Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dedicated to Food

Being in KL with no REAL purpose but a REAL big appetite is a REAL problem. Especially when you have people as free and idiotic as you around you 24/7, it becomes really problematic. Worse still, I made a promise to myself not to balloon up before going over to Aussie, no, before-during-and-after going to Aussie! So what am I doing now!
Blogging about food ma. And to do so, of course I need some research. . . experimental evidence. . . to create a quality and credible blog post! Monash taught me good :)
After my latest obsession with my Haagen Dazs Green Tea ice-cream, erm, maybe the word 'after' is not really that appropriate as I just ate it again last night but let me just emphasize again that green tea is good for your health and contains antioxidants! Everyone shud try, except for WenJi as she is already practicing it like a ritual. . .

Now let us move on to the MAIN TOPIC of this post: Donuts.

Don't even wonder why Homer Simpson loves them for it is just logical, like the fact that I will beat Choo in our long-running *ahem* 'competition' (fight-o!). My romance with donuts started last year after a blind date set up by the evil Amy, or Oli, or WenJi, between me and KrispyKreme. After that first encounter, I could never resist the sweetness, the temptation, the indulgence, the joy, the satisfaction and the LOVE. . . ever again. It felt like True Love~

In fact I loved it so much that I carried 5 kg extra of KrispyKreme Love back from Melbourne to surprise my mum. So imagine my delight when I knew that new donuts are being introduced to Malaysia! Another taste of true love? No. More like torn between two lovers, feeling like a Drool. First off, let me introduce everyone of you to the two eligible bachelors!

J.Co and Big Apple! I met with J.Co first and what happened next?

I 'got to know' J.Co Donuts better and as clearly shown here, it didn't take long for me to get to the 'bottom' of it. (Oh no! . . . I just showed u my new curtains. Don't 'notice' it, please). Then what happened?

Well, the complete dozen didn't even make it for the photoshoot.

This complete dozen of fresh donuts are from Big Apple! MY private, very romantic moment with Big Apple was intruded by the useless hand of my sister who has been the third party in my previous J.Co moments as well! She grabbed 2 out of the 6. I did calculate, scared or not? And this time, she proudly declared that she is gonna have one for supper, another for breakfast and another for teatime tomorrow. Being the nice sister I (suddenly) am, I just smiled in agreement. Especially when she was the one who paid which is a very rare event indeed. . .

I just love the colours of donuts complemented with its round shape - injects fun, cheer, sweetness and delight into any picture!

To celebrate our BIG discovery and the rekindling of my romance with donuts, I had my favourite Cherry Coke! It is only sold in Cold Storage rite now so I get to grab one only when I swing by there.

The Cherry-Coke Crave must have built up real high over the months as I couldn't help feeling hyper after a few sips. And, I am not being exaggerative at all! For my sis got high as well after only really a few sips! So we started taking pictures of us going 'Kanpai!', 'Yum Seng' or just. . . 'Haha', for no reason. . . and then. . .

This happened.

Food is amazing. It spreads joy in a healthy way.

So stop laughing at my new curtains.

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