Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Gold

Valentine's Gold

Hi, I am going to write about my valentine's day for this year. It has been more than a week ago, I know. But I was trying to make it interesting, so here goes.

On the 13th of February 2009, Mr Tan:

a) surprised me with tickets to Gold Coast for a Valentine's Day getaway and I was touched to tears. I flung my arms around him and he swung me in circles at 600 rpm!

b) coincidentally booked tickets back to Melbourne through Gold Coast on that day and I cried in LCCT cause of the separation from my family. I looked like a sniffling-dog, gone was the cuteness girls usually save up for Valentine's Day.

We arrived at Gold Coast airport:

a) knackered, exhausted, zombified - hence not only no pictures but also 3 hours of sleep upon checking into the hotel.

b) in-love, butterflies in stomach, diabeticly sweet - hence a marathon of PDA-fest and no time for pictures!

The very first day was funny:

a) we were walking all over surfer's paradise without a hint of worry while Mr Tan surprised me with a beautiful rose at full bloom!

b) we were walking everywhere under the rain while Mr Tan un-surprised me with a huge Copenhagen ice-cream at 1000 calories!

For dinner, we:

a) went to a cozy little Japanese restaurant, found by us like a rare gem during the day. Ordered our usual favourites, small-talked on random topics and laughed for no reasons - like we always do.

b) went to a restaurant for a candlelight dinner and wine and cheese as a handsome pianist sat somewhere, seducing poor helpless Me for 4 hours.

After the nice dinner, we:

a) walked all around Surfer's Paradise again, this time under the stars as Mr Tan un-surprised me with yet another big gelato serving at 1000 calories at 9.30 pm.

b) strolled around aimlessly as we made our wishes to the moon and Mr Tan surprised me by giving me yet another big violet rose at 9.30 pm.

We went to the beach at night and we thought of:

a) drawing hearts on the sand, taking pictures of our loved-up selves.

b) the last time we were at a beach together at night 'Easter Camp' and after that 'how did we end up this way??'

The very next morning, we walked to the beach as well since the previous day was a rainy day and Gold Coast did not seem as 'gold' as it is supposed to be!

We ended up:

a) doing spins, playing frisbee, me wearing a bikini flaunting my amazing figure under the sun!

b) resting under the shades while we people-watched - surfer dudes for me and bikini gals for him - each of us in our own little fantasy worlds.

Looking back at these pictures aren't so bad right now - I am feeling kinda cold at home.
We spent that very day with my brother Eddie - eating. What he does best. After that, we checked into another hotel with around 50 kgs worth of luggage. Once there, Mr Tan:
a) hit the snooze button while I read my Haruki Murakami. After 3 hours, we went out to a cute little Japanese place called Donto Sapporo where we did what we do best - eat, talk and laugh - together.
b) sang love songs to me while I blushed - er, for three hours after which both of us were so hungry. He cooked up a storm while I just sat and watched.
On the third and final day, Mr Tan said:
a) "Let's walk to Pacific Fair, it's gonna take just 15 minutes!" It took more than 30 minutes and it was amazingly hot.
b) "Let's look for this Tandoori Place!" We did not find the place only to find it while we were heading back but it was too late.
In a nutshell:
a) I had an amazing Valentine's Day and it is true when they say that, when you feel happy, you know it.
b) I could not ask for anything, or rather anyone, better.
Hint for answering those questions!!
Mr Tan: I wonder where those people bought their flowers from?
(as we strolled pass 4,056 florists/flower stalls)
Are the true answers - coloured or white? Pretty obvious, eh?

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