Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life and its miracles

Finally your dearest is back from KK. Dun even try to deny this fact, for wat other reason could there be which made you hog this rubbish blog of mine. To be fond of rubbish, the rubbish-owner has got to be something to u, no?

KK was a nice place to be. Especially when you have nice people bringing you around and a comfy car to travel in. Not mentioning all the amazing home made food and a cosy place to stay in~ ALL courtesy of Aunt Alice and Uncle Leong. While I will leave the details for some other time, lemme just give u all a brief picture of this pair of lovely couple.

Aunt Alice made currypuffs, moist chocolate cake, cotton cheese cake, radish cake, BBQ pork bun, stewed pork, tofu, etc all in a snap. I mean, no recipes needed. So from now on, the official opposite for Loretta will be Aunt Alice.

Uncle Leong has a lot of very, erm uncle-like interests, initially in rearing Koi fish, then dogs, then now to Bonsai and China-styled vases, crystals, decos and a statues~ I mean, a rough count revealed around 16 vases of sizes big and small just in the living room area.

A home-y home-y stay. So we all gained approximately 3 kgs in these 7 days!

Another great news! There is a new addition to the LO Family! Oooh, I got a new baby cousin who is just so darn cute I could kiss Milo . . . . irrelevantly? Haha! Her name is Giovina Gilbert Wong and of cos I hope she wont grow up to resemble a certain other person within the same family with a similar sounding name and of course, I hope this statement is just not too obvious.

Well, the funny thing about a baby is, he or she can really melt the coldest of hearts. Hard to put in words yet so strong a feeling. Seeing a baby is like looking at a miracle and to see such a miracle in front of you, one cant help but feel that there is really hope in this world. I cant help feeling amused. A baby, a new life, is brought into this world.

As I looked at those tiny delicate features, I cant help but be impressed by the wonders of life. The small fingers reaching into the air. The powdery soft skin. Those kicking legs so fragile and tiny. Those curious eyes ever so innocent. The small actions - yawning, sneezing, crying - that bring smiles upon faces.

I am not sure how I could convey this correctly. Despite everything I learn in Genetics regarding development and all the genes involved, I am sure there is something more than that as I watch those rolling eyes and the tiny sigh she let out. There must be something more.

As things become more concrete and explained in cold text in this world, baby Giovina reminded me that magic and miracles still exist and can almost always be seen in the smallest wonders in our everydays, as long as we take the time to obseve and to believe.

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