Friday, May 14, 2010


Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

There are those who love to share a good gossip. The people you spend the night with chatting away on the phone, sharing more than slice of cake over coffee on a Saturday night or complain about gossiping about you yourself to yet another person of the same characteristic.

There are those who share the same interest as you. The people you show your new artworks to, call up for a new cake recipe, or see as an itsy-bitsy rival in a round of Monopoly Deal.

There are those who share the same passion as you. The people you share enthusiastic news with about a new job opportunity, spend hours debating with about a social issue, or can only agree to disagree with.

There are those who have similar personalities/characteristics as you. The people who complete your sentences, pinpoints your funny bone every time or gets on your nerve for being as stubborn as you are.

There are those who show undying loyalty towards you. The people who have been there throughout thick and thin, stuck up to you irregardless to the size of your opponent or agree with you so much that you find it annoying.

There are those who are just quiet. The people capable of listening intently to you daily rants, being on the fence and maintain neutrality despite you being in tears/extreme anger or disappear into the background when you are in need of advice or support.

There are those who make you laugh and nothing else. The people who make you guffaw like mad, brighten your darkest foulest mood or crack jokes at the most inappropriate times.

There are those who are ignorant but not necessarily in bliss. The people whose naivety make you (maybe just slightly) glad that there are still people as innocent as this in the world, whose indifference character make him/her a constant rock in your life or whose rudeness amaze and annoy you at equal lengths.

There are those who are vain. The people you turn to for the latest miracle diet, set up shopping dates with or make you feel slightly bad about your own appearance.

There are those who have strong personalities. The people you look up to for their firm belief and principles, turn to when in need of advices in departments they shine in or avoid when they start shooting down everything you do/say/think.


There are so many different types of friends in this world, as there are so many different personalities.

The way people interact with and react to each other is amazing. A mix of fate, coincidences, effort, intentions, consequences and expectations - to the dynamics we share with our friends today.

Why can I click with someone the opposite of me?
Why can't I stand someone who is 24/7 around me?

There is a place for everyone in life when it comes finding a group of friends to which they feel like they belong to.

I might be stubborn but there will be others out there as stubborn as me or much softer than me - but I can be friends with.

I might be loud but there will be others out there louder than me or way quiet than me - but I can feel comfortable with.

I might be temperamental but there will be others out there more as temperamental as me or times milder than me - but I can share my days with.

The two things holding this together - I believe are respect and effort.

I am never the perfect friend and will never be. But I promise I will respect all your choices in life and everything that comes along with those choices my friends have made - because I see that as a package in the term "friend". I also promise I will make an effort to nurture what we have now and to be a bigger part of your life.

There is no need to try too hard to be friends with someone who you just can't agree or agree to disagree with. I don't think you will be "friends" except only maybe on Facebook.

But the most important point here is, there is no such thing as not having friends in life. Maybe you haven't been looking hard enough. Or maybe you haven't put in enough effort.

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