Friday, February 27, 2009

Dressing Myself Up

Dressing Myself Up

Whenever I am feeling a little down, I love dressing up and making up - for any or no reason at all. Maybe you will think that this is vanity at its max but I shall call it my very own little pick-me-up routine. After all, one's gotta know how to cheer oneself up!

I'd wake up feeling groggy/negative/grumpy and even more so as I brush my teeth.

But one splash of the icy cold water would clear my mind and nothing feels fresher than a clean face. I'd indulge myself with every step - toner, moisturiser - nothing feels better than pampered skin.

Then scanning through clothes - dresses, tops, jeans, shirts - yellow, green, blue, black - finally, always back to the same question: Why can't I find anything to wear? :-(

Being a girl is great ;-) you can dress according to your mood or 'feel' for the day:- sexiness, Glay-esque, punkish, lolita, cuteness. Rather than the blue/grey/black combo for every other guy *shrugs*

Something better? There is nothing better than a beautifully made up face.

It is not about putting on your best-looking face or the skills in doing so.

It is all about feeling good about yourself, about the day :-)

Usually I'll be experimenting with colours when I am down. Instead of the usual dash of dark eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara combo with concealer for my dark circles, I will have the itch to open up the never-been-used or used-6-months-ago green eyeshadow and just have some fun with it!

Usually, no matter how bad it seems or surprisingly good it turns out to be - I will be happier . . . a whole lot more!

Girls should always dress up for themselves - there needs no reason to and there is definitely no reason not to! It is alright to dress up for someone else from time to time, but ultimately it must be for yourself!

I met a guy before who said that girls always dress up for guys - "no matter how they deny it, to feel good or whatever, in the end it is always for attention and who else - but from guys"

Hmm, I think that was the last statement I heard of from him. Cause I never wanted to see him again *shrugs* He wore super short, disgusting sports shoes anyway *bleuk*

I am happy again :-)

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