Monday, May 31, 2010

Alice Spring 1

(I am so angry, the second time typing this post due to some Blogger screw up! Totally changed my tone and whatever in talking about my trip!!!)

After a long hiatus from the face of internet, here I am again back from Alice Springs! Of course, here you go a picture of yours truly just to show that I am well and most importantly, please take some time out to remember 'me' before I got fat :(

An amazing escape from the gloominess and coldness that was (and still is) Melbourne, the sun and warmth in Alice Springs could probably hear my thanks. But fast forward, we were on our way for dinner! Note my flushed cheeks and slightly oilier face - heat!!

Ray: What do you feel like for your first dinner - meat, meat, meat or seafood?
Me: (dunno for what reason) Seafood!
Ray: Let me bring you to the best seafood place in town.
Me: Really the best?
Ray: More like one of the only one haha.
According to Prof. Tan, Alice Springs have to import seafood from Queensland and Darwin due to the town being nowhere near the sea or rivers that aren't dried up, freshness is not really up there.
We went to Barra on Todd.
Entrees were surprisingly big - almost twice the size of those in Melbourne's! Especially the crispy soft shell crab which I thought were supposed to be mini!

As for mains, I chose Chargrilled Barramundi. I mean, after all we are at Barra on Todd so of course I have to give face to the Barra.

While Prof. Tan had the Mussel Pot. Which was 'not-a-lot'. And 'only-1-kg'. Not mentioning 'most-of-the-weight-is-from-the-shells-anyway'. Those are quotes, mind you.

Not so much at all!

The very next SUNNY holiday (not the dark and cold working mornings!!), we began our adventure into the desert!
First stop: The West Macdonnell Ranges
1) Simpson's Gap.
Gaps are the low saddle sitting in between two areas of high elevation such as ranges and mountains. There is one just before Prof. Tan's lodging called Heavitree Gap which seems like it was there just to open up a path for cars to go through.
Simpson's Gap is different as it is considered sacred to the Arrernte Aboriginal people and is one of the most prominent waterholes in the park.

The sight of the red stone walls under the sun is just breathtaking.

Due to the lack of rain for the past few days, the waterhole shrank! According to Prof. Tan, when he went there a few days after a rainy day, there was actually a stream flowing through the gap.

2) Standley Chasm
Standley Chasm features sandstones as tall as 80 metres which are the results of flood millions of years ago that surged down a narrow tributary of the Finke River system. Leading to the chasm, is a small footpath lined with plants, rocks and creeks.

To get to the chasm, I had to lift logs. . .

. . step on small rocks. . .

. . . big rocks. .

. . . rocks on creeks. . .

. . . huge rock staircases. . .

. . . swing from branches. . .
. . and finally set sights on the really impressive chasm.

Okay, I am not a good standard in showing how huge the chasm is.

See, they are amazingly tall.

Makes us realise how small we are in comparison to the creations of nature and all its magic.

I am starting to love rocks. Stay tuned for more stories on rocks of all sizes, colours and shapes!!
Next on our itinerary? An off-road drive all the way to Kings Canyon! (Where all the drama came pouring in)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back from the red

I am back from the desert with a tummyful of exotic meat which doesn't seem to be digested as seen from this bulge I am carrying around.

More action from the trip which started with treading on red sand and ended with the befitting movie Prince of Persia - soon!

Now for some beauty sleep coupled with severe homesickness *sob*

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm off for a one week break living the outback life in Alice Springs.

Boarding now! Sun, sand and no beach but more sand, here I dive!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Poof I'm back!

I am back from my Wonderland! Poof!

After a week of lurking around in my own mind - I have bounced back to yay-ness.

What I learnt from this experience is - there really is a difference when it comes to people you care about. Especially when it comes to friends; while love for your own family is natural like how the saying goes - you can choose you friends, but you cannot choose your family; there are those who become like family and those who just can't.

For someone like me who is living away from home and family, friends become an important part of my life. Quoting a friend, " naturally form your own family unit over here...".

We make friends all the time; easier when younger and with less baggage, harder when older as we develop more in terms of personality, perspective and experience.

Over time, in the hands of fate, destiny, magic of dynamics, series of fortunate/unfortunate events, interaction - some friends do indeed become not like family, but family.

I recently realised how easy it is to know who these people are - it all lies in whether you care or not when shit happens.

It is all in how much effort you want to put in to:
- keep in touch: talking, whining, doing something stupid together
- correct wrongs: whenever the odd miscommunication/misunderstanding
- move forward together: forgive and forget all the while hoping to foster a better relationship

It is also in what you feel when something happens:
- happy: if something good happens to him/her or to both of you
- sad: if something bad happens to him/her or to both of you

And ultimately, what it means when you find yourself not caring.

There is much more to focus on than the negatives in life, now isn't it?


So since I have bounced back, lemme share with you some long awaited due to my emo-ness happenings in my life!

On one nice autumn day, Amanda, Joanne and Melissa invited me for a picnic with Dr Robin at Princes Park near their Parkville apartment. The weather was awesome and the temperature was just right for an autumn dress-up!

I borrowed this mustard cardigan from dear WenJi who has a library collection worth of cardigans of all colours, lengths, sizes and material. I am falling in love with the autumn colours :-)

Floral flowy dress with a mustard cardigan and hairbands with a tan fringe handbag - my perfect autum outfit. Less the tummy bulge sigh.

And of course the best confidence booster?

Colour contact lenses!

So after a series of unfortunate events - late train, naughty Shiro, bus replacing trams in the city and extremely sporadic, a very terrible flu - I finally met up with them! Oh and together with some seniors from Monash Malaysia. How cool? A biotechnology reunion. How cool!

And yes we talked about genetically modified bacteria!

A series of picture (cause I am too distracted watching Glee and crying :'( )

Till then!

What I cried about in Glee?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey I think I'll really jump down that spiral thing in my dream the other day and spend a few days in the Wonderland I dreamt about.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just if I could

Nothing has been going right ever since Friday.

Things can really go from wrong to wrong - bad to worse - even on the sunniest weekend.

When ladders trip over you after a toolbox before that and a hammer before that and yet another black cat before that, what can you do?

Go from strong to strong.

Get back on your feet, curse your wheels of fortune (for the day) and stomp away in the most flashy way. For you know, you will never end up at the end of that pile of ladder, toolbox, hammer and black cat again!

Whenever things go bad and emotions take over my sanity - I long to find an old tree, see a lollypop-coloured spiral at its bark and jump in.

Hopefully, I'll travel through something akin the tube of a toothpaste and finally plop onto a soft mass of purple coloured moss.

I'll be brave and curious enough wander off on my own and along the way meet with various funny characters.

Maybe a smiling dog with shiny eyes and a long striped bushy tail.

Perhaps a joke-cracking sunflower that falls asleep every 2 minutes.

Or fishes wearing reflective construction worker uniforms guiding the traffic.

Oh and beautiful little fairies the size of earrings sitting on my ear whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

I would be so happy cause I would forget about reality.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It might be dark it might be more than that

Even when it seems that nothing can go right
and you want to just give up,
if you close your eyes,
you can see the world from your heart.

In this world when life can be so tough
You must be strong
Just believe in yourself and don't you fear
So open up your mind and close your eyes
Take another look from the other side

Even on a lonely night, when you wander afraid,
you may be alone now, but
your feet can take you however far you want to go, so

Just hold on tight, because if you close your eyes,
look inside yourself, there's a shining light there.
Yes, I want you to believe in everything.
You can take another look from the other side

Just hold on tight, even if your heart is breaking.
Reach into your soul, even if you can't see tomorrow.
Yes, if you have the strength to live,
You can take another look from the other side,
until you find all that is love...

I wish for you to have the strength
to make it through this world,
so open up your mind,
and you'll be able to see...

Just remember you are not alone
So don't you fear
Even though you're miles away
I'm by your side
So open up your mind and close your eyes
I'll be there for you no matter where you are

The stars may live for a long time, but that doesn't mean
that the same days will repeat over and over forever.
Noone can see into tomorrow

Just hold on tight, because if you close your eyes,
look inside yourself, you'll feel a heartbeat.
Yes, I want you to believe in the future.
You can take another look from the other side.

Just hold on tight, even if your heart is breaking.
Reach into your soul, even if you can't see tomorrow.
Yes, there's another world out there.
You can take another look from the other side,
and you'll be able to find all that is love...

Just hold on tight, because if you close your eyes,
look inside yourself, you'll feel a heartbeat.
Yes, I want you to believe in the "future."
You can take another look from the other side

Just hold on tight, even if your heart is breaking.
Reach into your soul, even if you can't see tomorrow.
Yes, there's another world out there.
You can take another look from the other side,
until you find all that is love...
(Lyrics translation taken from Anime Lyrics dot Com)

Friday, May 14, 2010


Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

There are those who love to share a good gossip. The people you spend the night with chatting away on the phone, sharing more than slice of cake over coffee on a Saturday night or complain about gossiping about you yourself to yet another person of the same characteristic.

There are those who share the same interest as you. The people you show your new artworks to, call up for a new cake recipe, or see as an itsy-bitsy rival in a round of Monopoly Deal.

There are those who share the same passion as you. The people you share enthusiastic news with about a new job opportunity, spend hours debating with about a social issue, or can only agree to disagree with.

There are those who have similar personalities/characteristics as you. The people who complete your sentences, pinpoints your funny bone every time or gets on your nerve for being as stubborn as you are.

There are those who show undying loyalty towards you. The people who have been there throughout thick and thin, stuck up to you irregardless to the size of your opponent or agree with you so much that you find it annoying.

There are those who are just quiet. The people capable of listening intently to you daily rants, being on the fence and maintain neutrality despite you being in tears/extreme anger or disappear into the background when you are in need of advice or support.

There are those who make you laugh and nothing else. The people who make you guffaw like mad, brighten your darkest foulest mood or crack jokes at the most inappropriate times.

There are those who are ignorant but not necessarily in bliss. The people whose naivety make you (maybe just slightly) glad that there are still people as innocent as this in the world, whose indifference character make him/her a constant rock in your life or whose rudeness amaze and annoy you at equal lengths.

There are those who are vain. The people you turn to for the latest miracle diet, set up shopping dates with or make you feel slightly bad about your own appearance.

There are those who have strong personalities. The people you look up to for their firm belief and principles, turn to when in need of advices in departments they shine in or avoid when they start shooting down everything you do/say/think.


There are so many different types of friends in this world, as there are so many different personalities.

The way people interact with and react to each other is amazing. A mix of fate, coincidences, effort, intentions, consequences and expectations - to the dynamics we share with our friends today.

Why can I click with someone the opposite of me?
Why can't I stand someone who is 24/7 around me?

There is a place for everyone in life when it comes finding a group of friends to which they feel like they belong to.

I might be stubborn but there will be others out there as stubborn as me or much softer than me - but I can be friends with.

I might be loud but there will be others out there louder than me or way quiet than me - but I can feel comfortable with.

I might be temperamental but there will be others out there more as temperamental as me or times milder than me - but I can share my days with.

The two things holding this together - I believe are respect and effort.

I am never the perfect friend and will never be. But I promise I will respect all your choices in life and everything that comes along with those choices my friends have made - because I see that as a package in the term "friend". I also promise I will make an effort to nurture what we have now and to be a bigger part of your life.

There is no need to try too hard to be friends with someone who you just can't agree or agree to disagree with. I don't think you will be "friends" except only maybe on Facebook.

But the most important point here is, there is no such thing as not having friends in life. Maybe you haven't been looking hard enough. Or maybe you haven't put in enough effort.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glay Live Tour 2010-2011


6/17 Misato Hall(Saitama)

6/21 Shimonoseki Citizens Hal(Yamaguchi)
6/23 Miyazaki Municipal Culture Hall
6/25 Nagasaki Brick Hall

7/ 1 Hachinoheshi Kokaido(Aomori)
7/ 3 Oshu City Cultural Hall Z Hall(Iwate)
7/ 6 Yokosuka Arts Theater(Kanagawa)
7/ 8 Takayama Shimin Bunkakaikan(Gifu)
7/11 Yokkaichishi Bunkakaikan(Mie)
7/12 Wakayama Prefectural Culture Hall
7/15 Alpha Anabuki Hall(Kagawa)
7/20 Kushiro City Cultural Hall(Hokkaido)
7/21 Obihiro Citizens' Culture Hall(Hokkaido)
7/23 Hokutoshi Sogo Bunka Center(Hokkaido)
7/27 Hondanomori Hall(Ishikawa)
7/29 Amusement Sado(Niigata)

11/16 Nippon Budokan
11/17 Nippon Budokan
11/20 Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
11/23 Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
11/27 Nagano Big Hat

12/ 4 Marine Messe Fukuoka
12/ 5 Marine Messe Fukuoka
12/11 Hiroshima Green Arena
12/18 Sendai Sekisui Heim Super Arena
12/25 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center・Kitayell
12/26 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center・Kitayell

1/ 7 Nippongaishi Hall(Aichi)
1/ 8 Nippongaishi Hall(Aichi)
1/15 Yokohama Arena
1/16 Yokohama Arena
1/29 Osaka-Jo Hall
1/30 Osaka-Jo Hall

2/ 5 Saitama Super Arena
2/ 6 Saitama Super Arena

Okay Who wants to go together!!!!!???

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A treat

It made my night.

And I am going to

Wheeee I am going to Alice Springs in 2 weeks!

That is the place I swore I would go to after watching Sekai no Chuushin de Ai wo Sakebu (Crying out love in the middle of the world), where Uluru (Ayers Rock) was the 'middle of the world'. So I am going to sekai no chuushin! Oh and to ai o sakebu!

Teasers: Rumors have it that. . .

. . . the stars fill the sky and feel really close to you at night.
. . . the rocks formations put you in awe.
. . . the redness of the sand clashes prefectly with the perfect blue sky.
. . . the outback side of Australia is an awesome experience.

I cannot wait! I cannot wait.
(Magnum Gold made me hyper tonight)

Monday, May 10, 2010

And I thought I was perfect

The period of my life I hated most was in primary school.

Me: I don't like myself back in primary school. I think I was proud and arrogant.
Friend X: . . . . . . haha, I kinda think so too.

Back then I was always the top in class and assistant to teachers so I was flying high. So high that I thought I was way up above as compared to the others.

I began to demand and insist on what I want, and in the process lost sight of reason and the need to be considerate.

I would head straight into verbal fights just to defend my point of view - no matter if it is right or wrong. I would boss people around thinking I was doing the best for them - no matter if that was their wish or not. I would do anything I want and still insist I was right - no matter if I knew I was wrong or not.

Tantrums were regular.

However, the turning point came on that very day I let down my pride and said my first voluntary SORRY to my Mum. Straight away without hesitation, she pulled me close and said, "Let's go for an American breakfast". It happened in front of Hotel Lutana.

The period of time in my life I regretted the most was in junior high school.

I was a total hormonal wreck, scrambled with self-esteem issues and too busy finding my calling, in one word - EMO.

I would fall into an endless cliff of depression - over nothing at all - before bouncing back to the sunshine land of hope and no pimples. But with me refering this as my dark age, you can pretty much guess that I was down hiding in those cliffs of depression 90% of the time.

Every single thing would tick me off - the way my Sis crossed her legs, no homework from school, the crowded school bus. Everyone seemed to hate me - I was not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not popular enough.

Unbeknownst to me, no one or nothing was out to get me at all. I was the one in attributing every failure and obstacles in life to other factors external of me, trying hard to escape from fault or blame.

People don't talk to me - they hate me. But did I attempt to be friendly?
My Sis makes me angry - she hates me. But I made her angry before too, right?
My family scolds me - they don't love me. But did I show love to them?
Bad luck haunts me - the world hates me. But did I open up my eyes to see the good things I have?

Again, the change came when my Mum confronted me outside of Hotel Sandakan after a yumcha session long of black face + silent treatment action from me to all my relatives. She asked me what was wrong and I seriously had no idea what was wrong but was not ready to back down.

It made me realise how much time I have wasted - being unhappy for nothing and ungrateful for what I had.

One word I remember clearly out of my Mum's mouth that day was "stubborn".

The period of time I reminisce the most about is my high school years.

Stripped out pride and growing out of my emo-ness, I made friends - really good ones. I have never been so happy.

I had people to confide to about my biggest mistakes, silliest moments and problems.
I had people to spend quality time with despite not doing anything at all.
I had people I can rely on and at the same time protect.

I reconnected with family members. Just by talking more, expressing more, opening up more, initiating more and really, by being myself.

For the first time I found myself.

I was not actually that shy, that much of a hermit, nor am I that serious and studious. I was also not that into textbooks and sketching sceneries.

I am actually quite talkative and have a love for wholesome gossip. I am also an energy bunny capable of ingenius jokes and sinister tricks (not harmful!). I am loyal to friends. I love having company and really being adventurous with people with the same mind. I love video games and Japanese music.

I realised that one discovers who he/she is only through interaction with others and experiences/lessons earned in the process.

When I was emo, I was merely lost and frustrated without an outlet to vent out to.

And I remember my Mum saying, "I think you are really starting to enjoy life now, I am glad."

The period of time in my life I cherish the most is my first year in Australia.

I came over a bubbly and naive person, totally oblivious to what the outside world held - not to mention living alone.

Homesickness pangs came and went but I cherish this part of my life because:-
I started really appreciating my family.
I learnt to take care of myself.
I built a network of friends equivalent to a new family unit in Melbourne.
I experienced independence and loved it.
I found love again and again, loved it.

Lucky me. I learnt to let go of pride before this so I daresay, I became more confident without letting myself be arrogant.

I realised I learnt this much when my Grandma bought me two pieces of mango cake from the pasar. She booked them before hand and made sure she did not de-shape the cakes. She then handed them to me and said they were the best and cheapest mango cakes ever. I have seen prettier and eaten tastier mango cakes before (easily anywhere) but none of them have tasted so beautiful before.

I really really miss my Grandmas now. :)

The period of my life I value most is my jobseeking phase.
I fell from grace to hell, from being ambitious to self doubts, from hopes and dreams to despair.
I had the worst interview ever before being given a golden opportunity.
I heard the most sarccastic and inconsiderate remarks but also received the best encouragements and support I am not even sure I deserve.
What I gained out of this experience is invaluable - humility, appreciation and some much-needed growing up.
Till this day, I am still as stubborn as ever. But I truly believe that I am much softer - at least by 30%? - than before.
I have done some bad decisions in life but also a fair share of good deeds.
I am still on my way to becoming a better person:-
- by rebuilding my confidence damaged during jobseeking.
- by improving my patience and soothing the stubborn monster inside.
- by listening more to others and being more accepting
- by believing in myself and also putting more trust in others
and ultimately,
- by promising to keep learning to become a better person.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dream Shoes

I just met with my dream shoes.

It was just there staring at me wondering why I wasn't bringing it home.

I am crushed inside.
I am dying inside.

But with that price tag, even true love has to be sacrificed.

We shall meet and we shall greet - through the glass panels.

Until the day we belong to each other and stride the world fearless.

Wittner - LAMBA and Lady Millie.


Monday, May 3, 2010

One fine saturday

Perfect with sunlight and warm breeze.

Perfect for dressing up in florals and going out without a destination in mind.
As usual I take every opportunity to put on my colour lenses and be all happy.

After all colour lenses mask the effect of additional weight (I truly believe so).

We drove all the way to Collingwood for a Japanese breakfast place discovered by WenJi. It was quit a long drive and all for a nice Japanese breakfast. I was really intrigued as you see a lot of Japanese restaurants but none specialising in breakfast! Immediately I was having flashbacks on the yummylicious breakfast we had in Hakone last year!
The cafe is called CIBI. Nested in between of what must be warehouses (?), CIBI is easily miss-able. In fact there is no big signboards, just a humble little standing board. But, people bustle in and out of this place.
It took us some time to get a table as they do not accept bookings there. Once in there, I realised that it is actually a Japanese+Western fusion cafe. You see a few Australians serving the tables while a few Japanese ladies tend to the kitchen.

They offer a range of teas and naturally I chose one of their green teas.

Quirky ornaments adorn the whole shop. In fact there is an art gallery consisting or glassware/porcelain/ traditional Japanese toys atttached to the cafe.

An excited pro-Japanese cuisine Alice Springs inhabitant.

Puffer fish.

See in real life I do laugh like this. Wah the first very 'ladylike' picture of me!! Even for that very milisecond I was a lady!

It was almost like a girl's day out - just almost.

A day before Alice Springs was on his itinerary.

This is the Traditional Japanese Breakfast.
Isn't it lovely? Although not in little bowls and containers or a tray, they small portions and variety definitely reminded me of Hakone.
The salmon was amazing, really really amazing. In fact, one of the best I have ever had. The omelette was great too and I love my Japanese omelettes.
Ray ordered a Tofu Burger in Teriyaki sauce and it was the bomb! The bun was crispy but chewy in a good way and before you think of the tofu being bland as compared to a huge-ass chunk of beef or fried chicken, let me tell you that it was not but in fact bursting with flavour. Definitely a must-try!

CIBI is a good place to just hang out and talk with friends. The casual and easygoing vibe they offer really makes a difference. I am contemplating to bring my Lowena to CIBI instead of Mart130 for breakfast hmmmm.
So much so that we made a trip to Alexandra Gardens for a second round of catch up.
This is what happens when you think the sun equates warmth in Melbourne. You under-dress and suffer and risk appearing un-macho.
Parks and gardens are always lovely on a sunny day. What makes it lovelier must be french fries, chocolate cakes and scones.
A half eaten florentine biscuit was momentarily forgotten as conversations continued on. . .

There is something devilish about how sharing food makes you eat more.

According to Jess, something seems very wrong in this picture. Pay attention to the extensive number of hearts. And for the ease of everyone's mind and justice to Ray, the phone is mine.

In my defense, I am usually a very nice girlfriend and Ray was smiling.
Friends I have, taking pictures of me like that.

Guess for the rest of my life I will just have to take pictures of myself :(

Ducks and eels swimming under the sun.

Autumn is definitely approaching :)
A whole table of Iphone freaks.

It was a normal and mundane day. But what I would give to live it all over again :)