Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GLAY on.

I just watched Glay "Love is Beautiful" Arena Tour 2007 and what can I say? It was incredible and once again, put me on cloud nine. In my usual post-Glay state where I become dreamy as I start uttering about this burning desire of mine to go watch them live, slightly depressed as I become more immersed in this desire of mine, touched as I recall in my mind all those beautiful moments and lyrics becoming one, thankful as I reflect on what they sang to me and encouraged as if I had just been given a pat on the back by these fellas who are just so far away.

It may sound a bit exaggerated but it is true for they have helped me so much as I live through the tough everydays.
when I am stressed, Pure Soul is there to let me release everything along with Teru's voice.
When I am depressed, Hitohira no Jiyuu is there to encourage me and help me be stronger.
When I am scared, Koukai is there to tell me to keep on walking in all weathers.
When I am unsure of myself, Subete ga Ai Datta is there to remind me that I should make my own life shine.
When I am bored, Giant Strong Faust Superstar never fails to make me grin silly.

All the songs that fill me with emotions and allowed me to develop an optimistic perspective on things in life.
Dramatic as it may seem, I can't thank them enough.

Tonight I am just overwhelmed by the influence they have in me as I was mesmerized by their latest performance an hour ago. I haven't watched their lives for some time. And then suddenly, this came and now here I am all emotional.

I swear I would have cried if I were there and just knowing that they might be somewhere near me, I'd cry again.

The live was a great one. Started off with Mirror, which had always been my favourite but performed live, it was so much better. Immediately, I was touched by how much more improved Teru's voice was from last time. The following songs were new and full of energy making it fun and allowed me to immerse deeper into this live! Then came the new ballads of which Natsuoto and Bokutachi no Shouhai made me speechless the entire performance. I didn't want to miss a single note. Both these songs have really powerful lyrics and reminded me of the time when I walked back alone from uni, while trying to forget about the mountains of assignments!

Lone Wolf was a great new song and it made me so proud of Glay. Ok, maybe they dun even know but I felt proud! More Than Love was amazing despite being such an old song. This is the magic of Glay I guess, they bring back the magic of the good old times. I must say that I adored Jiro in Shutter Speed no Theme! He was just so cute prancing around with his bass, strumming so hard u can see the strings shaking violently on his bass, his serious expression, his head banging and more jumping and swinging! It was a blast! And Teru jumps so high! I wish I could reach half of that!

Of course, in the end, there was Beautiful Dreamer and Layla. The ending song always makes fans sad and tears start welling up in their eyes. But when I listened to Layla, I just felt touched and a sense of gratitude. Well, I remember the meaning of this song, and to listen to it from him, it was just. . . . so powerful. It made me speechless and for a moment, I wanted to cry as well!

The encore sessions were terrific. Kodou, my first time watching it live, was great. This is another song which had been accompanying me through some of the hard days back in uni this year. So it was emotional listening to it just now. Teru forgetting the lyrics during Think About My Daughter was so funny. Love him. Acid Head and the others were plain great!! Relived the Glay moment all over again in just 3 hours.

When the DVD ended, I was half dreading it already. I didn't want it to end.

The chances of me ever attending any of their concerts are low, I admit. It breaks my heart.

If a DVD of their live watched from a small laptop screen could make me feel this much and so real, I wonder what will happen if I were able to be there in person one of these days.

After all, rather than blaming the whole of the world for not being able to be there ever, I would rather be a Beautiful Dreamer.

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