Thursday, December 13, 2007

A post about my Sis

I got a very erm, let us say 'expressive' photo during my trip in KK. In this photo, a lot of emotions are shown.






Imagination (too much).


Weakness in knees.



Feast your eyes.

Other than that, both me and this pretty sis of mine wasted around an hour on YouTube watching videos of Erika Sawajiri. Apparently, she is becoming a bit of a diva of late. So there we were saying this and that while watching our sweet Aya there. It made us crave for chocolates. . . irrelevantly but surely!

Other than that, both of us have a new song haunting us! By haunting, we mean serious haunting, where it plays in your mind every single moment and at one time, we even sang it out together the exact verse at the exact time! This is a song called 'Heavenly Days' by Yui Aragaki. I stumbled upon it while doodling on YouTube and saw that others were watching this. See how free I am lately?

Although different from the usual style of music I love, this song is surprisingly fresh and sweet and comfortable. And that girl is cute, like my sis. Hold your puke!

Favourited phrases of late:

"Youtube is free you idiot"

"Heavenly days. . ."

Favourited activities of late:

- Acting Lowena.

-YouTubing while reporting to Lowena.

- Surfing

- Disturbing mama.

Today is an extra special day as well for it is the official graduation day for a group of budding engineers of all cultures and fashions and styles in Clayton today. No matter how it went, Loretta Jie Jie is sure proud of u all! All the best from now on and I believe your future will be brighter than ever! As for the dinner you all owe me for this, I am willing to wait ok? Dun worry yourself too much over it, Loretta Jie Jie is not so particular. Hoho. Congrats to UncTan, Daniel, WooHsian, MokMok, Kevin, JingWen, WeiPin and all others who I might have missed!

Last of all, cross all your fingers, ALL OF THEM! Pray that my Milo gets nominated for the Golden Globe Awards! So proud of him~

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