Dad, it was:
hello to house-design obsession and healthy eating.
reunion with suppers and golf channel.
bye-bye to sloppiness in his room and wearing less than flattering shorts around the living room (with Mum being there 24-7 now)
With Mum, it was:
hello to roundness, 12-am cookies session and a reasonably smaller wardrobe space.
reunion with "clean up the toilet!", early morning gossip phone calls with my YiMa.
bye-bye to treadmill habit and the old fibre rule for fitness of hers!
With Sis, it was:
hello to 24-7 sms-ing, totally made-up her (grown up wei!) and platform heels totting her!?
reunion with mood swings, crappy jokes which I 'despise' *ahem*, morning sleep-ins.
bye-bye to late night chats and . . . . . quality time?
With YiMa, it was:
hello to yoga-obsession, a slim body and sms-ing!
reunion with closed eyes in pictures, her extreme love of pampering herself and infectious laughter.
bye-bye to gluttony-eating (most of the time) and Rummy-skills/luck!
With Aunt Bing, it was:
hello to nice skin and bombastic hair!
reunion with her extreme gossiping skills and early morning wailing of "Choo, wake up/ shower/ etc!"
bye-bye to moodiness and heavy eyeliner habit!
With Grandma, it was:
hello to fashionable tops and her behaviour at my 'friend' (as called by her).
reunion with home cooked exquisite dishes (wild boar meat/ sweet n sour duck) and loving touch.
bye-bye to . . . .fights with my Grandpa? Not much actually!
With cousin Choo Choo, it was:
hello to the sudden increase in height.
reunion with her chatterbox characteristic, lack of teeth, her fondness of sticking to me.
bye-bye to baby fat, quietness and shyness.
With Amanda, it was:
hello to permed hair and made-up her!
reunion with her panicky trait and high-pitched voice :-)
bye-bye to report-writing-grumpiness.
With Cheryl, it was:
hello to a coupled up Cheryl!
reunion with her professor-like voice and SLIMness.
bye-bye to shyness about relationships!
With Su-ee, it was:
hello to miniskirts/ girly tops and HUGE eyes!
reunion with her brand of sense of humour and various unique perspectives on things :-)
bye-bye to sciencey-geekiness!
With Mel, it was:
hello to Mel's voice (MSN all the way before that!)
reunion with her slightly shift when shy eyes!
bye-bye to nothing (first meeting between us!)
It was just a year.
But so much changed.
Not big changes for some.
But if one pays enough attention and care enough, it can be seen through.
Chinese New Year marks the begining of another year. It can be viewed as a marathon with the next CNY being the end point. During this period, we live, we love, we battle, we win, we lose - ultimately, we change. Instead of CNY being a time for evaluation of an individual, I prefer thinking of it as a time for one to remain grounded - by being close to people.