Monday, May 17, 2010

Just if I could

Nothing has been going right ever since Friday.

Things can really go from wrong to wrong - bad to worse - even on the sunniest weekend.

When ladders trip over you after a toolbox before that and a hammer before that and yet another black cat before that, what can you do?

Go from strong to strong.

Get back on your feet, curse your wheels of fortune (for the day) and stomp away in the most flashy way. For you know, you will never end up at the end of that pile of ladder, toolbox, hammer and black cat again!

Whenever things go bad and emotions take over my sanity - I long to find an old tree, see a lollypop-coloured spiral at its bark and jump in.

Hopefully, I'll travel through something akin the tube of a toothpaste and finally plop onto a soft mass of purple coloured moss.

I'll be brave and curious enough wander off on my own and along the way meet with various funny characters.

Maybe a smiling dog with shiny eyes and a long striped bushy tail.

Perhaps a joke-cracking sunflower that falls asleep every 2 minutes.

Or fishes wearing reflective construction worker uniforms guiding the traffic.

Oh and beautiful little fairies the size of earrings sitting on my ear whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

I would be so happy cause I would forget about reality.

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