Tuesday, January 1, 2008

21 at 2008

So here comes 2008. Although I am XX years old rite now, my friends enjoy calling me XX+1 years old (U didn't think I would be so stupid as to reveal my AGE, huh huh huh. . . ). Why? Apprently, my birthday being on the 31st December isn't really important as most people round up their age according to the year and not the exact date they were born on. So LAMELY, I turn XX on 31st December 2007, and then XX+1 on 1st January 2008.

Anyway, despite the big NUMBER i turned on my birthday, it was not celebrated extravagantly at all this year. Just a small get-together with my mum, dad and sis. Where are the other 3,921 family members you asked? Well, thing is, I jetted over to KL on the day itself so no one was around to celebrate with me.

Miraculously, I started cleaning my room, wiping off dust, re-arranging my many many stuffs, unpacking my 28 kg bag and screaming at my sis to get off her butt and get me a plastic bag (to no avail). Then all of a sudden, I stopped and thought, 'Why am I doing this?' Then I saw my sis on my bed, just lying there, yeah just that. Then I realized: I must have matured into adulthood. *A halo of light then appears as I looked up*

Back to our birthday celebration tradition! We went out for dinner then back home for cake! Loved my cake for this year! Haagen Dazs Fruity-something cake~ Frozen raspberries, strawberries, peaches, grapes and longans sitting deliciously on soft, soft fresh creams spread tenderly onto a rich, thick bunk of Macadamia flavoured ice-cream. I swear I could hear the cake sing 'Don't cha. . Don't cha. . ' ever so seductively.

Then the fireworks came. Oh, did u not know. For some reason, the Sunway group always gives me amazing fireworks as birthday presents, every single year. At the exact same time of 12.00 am. This year they had a Beach Party at Sunway Lagoon as well. This, I am not sure whether it is for me, but I'll just take a wild guess that it IS. *HoHo*

I received my birthday present from my mum today! A trip to GDO Saloon to be hair-ready for Aussie! And I looked like Yunalesca from Final Fantasy 10!
The picture above is me (digital perming ok, guys), while the one below is Yunalesca. Similar? Exactly the same, especialy the body and the fashion sense. I sense a LOT of disagreement so I made another close-up comparison just to satisfy the need for this few friends of mine to laugh at me.
This shows a close-up me (digital perming again, guys) and the pic below is Yunalesca showing her ugly side. Ugly: associable with lovable me? Please think again before you scream in agreement, FRIENDS.
Here is a small preview of what my new hair-style looks like:

Am I gonna be the most obvious descendent of my PorkGrandma (nicknamed used by all, not me being mean ok!)?

Ta-da-da-da! Stay tuned for the full hair-raising-story~!
Oh, by the way, this is especially for SiewChin and Amy: I got new curtains.

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