Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hero in me

Suddenly I have 10 plus people walking in my house. All laughing and indulging in careful, small jokes. Some captivated in their own daydreaming. All being almost strangers to me. In this very place I call home.

. . . or at least for now.
I am really gonna miss this house of mine.

This soft comfy sofa. The tinge of wood covering half of the house. The icy-cold tiles on the floor. The just enough space around the house for us to run away from an angry Mum. The cozy rooms which cast a sleep spell on just anyone on rainy afternoons. The small luxuries like the treadmill, the massage chair and PS2 making my house my personal heaven.

The house itself is just a mere object.
The memories it evokes in me is another thing.

While I will miss this bachelorette pad (woohoo) of mine, I am sure it is okay as time will bring me a lot more memories to come. Can't wait for what is in store for me :)

I had a very nice dream last night and very Heroes-inspired. Well, not just Heroes-inspired but more like Heroes-sugiru! I dreamt that some people in my life has abilities. My sis was Nathan so she could fly. My mum was D.L. so she could phase through solid objects. Me? Isn't it obvious. I was Peter, so I could absorb other people's abilities. And we were excaping from a giant Dinosaur.

So I had to hold on to both my mum and my sis to allow all of us to phase through walls and soar through the air to escape from that very big and pestering dinosaur. Well, up until this point, it is Heroes-inspired.

Now, it is the Heroes-sugiru part. When I was about to phase through that wall. Wah. I did not just phase through it like it was an everyday-chore. Not at all. I am a very deep person ok?

So I was looking intently at that wall and then as I approached it, I could feel my heart beating real fast and there is this sensation or adrenaline rush inside of me. I had mixed feelings but still I walked through that wall. The scene, or how it was 'shot' (apparently) in my dream, was like the scene when Peter dreamt about him telling Charles Deveaux that he could fly and he started walking towards the open window.

And the feeling of phasing is really funny. How should I explain this. . . I felt like there was nothing pressuring me at all despite but felt a lot of things passing me by. It is like crossing a plastic tube which was very transparent allowing me to see all the solid particles I was phasing through, very light allowing me to pass by at a speed faster than usual walking. And when I exited the solid wall, I felt a slight push on my back. Despite feeling no pressure while phasing, it definitely felt lighter once crossing over.

And about flying! The first step was terrifying as I was not really good at controlling my new powers yet (how Peter-sugiru is this?), so when I stepped off that building, it was plain scary. I dropped slightly before feeling my body being lifted up in the air. It was not the most weightless feeling in the world like I expeected it to be. Maybe cos I was holding on to my sis and my mum, maybe this is the reason why, but I remember that I had to use strength to fly forward. While flying up was more of a natural thing, flying forward required strength in the form of pushing your whole body forward. And it made my vision slightly blurry, making it hard to locate the BIG dinosaur!

It was scary, but I saved my mum and sis. Too bad they are not really important people, so I dun think I saved the world la. But still, it proves I am a Peter-Hero!

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