Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hero in me

Suddenly I have 10 plus people walking in my house. All laughing and indulging in careful, small jokes. Some captivated in their own daydreaming. All being almost strangers to me. In this very place I call home.

. . . or at least for now.
I am really gonna miss this house of mine.

This soft comfy sofa. The tinge of wood covering half of the house. The icy-cold tiles on the floor. The just enough space around the house for us to run away from an angry Mum. The cozy rooms which cast a sleep spell on just anyone on rainy afternoons. The small luxuries like the treadmill, the massage chair and PS2 making my house my personal heaven.

The house itself is just a mere object.
The memories it evokes in me is another thing.

While I will miss this bachelorette pad (woohoo) of mine, I am sure it is okay as time will bring me a lot more memories to come. Can't wait for what is in store for me :)

I had a very nice dream last night and very Heroes-inspired. Well, not just Heroes-inspired but more like Heroes-sugiru! I dreamt that some people in my life has abilities. My sis was Nathan so she could fly. My mum was D.L. so she could phase through solid objects. Me? Isn't it obvious. I was Peter, so I could absorb other people's abilities. And we were excaping from a giant Dinosaur.

So I had to hold on to both my mum and my sis to allow all of us to phase through walls and soar through the air to escape from that very big and pestering dinosaur. Well, up until this point, it is Heroes-inspired.

Now, it is the Heroes-sugiru part. When I was about to phase through that wall. Wah. I did not just phase through it like it was an everyday-chore. Not at all. I am a very deep person ok?

So I was looking intently at that wall and then as I approached it, I could feel my heart beating real fast and there is this sensation or adrenaline rush inside of me. I had mixed feelings but still I walked through that wall. The scene, or how it was 'shot' (apparently) in my dream, was like the scene when Peter dreamt about him telling Charles Deveaux that he could fly and he started walking towards the open window.

And the feeling of phasing is really funny. How should I explain this. . . I felt like there was nothing pressuring me at all despite but felt a lot of things passing me by. It is like crossing a plastic tube which was very transparent allowing me to see all the solid particles I was phasing through, very light allowing me to pass by at a speed faster than usual walking. And when I exited the solid wall, I felt a slight push on my back. Despite feeling no pressure while phasing, it definitely felt lighter once crossing over.

And about flying! The first step was terrifying as I was not really good at controlling my new powers yet (how Peter-sugiru is this?), so when I stepped off that building, it was plain scary. I dropped slightly before feeling my body being lifted up in the air. It was not the most weightless feeling in the world like I expeected it to be. Maybe cos I was holding on to my sis and my mum, maybe this is the reason why, but I remember that I had to use strength to fly forward. While flying up was more of a natural thing, flying forward required strength in the form of pushing your whole body forward. And it made my vision slightly blurry, making it hard to locate the BIG dinosaur!

It was scary, but I saved my mum and sis. Too bad they are not really important people, so I dun think I saved the world la. But still, it proves I am a Peter-Hero!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A post about my Sis

I got a very erm, let us say 'expressive' photo during my trip in KK. In this photo, a lot of emotions are shown.






Imagination (too much).


Weakness in knees.



Feast your eyes.

Other than that, both me and this pretty sis of mine wasted around an hour on YouTube watching videos of Erika Sawajiri. Apparently, she is becoming a bit of a diva of late. So there we were saying this and that while watching our sweet Aya there. It made us crave for chocolates. . . irrelevantly but surely!

Other than that, both of us have a new song haunting us! By haunting, we mean serious haunting, where it plays in your mind every single moment and at one time, we even sang it out together the exact verse at the exact time! This is a song called 'Heavenly Days' by Yui Aragaki. I stumbled upon it while doodling on YouTube and saw that others were watching this. See how free I am lately?

Although different from the usual style of music I love, this song is surprisingly fresh and sweet and comfortable. And that girl is cute, like my sis. Hold your puke!

Favourited phrases of late:

"Youtube is free you idiot"

"Heavenly days. . ."

Favourited activities of late:

- Acting Lowena.

-YouTubing while reporting to Lowena.

- Surfing

- Disturbing mama.

Today is an extra special day as well for it is the official graduation day for a group of budding engineers of all cultures and fashions and styles in Clayton today. No matter how it went, Loretta Jie Jie is sure proud of u all! All the best from now on and I believe your future will be brighter than ever! As for the dinner you all owe me for this, I am willing to wait ok? Dun worry yourself too much over it, Loretta Jie Jie is not so particular. Hoho. Congrats to UncTan, Daniel, WooHsian, MokMok, Kevin, JingWen, WeiPin and all others who I might have missed!

Last of all, cross all your fingers, ALL OF THEM! Pray that my Milo gets nominated for the Golden Globe Awards! So proud of him~

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life and its miracles

Finally your dearest is back from KK. Dun even try to deny this fact, for wat other reason could there be which made you hog this rubbish blog of mine. To be fond of rubbish, the rubbish-owner has got to be something to u, no?

KK was a nice place to be. Especially when you have nice people bringing you around and a comfy car to travel in. Not mentioning all the amazing home made food and a cosy place to stay in~ ALL courtesy of Aunt Alice and Uncle Leong. While I will leave the details for some other time, lemme just give u all a brief picture of this pair of lovely couple.

Aunt Alice made currypuffs, moist chocolate cake, cotton cheese cake, radish cake, BBQ pork bun, stewed pork, tofu, etc all in a snap. I mean, no recipes needed. So from now on, the official opposite for Loretta will be Aunt Alice.

Uncle Leong has a lot of very, erm uncle-like interests, initially in rearing Koi fish, then dogs, then now to Bonsai and China-styled vases, crystals, decos and a statues~ I mean, a rough count revealed around 16 vases of sizes big and small just in the living room area.

A home-y home-y stay. So we all gained approximately 3 kgs in these 7 days!

Another great news! There is a new addition to the LO Family! Oooh, I got a new baby cousin who is just so darn cute I could kiss Milo . . . . irrelevantly? Haha! Her name is Giovina Gilbert Wong and of cos I hope she wont grow up to resemble a certain other person within the same family with a similar sounding name and of course, I hope this statement is just not too obvious.

Well, the funny thing about a baby is, he or she can really melt the coldest of hearts. Hard to put in words yet so strong a feeling. Seeing a baby is like looking at a miracle and to see such a miracle in front of you, one cant help but feel that there is really hope in this world. I cant help feeling amused. A baby, a new life, is brought into this world.

As I looked at those tiny delicate features, I cant help but be impressed by the wonders of life. The small fingers reaching into the air. The powdery soft skin. Those kicking legs so fragile and tiny. Those curious eyes ever so innocent. The small actions - yawning, sneezing, crying - that bring smiles upon faces.

I am not sure how I could convey this correctly. Despite everything I learn in Genetics regarding development and all the genes involved, I am sure there is something more than that as I watch those rolling eyes and the tiny sigh she let out. There must be something more.

As things become more concrete and explained in cold text in this world, baby Giovina reminded me that magic and miracles still exist and can almost always be seen in the smallest wonders in our everydays, as long as we take the time to obseve and to believe.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GLAY on.

I just watched Glay "Love is Beautiful" Arena Tour 2007 and what can I say? It was incredible and once again, put me on cloud nine. In my usual post-Glay state where I become dreamy as I start uttering about this burning desire of mine to go watch them live, slightly depressed as I become more immersed in this desire of mine, touched as I recall in my mind all those beautiful moments and lyrics becoming one, thankful as I reflect on what they sang to me and encouraged as if I had just been given a pat on the back by these fellas who are just so far away.

It may sound a bit exaggerated but it is true for they have helped me so much as I live through the tough everydays.
when I am stressed, Pure Soul is there to let me release everything along with Teru's voice.
When I am depressed, Hitohira no Jiyuu is there to encourage me and help me be stronger.
When I am scared, Koukai is there to tell me to keep on walking in all weathers.
When I am unsure of myself, Subete ga Ai Datta is there to remind me that I should make my own life shine.
When I am bored, Giant Strong Faust Superstar never fails to make me grin silly.

All the songs that fill me with emotions and allowed me to develop an optimistic perspective on things in life.
Dramatic as it may seem, I can't thank them enough.

Tonight I am just overwhelmed by the influence they have in me as I was mesmerized by their latest performance an hour ago. I haven't watched their lives for some time. And then suddenly, this came and now here I am all emotional.

I swear I would have cried if I were there and just knowing that they might be somewhere near me, I'd cry again.

The live was a great one. Started off with Mirror, which had always been my favourite but performed live, it was so much better. Immediately, I was touched by how much more improved Teru's voice was from last time. The following songs were new and full of energy making it fun and allowed me to immerse deeper into this live! Then came the new ballads of which Natsuoto and Bokutachi no Shouhai made me speechless the entire performance. I didn't want to miss a single note. Both these songs have really powerful lyrics and reminded me of the time when I walked back alone from uni, while trying to forget about the mountains of assignments!

Lone Wolf was a great new song and it made me so proud of Glay. Ok, maybe they dun even know but I felt proud! More Than Love was amazing despite being such an old song. This is the magic of Glay I guess, they bring back the magic of the good old times. I must say that I adored Jiro in Shutter Speed no Theme! He was just so cute prancing around with his bass, strumming so hard u can see the strings shaking violently on his bass, his serious expression, his head banging and more jumping and swinging! It was a blast! And Teru jumps so high! I wish I could reach half of that!

Of course, in the end, there was Beautiful Dreamer and Layla. The ending song always makes fans sad and tears start welling up in their eyes. But when I listened to Layla, I just felt touched and a sense of gratitude. Well, I remember the meaning of this song, and to listen to it from him, it was just. . . . so powerful. It made me speechless and for a moment, I wanted to cry as well!

The encore sessions were terrific. Kodou, my first time watching it live, was great. This is another song which had been accompanying me through some of the hard days back in uni this year. So it was emotional listening to it just now. Teru forgetting the lyrics during Think About My Daughter was so funny. Love him. Acid Head and the others were plain great!! Relived the Glay moment all over again in just 3 hours.

When the DVD ended, I was half dreading it already. I didn't want it to end.

The chances of me ever attending any of their concerts are low, I admit. It breaks my heart.

If a DVD of their live watched from a small laptop screen could make me feel this much and so real, I wonder what will happen if I were able to be there in person one of these days.

After all, rather than blaming the whole of the world for not being able to be there ever, I would rather be a Beautiful Dreamer.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lame Sis

After a night of suppers over and over again with a number of accomplices, I am now calm enough to blog. Having nothing much to do over here, I re-watched HEROES Season 1 again. And yet again, stuck with my stupid sis. So as u might have suspected, we cracked a lot of lame jokes. So here i am now, inspired to record some of them here.

Lame Joke #1

(Sylar cuts Peter's head and the scene switches to show a few drops of blood and a bundle of Peter's hair on the floor)
Me: Wah! Cannot! The hair!
Sis: I want.
Me: . . . I want also.

Lame Joke #2

(Peter was pushed off a building by Claude and lands and damages a cab)
Sis: That must be the cab Suresh was driving in. Cos everything is connected and you see, after that you never see him driving a cab anymore.
Me: I think so too.

(The cab resurfaces after 3 hours )
Sis: Oh, he had it repaired. So fast.

Lame Joke #3

Sis: (Motions a crooked mouth) See, I am Peter.
Me: He didn't get a stroke.

Lame Joke #4

Me: Look at their eyes, their eyebrows. So similar rite, Peter, Nathan and their mum.
Sis: Ya lo. Oh!! Maybe it is our destiny as well! See, our eyebrows are so DARK!
Me: Oh no, save the cheerleader?
Sis: Dun wan. Dun wanna save her.
(For some reasons. . . haha)

Lame Joke #5

Sis: Hoiyo! I want them to all fight together alongside each other like, like. . . Sailormoon!
Me: Yer, dun wan! So disgusting.
Sis: Then Peter will be like, "Ali Larter beat up that, Hiro kill that". Then in the end, Peter will be like. . . er . .
Me: (sings some self composed opera-song)
Sis: Exactly!!

Okay enough for now. Realized it is a bit tarnishing for my image. But I have nothing to do here!!

Angry as I am

Suddenly I feel very angry today. I mean it is not really sudden, erm it had been there for a while. I managed to suppress it, thus erasing it gradually. It is nothing serious and you would probably think that I was jus being a big stupid baby, crying over spilt milk.


What if it was the LAST BIG, DELICIOUS, CARAMEL-FLAVOURED 1000 L BUCKET of milk?

Argghh! I cannot hold it anymore!

I mean. To fall sick during the LAST and ONLY shopping day in Thailand! How CUTE can that be!

In the midst of all the shopping-buzz and eye-candies, suddenly dear Me felt dizzy and slightly cold. Then real cold. Then faint. Then I vomited. Then I was ushered to a clinic. Then I was given an anti-vomit tablet. Then it made me drowzy. Then I slept.

Anyone knows what 'bummer' means?
It means, being ushered to a clinic in a wheelchair with hordes of people looking and getting a treatment which makes u too drowsy to shop while all the prospective investments in all those shops looked back at you with thier puppy dog eyes.

Ergh. . . The worst part? Oh, i mean 'parts'?

1) Amy and SiewChin were there. So, it means Amy will be announcing to Olivia. And oh no (!), SiewChin will make sure this piece of memory stays around for a LONG LONG time. In fact, I remember something like this:

Amy: Then Lorenta vomit again how?
SC: Then no wheelchair how?

2) Then WenJi paraded her Mount Everest of new stuffs while I continued being pathetic with my Bukit Bendera of new stuffs.

3) If only I didn't take the medicine, I might not be drowsy at all. And the attack will go on! But I might vomit again and the Worst Part #1 joke might be worse.

4) After that urgh, SLEEP in Platinum, I was healthy as a cow.

This is so so sad. But through this experience, I learnt that Thai people are actually really nice and their service was terrific in handling a sick person like me.

Okay I am still a bit angry at the turn of events but oh well, just let them laugh. I dun really care. . . . that much. Hmph.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My DearDear

Okay, I admit to favouring piano-people but FAVOUR is the most powerful word to be used to describe this affection of mine. Cos I just WATCH them more often over on YouTube, TALK about them more often with some unsuspecting friends, SEND people like Steve some links to them, THINK about them a bit more every now and then.

But that is just about it! That is all! Seriously. . . . .

Anyway, this affection influenced me enough to get home earlier on Monday night to catch my latest DearDear (kekeke) on the National Geographic Channel. What is so special about him? Well, I now present to the important people in my world (if I have not done so ady. . . .), my Marc Yu (click here).

Isn't he just plain cute?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

RedBox Birthday Old-Fashioned Style

This is a season of birthdays!

Well for the first time in my life, I have had two mini celebrations of my very own birthday in November which is a month before my birthday itself! Which is not a bad thing and definitely not something I would complain about! After all, I am turning 21 this year. Anything more to complain about other than the fact that I am gonna be 21! The two BIG candles will be persisting from now on.

First of all, on the 27th of Nov, I had a surprise. It was a surprise surprise as althought both expressed the NEED or IMPORTANCE of me being there on that day, I didn't suspect a single thing. Why? Cos one of them is 38 Elaine and the other is the more-38 KangNing. And being 38s, I usually dun question their insane requests as there is usually no reason behind them.

But it was great when I went into that tiny RedBox Room and found a cute little chocolate basket cake with a very very old-fashioned Happy Birthday Song playing. It was so touching and I swear I must have looked quite idiotic at that moment.

Nevertheless, it was such a happy moment as I will be parting with my Dar-Group! See, we formed this group a few months ago. Elaine's chinese name is Ling, so she tot it would be appropriate to call her Dar-Ling. KangNing will be Dar-Ning. But then, I would be Dar-Henn! That is so unfair so I din care, I merajuk-ed and insisted on it being Dar+surname instead. So now, Elaine is Dar-Yap, KangNing is Dar-Pang and I am Dar-Lo. Fair rite?

This is the Happy Birthday Song dedicated to yours truly. Is it wrong to call it old-fashioned?!

A tiny little cute chocolate basket cake from two tiny little cute friends to the tiny little cute Me. I am a poetic being.

The OCEAN of people trying to take pictures with the birthday gal.

Although it wasn't anything big nor was there a lot of people but it was perfect enough. And it kinda breaks my heart to know that we might not be hanging out as much next year. Nevertheless, I shall preserve my MSN-annoyance to you all :)

This is th FurryBag I got for my birthday from Elaine, KangNing and QBee. So sweet of them. And before u say 'vain' or 'yucks' just consider that this might be the last time we indulge in self-portraiting together for a long long time :P Elaine? She is enjoying some 80's Chinese song I think. . .

A scene I would never forget. The scenario of my very first 21st Birthday Party with my Dar-Yap and Dar-Pang.

Now that I am back in Sandakan and knowing that I will be migrating soon from this hometown of mine, I couldnt help loving it more here and have thus, exhausted my camera quite a bit in an attempt to capture all that I can while I am here. My Aunt Bin treated me to a simple Chinese dinner that nite as she wont be here during my birthday so up till now, I have had 2 birthday celebrations and counting. . . .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thai yo #1

I am back from Thailand. Please stop saying that you miss me. Cos this has been appearing too often in my dreams and I really am not thinking too much. Trust me on this OR ask yourself about it.

First comes first, happy birthday to both Steve and Eric! To those who accidentally read this, no fear. No need to buy presents for them cos they dun like them. Clear? But it is time to get a girlfriend guys. . . . . It has been, erm, how many gazillion years?
But anyway, here is to the BIG, NEW 29 to u two!

Haha, i mean 22, yoyo! I got coconut ice-creams for u two from Ratchaburi but they melted and I couldnt do much abt it. How?
Well, my trip was a blast~! A trip which was to happi-fying after a series of event that it passed by so very quickly and before you know it, u start missing every single moment of it. Not sulking-ly but with total endearment.
The team reunited in LCCT. SiewChin and Gavin met me first. And as I suspected!! WenJi was also there! How did I guess it? *ahem ahem*

Clues/ Mistakes/ Hints:
Unc Tan: WenJi got a secret, u know? I promised not to tell. Amy will tell u once u reach Thai.

Amy: I got a surprise for u in Thai! Wenji coming back on 16th rite? Oh, sorry, maybe I remember wrongly.
p.Bank: So u all 5 ppl rite? Erm, i mean 4.

It was really kinda kindergarten level kinda guessing. And as soon as I met SC, she had to start her sarcasm again by saying, "Eh, I tot u said WenJi might come? U too sensitive, rite?" Before I raised my pitch to defend, there she was standing in front of us. Grinning like she succeed. Ceh, I'd say u tricked us 40%.
Once we reached, we met Amy completely decked in platforms and DARK hair. Looked quite different with dark hair. But, erm, seriously, this is the only half a day where her hair was neat, normal and not-Ratchaburi-style. I elaborate this statement, but I promised not to release the evidence!
This here shows the reunion of the the four of us, all pretty, cute and seductive (irrelevant?).
Off we went to Paragon for a sushi lunch. And Paragon was kinda simlar to KLCC. So we did a LOT of (!!!) . . . window-shopping and oohs and ahhs. The lunch was great and a LOT. I was most excited for the dessert! No need to explain for this rite?
From a Japanese place called Fuji. Green tea ice cream with red bean, ais kacang stylo with red bean, takoyaki, teriyaki ika (squid), assorted sushi, tempura ebi (prawn), teriyaki fish and sukiyaki~
With beautiful foos of cos u get more beautiful people. And excuse the vanity shots as we just arrived and are all at 'country/ kampung'-level 10.
After the lunch, we went to Siam for some shopping. The place was kinda similar to Sungai Wang with a lot of teenagers. In one of the shops, I heard a cover version on SCREAM by GLAYxEXILE in Thai. Teru does look over me, wherever I go *sob*. We met Ophe and her boyfriend here as well! Been about a year since I saw her in Melbourne and yet I am still shorter than her! Justice, where are u?
Lame Joke #1
Amy: A lot of those agent rite, come here look for pretty gals na.
Me: That's why u come here so often rite?
Amy: Ya la. For 13 years. (or another number)
After that short trip, off we went Ratchaburi and saw Amy's house for the first time! Then to dinner for traditional Thai food. I mean, a LOT of it. All dishes were nice especially the roasted pork leg. And they were not spicy at all. I jus drank a bit more water than usual. Like, 7 cups. Normal la.

Traditional Thai food from Ratchaburi. Porn fried rice and Spicy Porn (find out why below), haha. Roasted Pork Leg, Sweet and Sour Fish and Squid TomYum~

IS she cute? Of cos she is, in Ratchaburi na.

Lame Joke #2
Amy: This is Spicy Porn (Prawn) and Porn Friend Rice.
SC: Spicy Porn, is it? (See how bad she is)
Me: You like Porn?
Amy: Ya la. Very nice.

Amy's mum is really cute. An avid shopper, food hunter, entertainment provider, event planner and HelloKitty fan. Her car is filled with HelloKitty cushions, etc and so is her office toilet! How cute is that. But this kinda contradicts the fact that I told my mum to add 'Kunai' as her surname when she told me she wanted 'Kawaii' as her japanese name, to give 'KawaiiKunai'. Oh well, u dun care rite?
That nite we slept like pigs cos we were gonna take off the next morning to a place I have yet to recall the name. So i shall call it, **Buri for now. Please remind me later, SC!

Just before departing Amy's house, I took a rare photo of two different generations, the first generation (Amy's Mum and WenJi) and the second generation (Amy), clad in the same Rainbow T-shirts! Cute!
We met two of Amy's frens, Ji and Cat, and her mum's frens, a cute Auntie I met from Aussie last year! So all bundled up in a van. As soon as the addition of these Thai gang, the scene in front became like a live Thai drama. And it is then, we realized something abt Amy. In Ratchaburi, she laughs differently. According to SC, if the laugh 'kekekeke' should be created for one person, it has to be Amy. I will try to induce it in Aussie next year! Oi, mai mai!

Lame Joke #3

SC: (Put on Amy's mum's cap)
Gv: Oi, why are u wearing so many hats? Take off!
SC: (Took off the cap)
Gv: Why are u still wearing a helmet. Take off! Take off!
. . . .Cos SC's had bangs.

The lunch we had in the Dolphin Park. Red noodles with soft shelled crabs, Stuffed squids, Stewed pork and Spicy Porn, er Prawn are some of the dishes.

Us all and two new funny friends from thai. Maybe can be called the MaiMai Gang?

In the afternoon we went to a Dolphin Park owned by the sibling of Amy's mum's frens. WE saw a short Dolphin Show and then got to be dolphin trainers, erm more like play with dolphins!was it fun? You bet! Was i not scared a single bit? You bet!

Us all playing with dolphins. ME and SC kissed by dolphinsa and SC shaking hands with a dolphin. The pics of the others are still missing~

Us all swimming with dolphins. Due to the excessive amount of food, our waistline might have expanded so much that the dolphin is completely beyond view. Sorry for the inconvenience. Amy's got some hilarious shots which i have yet to get!

The trainers there taught us how to make the dolphins perform some simple tricks and then swam with 3 different dolphins! A funny moment was when he taught made us motion the dolphin to spit out water and it aimed at WenJi, again and again and again. Which was so funny. Then there was once when Gv lost his grip of the dolphin while swimming with it and SC said, "Sigh, the dolphin gave up on him ady."

Lame Joke # 4

Amy: (Climbing up from the water) I wanna get up like a dolphin. (Got stuck and no one helped since everyone expected to see a 'dolphin').

That night we checked into ManeeChan Hotel and drank some cincau like drink which was supposed to have slimming effect! I was hoping for another 5 cups, but they never came. That nite we went to a nearby shopping mall where I saw Mister Donut and ignored cos of the lack of flavours left. Big mistake, never got to try them at all! ISh! We ate hot pot and the portion in Thai is so much smaller explaining why the gals there are slimmer! Here I bought some cute voodoo doll keychains for Lok and nothing else! The next morning, I had a vanity session with WenJi which involved a lot of self-portraits that I accidentally burnt for SC as well. I am so dead this time. I guess, she will be haunting-taunting me for a long time with this!
Some shots taken from ManeeChan Hotel. Isnt it beautiful? Well, credits to the photographer as well. . . . . rite?

Lame Joke #5

SC: Amy, what is your chinese name?
Amy: Erm, Hen Mei Li.
SC: I mean seriously ok?
Amy: Haha, erm, Hen Ke Ai.

Next we were getting ready to go Pattaya!! Stay tuned as I dun hv the pics now haha!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Since I can't join the DiGi competition, I tot I might as well show you guys what I submitted. IT is pretty amateur but please bear with me okay! I did all these in 2 days, so please understand!

This is actually the last piece I drew. For this one, I just wanted everything to be very erm, 'Square'? For some reason I wanted to see everything squared in this dress! Wanted it to be simple and clean (no Hikki pun intended!). The shoes of course are inspired by my recent addiction to my fiery red heels! After using everything square, I tot it would be funny to add some spherical globes on the head. As for the make up, I tot an Audrey Hepburn style would be nice!

This was the second piece I drew! The black was gonna be of sily material and as usual, I couldn't quite express it through my colouring skills. I wanted it to be dark and mysterious for the dress itself but super BLING for the accessories! As for the bangles, I put them on the legs instead of hands, as I could never find a bangle small enough for my hands and yet they are too small to be forcefully inserted thru my leg! So it would be nice if these were real! And wedges! Something I am aiming for in Thai! The make up would be really of a bright hue to contrast the dark outift!

This is the first piece I drew! It all started with a conversation regarding how sexy a kimono can be. . . . Then as expected my mind wandered to everything japanese and finally to wanting to go Hokkaido, again. This is obviously heavily jap-influenced and I tot the hoody thing would look cool! When let down, it would fall slightly lower to reveal a BIT of your back. And the front part is of course sexy~ And to tell u the truth, I ady had in mind who I wanna see wearing this in case I really got to fabricate it! This decision is hugely based on the front part of this outfit *ahem*. And the shoes, I wanted it to be ninja like, although it didn't really turn out so! And after all these, I tot it would be cool if bright or even neon pink be part of the make up! Funky~

This is the third piece I drew. The inspiration? Erm, I just wanted there to be a lot of subtle flowing, floating and dancing action. And so the ribbons and the big bundle behind it. The ribbons would be of shiny sily material again to portray the liveliness of the action I want! After all that, I thought adding in a feather or two would be nice. They would sway in the air. And then I remembered Mr Jiro in one of the lives he played! So feathers on the hair as well!
How nice if I could have brought all this to live! But there is always another time~
And here I shall leave u all for 5 days while I soak up all of Thailand! What will happen in Thai? A typical conversation pre-Thai trip:
Amy: When you get out of Gate 4, u turn rite then u see me there a
Me: Ok, if i dun see u i call u la. Or u can spot my pretty face or my big group of fans.
Amy: Haha kk watever la. Maybe my fans and yours can get to know each other also.
I can't wait.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Theme Park Scares

Today I got some more new pictures from the Genting Trip from QBee. Looking at these pictures, memories suddenly came pouring in. Ergh, it is almost always not good sign, when one becomes overwhelmed by memories all of a sudden. For this always happens due to partings. But in a sense, I should be grateful to realize that most of these memories are sweeter than ever. Although memories may fade with time, but the fact that they were sweet will last a lifetime.

Like usual, I was the busy one there on the phone, talking about my million dollar business up down. And no! The noise, lights, commotion, camera flash, pretty ladies - all the distractions will not affect my attention to Uncle Tan!

Group Pic Number 1. Mind you, I was the one who found this NICE and WIDE open area. Enough to accommodate all our exaggerated antics! And refrain yourself from calling me the most exaggerated one for as u can see, Elaine is just warming up. . .

Like you can see from this picture, the fakely-camera-shy PKN is starting a bit ady. But Elaine is ady competing with me. She is seriously Yin Sau Ba rite here!

And in this pic, everything is clear. PKN is not so camera shy after all for poking her butt at me. And I am levelling up slowly. But look at Elaine. Wah, definitely Fo Liu! Fire!

It all started with two cherries which were abandoned by its owner, aka. the one who ate the pudding and chucked out the cherries. Then, there was a fight over these two 'orphan' cherries. In the end, Elaine won and deposited the little 'orphan' cherries into their new warm home, with a very Wide Open Welcome Door (her mouth). I wonder where the cherries are now haha.

As you can see, although I do not go on any EXCITING rides in any theme parks, my role is definitely essential. See all the ah sau(s) giving me their bags in the first pic. Well, it made me a Super Handbag Ah Sau, or in my words, a Human Bag Hanger. And later, QBee joined me for this role. I am so very extremely important.

This is a mysterious pic. As in, wat was my hand doing? And that third hand! Why is it there? Someone solve this for me please. Is this a punishment for being vain? I promise I'll tell PKN to stop it.

As you can see in this picture. I am taller than 137 cm. MUCH TALLER actually. And using this ruler, after extrapolation, it would make me 165 cm.

Can you guess what happened here? Well, for some unknown reasons. Two adults bumped heads. Was it too foggy? Maybe.

It is funny how a ride can make even adults or semi-adults like us behave like kids all over again. Maybe it is the excitement or enthusiasm we lost in the course of the repetitive daily routines in life. A ride allows our inner child to re-surface. But, again, without the Human Bag Hanger, is this even possible?

In case you didn't know ady, I am on a diet to fit into a nice swimsuit in Thai! It took courage to write the last sentence, gosh. So when I met my true 'loves' in Genting, try to feel the pain from these pictures. Notice the teary eyes, the trembling lips, heavy as lead hands. I miss chocolates. I want white Chocolate now!
I am forever asked why I dun go on rides. Well, to Choo & the Gang who automatically lets me assume my Human Bag Hanger role without much pestering and persuading, I thank you. Although, I may seem like Lara Croft from the outside (wat do u mean no? at least physically ok?), I am a loser at these things. But I tried all ok!
Jerudong Park in Brunei was a nightmare to me. Let me disclose all info here muahaha.
I was tricked onto a so called boat ride which my mum declined saying that she was tired. Sneaky rat she was! It was one of those which suddenly drops down in high speed! I remember being so scared after seeing wat happened to the boat in front of me that I panicked and I lost the memory of about 3 seconds of when the boat dropped.
Then I was tricked onto another one. The Pirate Ship. Well, we sat in the middle, not much harm? Well, I bit my lips so hard it bled. So embarassing rite? I felt my butt being lifted up from my seat with every swing of the stupid ship! And I didn't open my eyes throughout the whole ride. I felt like I was on that ship for 3 hours, all the while tortured!
Then we have the mini roller-coaster in Tokyo Disneyland back when I was in Form 2 i think. Seeing a few grandmas lining up for that one I was motivated to try! Me and my mum were like, "Ah po can, we cannot?" and so we lined up for it as well. But then in the end, the Ah Po(s) really won. Every turn the small cart made, my heart left my body. I think my heart has a very high inertia. So it took some time to return to my body with every sharp turn the stupidly fast cart made.
There were a few other less scary ones which made me uneasy and suffocated. And remember the Army camp night, where we are supposed to roam the area while the people there scared us? Neh, the camp Choo made us ALL join before he left for HK (HK i think). Now u remember rite? I did not leave Po Hwa for even one second.
Speaking of Choo, the Banana Boat memory came back. A simple sightseeing trip rite? Yeah RITE. I was flung off the Banana Boat and into the deep sea. I still remember opening my eyes to nothing but darkness and a small beam of light. And I did not think of myself being Sora in Kingdom Hearts during the opening but I thought I was gonna die for sure! And that same day, on the way back to KK in a speedboat, I kept feeling I was floating up and out of the boat. So I pulled Steve's T-shirt so hard, it became longer. And cuter la.
I am very chicken at these things but I love Theme Parks for the atmosphere, the people, the excitement, the food, the photography sessions and so much more! Missing out on the rides, do not mean there is no meaning to theme parks!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

GENTING frenzy

Sad to announce that I have decided to drop out of the Digi Fashion contest, as the time limit is truly challenging especially to a newbie like me! But I realized that I have a lot of friends who are nice to me. Thanks to all of you! For helping me with all the suggestions, the bizarre ideas, the zany tricks and of cos, the comfort you all gave me.

I do feel disappointed and sad but oh well, the world is a window of opportunities. At least I managed to go this far and I should just feel content with what I have now.

Okay never mind about that for now it is time to talk a bit about my one night stay at Genting with all the gals! It was quite a fun trip and the highlight of it of cos is the celebration of both Elaine and Jennifer's birthdays which are respectively on the 16th of November and 21st of November! So to all who read this, you cannot deny not knowing a reason to give them gifts evern again.
First let me welcome u to our room, a crammed little place warmest in the whole of Genting!

This is Elaine and Jennifer beaming at the camera after they blew out the candles. And yes, they are both 43 years old. Obviously.

In a mere minute of what could have been a normal wishing time for birthday girls, look at what Elaine is doing. I mean, this is like an experiment testing the linkage between 38-ness and facial expression, where Jennifer is the control.

This is funny! See the fast change in action and expression when on camera and off camera? Even the workers could not bear to see more poses from these 3 posers. The camera-girl of course was not part of this group hoho.

One of our best attempts at self portrait and this is courtesy of me la of course. It is both a joy and a shame to be labeled a pro at self portrait-ing. But loved the cheesy grins of both Elaine and KangNing. Too bad her face is too big to fit into the camera. Oh well. . .

This shows Elaine on her first ride. As you can see, she was hyper-active, high and erm, not wearing shoes?

This was taken the morning when we were about to leave. If you think I look a bit stupid in this picture, it is cos KangNing is 'acting' normal.

See, didn't I prove myself? With Elaine by my side, I look 'normal'. Thanks dear.

See, we are all adults when we go outdoors!

This is an action packed picture of me and Elaine, riding on the bus across all continents into our endless future! Mou zhun geh mei loi! Yin sau ba yin sau ba! Haha...

This is one of my favourite shots! Loved the very different reactions of these three! As usual Elaine is a bit perasan, KangNing is acting cute and QBee is haha, just funny.

I must say that Elaine can be nominated as the second (after my sis of cos) person with the most elastic face. Just one phone call. Less than one minute. But thousands of facial expressions and don't forget the LOUD voice!

The theme of this picture is to pretend to be walking. Notice the word PRETEND. Of cos, I looked more natural so I passed! Elaine has to re-sit la. . . .

When we were having our buffet lunch, suddenly we realized that there are two different clans among us. The Mushroom Duo and the (cute, pretty, sexy, lady) Curly Duo. If u din get it, it is cos of our hairstyles. And pardon me, but let me emphasize that I MEAN every word I used int he last sentence. *ahem ahem*

And then we found the jolliest yellow being in the world! The DIGI yellow guy! So now we are called the DIGI Babies! But is the Mushroom Duo or the Curly Duo the more geng one of the DIGI Babies?

Of course it is the Curly Duo la. See our dedication in the first pic? And the last one. We even memorized its signature pose! Are we buddies or not, Yellow Fellow?

It was a nice experience, expecially when it is with friends whom u know u might be missing anytime soon. There will be inevitable partings but so will there be reunions which will be all the while sweeter and warmer. Just as long as we treasure all these then we will be bound together by memories so sweet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Optimism till the end?

I am struck with two heart attacks within one motion-sickness loaded afternoon. As if the first one was not disturbing or shocking enough, I had to read an electrifyingly-terrifyingly-shocking mail. It literally made me break into a session of cold sweat. Urgh. . .

I joined a Fashion Design competition again a few weeks back after a chance encounter with one of the person in charge in Monash. And lucky as I am at times, I got chosen into the Top 8. And this time, I can actually get RM 1000 to translate (erm, kinda bio-like term) these sketches into real clothes! Which is so so tempting.

But of cos, there is a catch in everything and as usual, time is never nice to me!

The finals is going to be on the 24th of November.
That leaves me less than 10 days.
For 4 designs.
And with no technical skills whatsoever.
And doomsday.

The person in charge told me I could just give up the thing and I have to confirm by tomorrow for they will need to notify someone else in place of me.

But they tempted me so badly.
I am kinda reluctant to just let it go.

Unlike the L'oreal competition, where I had my doubts and insecurities, this time I was all up for it! Somehow, L'oreal made me more confident. And this time, it is different, for I will be seeing and competing in a design competition! A fashion design competition. I can see how good I am in it and learn from there.

But with such a timeline and no experience at all in this department, it is so impossible. And this breaks my heart.

Today is the 15th and if I start, it will be on the 16th officially?
And I will be going Thailand from the 18th till the 23rd this month.
What am I to do?

Being an optimist, I thought about this. This is a bit over-the-top in terms of the optimism department, but please bear with me. . . .

If I agree tomorrow and by the 17th, get 4 tailors to help me with each design along with the help of some frens, then return by the 23rd and have one last rehearsal. Wouldn't that be great? And to think that on the finals night, SiewChin and WenJi will be there or might be there!

That is so awesome. But should I continue being so optimistic?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Time flies~~~

This is so unusual. So unusual.

I am sitting here and wondering what to do! I mean, for the whole of 9 months or a bit more than that, I have been fuming about the workload, the endless journal reading, the road crossing to get to uni, the loud Elain. . .er, the loud alarm clock, the many sleepless report nights and the suddenly POOF! Everything is gone.

This might sound just slightly stupid but I am missing my uni life ady! It has just been 3 days.

But I promise I will get used to this.

The point is, somehow I feel at a loss now as to wat to do for my future.
Do too much, u feel sorry for yourself.
Do too little, u are consumed by guilt.
Don't think about it, your mum might smack u.

But I guess it is pretty understandable to be a bit reluctant to start on anything right now. After all, freedom has never been so sweet and boredom that enjoyable. As long as we remember to buck up and continue this journey called life, then we should all be fine.

With the end of my degree, comes a few too many goodbyes which I dread. To have to part, althought not forever, with some people who have been through so much with you is never easy as it leaves u wondering when and where would u meet again. And by that time, will their be any long pauses in your conversation or shy glances across the coffee table. Will her name still pops up the second u reach for ur handphone? Will there still be that familiar face greeting u at the door from time to time?

People change as time goes by. But I am sure, regardless of the destination we arrive in in the near future, we will be fine as a person. And with a little effort in keeping in touch, no distance can part us.

As of now, let us just indulge a bit in this sweet holidays of ours!
In 24 hours' time, I'll be in Genting!
In 5 days' time, I will be in Ratchaburi with Amy and SiewChin!
In +/- 6 days' time, KangWei will be running after Peter for me!

There might be a Melaka trip with WenJi!
In 2 weeks' time I will be back in good ol' Sandakan!

Wafuru~ Woohoo! (Loved Hiro in that scene!)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No patience needed

I know this new skin of mine is kinda hard to navigate but who can resist? It is just too cute! And please enjoy it while u still can. For I will be reaching a state of body perfection in no time and then, this skin will retire.

U dun even need patience for this wait! Nyahaha!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Uluru Sized

Well, for those of you who happened to see 'Loretta WILL like oat, apples, bananas, etc' and 'Loretta will DIET for Amy' declared on my MSN banner lately, I am on a diet. For my dearest friend Amy, told me we will be having some water action during our trip in Thai. Dun get it? That means I have to be in a swim suit. Still dun get it? That means 24/7 sucking in. Still still dun get it? That means I might be going Thai as a hippo.

But, I must say that, that diet plan of mine, is really starting tomorrow and not today. So the following post does not change anything. Really. After all, even if it does, there are only those bad influences in my life to blame. And of course this does not include KangWei! (remember to run for Peter!)

My day started out pretty normally. Minus the studying.

Some hanging out time with friends after Shabu Shabu...

Just normal chatting and joking like there was not an air of trouble at all...

And then came the chocolate fondue from the bad Haagen Dazs worker. DIET was written on my forehead but he kept insisting we eat the chocolate fondue. The ice creams are innocent of cos. Sweet delicacies are never wrong!
So what is a girl to do but to try minimally with rational thinking and a half full stomach?
Well, to eat faster than KangNing and to fill up the empty half of my stomach? Genius. . . .
And, guess which side of the fondue was mine? Ha ha, obvious? No la. . .

Cos, at least I was not caught with another Eating Monster themed photo! Oh, I love KangNing in this picture. The excitement, rush against time, fight againts dripping chocolated, overwhelmed by the competition from the other equally beastly frens (excluding KangWei la of cos, ho ho ho. Remember Peter ya) and in her face the one and only word: GLUTTONY.

After all this action happened, I arrived home satisfied and happy. Until I took off my coat and glanced at the mirror before I showered. Then the image of the Roxy shop assistant flashed in my mind.

"You wanna try our latest swim wear?" asked the naive while holding a teeny-weeny bikini strung with the thinnest threads which could most probably just cover my Uluru/ Ayers Rock sized butt.

So I sighed.