Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dream Shoes

I just met with my dream shoes.

It was just there staring at me wondering why I wasn't bringing it home.

I am crushed inside.
I am dying inside.

But with that price tag, even true love has to be sacrificed.

We shall meet and we shall greet - through the glass panels.

Until the day we belong to each other and stride the world fearless.

Wittner - LAMBA and Lady Millie.


3 Hikari*fications!:

Shinyi said...

My friend's friend has Lady Millie. very nice! now i'm considering but i don't think it'll look good on me.

And it's only $200! From your fb, I thought it was like $400!

mantshun said...

waaaa.... sai mmm sai aa... =.="

hikari* said...

Shinyi: Aww you are just tempting me more! $200 is very much to me. OMG you have indeed completely crossed over!

mantshun: Sai aaaaa..... and my birthday is in December!!!

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